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Steve Peterson has been in the game business for 30 years now as a designer (co-designer of the Champions RPG among others), a marketer (for various software companies) and a lecturer. Follow him on Twitter @20thLevel.

Twitter: @@20thLevel

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9 End times for walled gardens

A year ago Consoles are starting to allow cross-platform gaming, and it will change the market forever

1 Mobile game market growth, opportunity

A year ago Rapid growth continues, and the [a] list daily looks at the numbers and what lies ahead

10 Xbox co-founder warns publishers may vanish

A year ago "Who knows if there'll be big publishers in the future? There don't have to be”

8 Riccitiello: "Precious little to indicate mobile is building long-term brands"

A year ago Ex-EA CEO talks about how publishers are changing and how chasing graphics on mobile can be a "road to ruin"

Activision's New Deal: The Good and the Bad

A year ago [a]list daily examines the details of the buyout from Vivendi and what it means for Activision's future

Zynga must change the fundamentals of its business

A year ago We look more closely at Zynga's numbers and what new CEO Mattrick has to do

5 Meteor not spending any money on advertising Hawken

A year ago Meteor marketing VP Paula Cuneo says, "If a game is really good, it should be all word of mouth"

7 Design for Marketing: A Manifesto

Opinion A year ago Game designers and game marketers need to work together from the very start of a project


11 Robin Antonick wins Madden lawsuit

A year ago EA could be liable for millions in back royalties; we speak with Antonick's attorney [Updated: EA responds]

1 Game consoles' sluggish sales demand a price cut

A year ago NPD numbers show hardware is hurting; time for the Big Three to cut prices in advance of the holiday season

CBS Interactive "Playing Aggressively" in eSports

A year ago We talk to CBSi's SVP and the new VP of eSports about their media strategy

6 How World of Tanks Is Revolutionizing Xbox

A year ago Why console gaming may change forever, and what Wargaming is planning with Chris Taylor

18 Ubisoft: "We won't even start" a game if it can't be a franchise

A year ago Tony Key discusses why marketing budgets are expanding and how Watch_Dogs connects to the NSA scandal


14 PS4, Xbox One shortages: The real deal or marketing ploy?

A year ago [a]list daily's Steve Peterson takes a look at the recent reports of next-gen consoles selling out

17 Game Pricing Under Fire

A year ago The delicate issue of pricing is something that hardware and software marketers and designers will need to tackle


11 Why Mattrick was right to join Zynga

Opinion A year ago What's in it for Mattrick, and what does it mean for Zynga?

22 Google said to be developing game console

A year ago Android-powered console to battle expected Apple TV-based game console


Kabam sees "small" layoffs as company shifts to mobile

A year ago Kabam plans to hire an additional 200 employees this year


12 EA's Wilson: Origin is not about transactions, it's about service

A year ago EVP Andrew Wilson intends to "re-establish Origin as a service to gamers, not as a means to drive transactions"


50 Sony: Most gamers "don't want to buy online right now"

A year ago Sony SVP of PlayStation brand marketing talks about Sony's E3 press event, PS Vita, the One Sony strategy, and how retail is still critically important

1 Superdata: Digital game sales down in May

A year ago While it's not as bad as retail sales, consumers are still cautious

1 Xbox One news good for GameStop

A year ago Stock climbs in after-hours trading; Gamefly, Redbox weigh in

9 Ubisoft CEO: Used games have “been good for the industry”

A year ago Guillemot says Ubi has made no policy yet on used games for Xbox One; he also sees next-gen dev costs rising quickly two years from now


4 GameStop brushes aside concerns about Xbox One and used games

A year ago Following the earnings call, we analyze the year ahead for GameStop as controversy over Xbox One and used games heats up


11 DeNA to release Molyneux's GODUS

A year ago The successful Kickstarter-backed game's mobile versions will be distributed worldwide; Molyneux also tells us he fears consoles are "becoming a hobby"