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Nvidia Q4 figures fail to lift full-year totals

Nvidia's fourth quarter saw the graphics chip company make some small gains on previous quarters - yet insufficient to lift the firm's full-year performance ahead of last year's totals.

Microsoft picks IBM as Xbox 2 processor partner

Microsoft has picked IBM to manufacture chips for Xbox 2 according to a statement from both companies today, following a recent announcement that MS plans to use ATI graphics chips in its second console.

Nokia set to acquire

Mobile phone giant Nokia is to acquire the assets of Sega's online and wireless gaming operation to boost its own N-Gage online games device.

Microsoft, Eidos line up to buy 3DO titles

A filing with the San Francisco Bankruptcy Court has revealed that seven major games companies are bidding for 3DO's assets, including the likes of Microsoft, Eidos and Namco.

Greek games ban breaks EC rules

The European Commission yesterday issued a warning against Greece for passing a blanket ban on electronic gaming, design to crack down on Internet gambling, which also made it illegal to play any form of videogames.