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Charity bundle LittleBigBunch launches

Wed 14 Dec 2011 3:52pm GMT / 10:52am EST / 7:52am PST

Five games offered to support GamesAid, on sale until January 2

New charity bundle LittleBigBunch has launched, with five games, and aims to raise money for GamesAid.

"This is a great initiative for GamesAid and I would like to say a massive thanks to the indie developers who have kindly put their games into LittleBigBunch," said Eidos life president and GamesAid trustee Ian Livingstone.

"These are great games and I am sure LittleBigBunch will be well received by gamers everywhere."

PC games Frozen Synapse, Explodemon, Serious Sam Double D, Oddworld: Munch's Oddysee and New Star Soccer 5 are all included in the bundle, which is distributed by GetGames. Gamers can use sliders on the site to set the price, from £1.50 up, and to decide how much goes to the developers and how much to the charity.

"GamesAid is a uniquely democratic charity and this method of making these great games available follows those values," added Miles Jacobson, GamesAid co-founder and Sports Interactive head.

"Hats off to Get Games and the devs for making this happen."

The bundle will be on sale until January 2.

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Sergio Rosa
"Somewhat-Creative Director"

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The link doesn't work.
About the subject. I like the idea of the bundles, but I fear too many bundles will make players not want to buy indie games at full price, waiting for the game they want to be included in a bundle instead. I wrote about that on my Gamasutra blog this week:

Posted:2 years ago


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