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Steve Peterson has been in the game business for 30 years now as a designer (co-designer of the Champions RPG among others), a marketer (for various software companies) and a lecturer. Follow him on Twitter @20thLevel.

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1 Xbox One news good for GameStop

10 months ago Stock climbs in after-hours trading; Gamefly, Redbox weigh in

9 Ubisoft CEO: Used games have “been good for the industry”

10 months ago Guillemot says Ubi has made no policy yet on used games for Xbox One; he also sees next-gen dev costs rising quickly two years from now


4 GameStop brushes aside concerns about Xbox One and used games

10 months ago Following the earnings call, we analyze the year ahead for GameStop as controversy over Xbox One and used games heats up


11 DeNA to release Molyneux's GODUS

11 months ago The successful Kickstarter-backed game's mobile versions will be distributed worldwide; Molyneux also tells us he fears consoles are "becoming a hobby"

13 How Nintendo Can "Win" E3

11 months ago "Effectively, Nintendo needs to relaunch the Wii U and make sure the audience understands what it is"


2 Gree lays off staff in San Francisco

11 months ago [Updated] Sources say around 30 staff laid off


9 Activision's Kotick brushes aside the mobile market

11 months ago Activision's super confident in its console-centric approach, so why are the execs warning of dangers ahead? We analyze the company's position


6 EA: Console transition to "determine market leadership for rest of decade"

11 months ago [UPDATED] EA stock jumps over 14% on forecast. We examine EA's strategy for the next year as it looks to ramp up efforts for the next-gen consoles


9 Will Wright: Games "falling way short" as a medium

11 months ago The veteran designer believes the industry is far from realizing games' potential; he also says EA's Sim City server problems were "inexcusable"


4 Google hires Noah Falstein as chief game designer

11 months ago What are the search giant's plans for the game industry?


3 Gamers love swag: The lucrative world of collector's editions

11 months ago We talk to one of the leading makers of game items about how they're made, the impact on sales, and why fans get crazy about game swag

Facebook: Q1 game revenue up 12%, Zynga down 37%

11 months ago Zuckerberg says Zynga's “growth hasn't been as awesome as everyone had hoped”


20 Mobile to be "primary hardware" for gaming by 2016

11 months ago Shifting mobile game market to hit $9 billion in 2016, says Juniper; tablets helping to drive in-app purchases


5 Games need more direction, says filmmaker James McTeigue

11 months ago The V for Vendetta director says there has to be a "master of the ship" on a game at some point so that designers don't get bogged down in minutiae


34 Riot: Don't ban your players, reform them

11 months ago Riot is taking a very scientific and psychological approach to player behavior, and it's only helping to increase League of Legends' popularity


App Annie: Amazon Appstore could grow to the size of iTunes

A year ago Analytics firm now supplying data for Amazon as it expands to nearly 200 countries


3 Zynga's bet on midcore, real-money gaming could be a win

A year ago Profitable, but smaller, Zynga is aiming to turn its business around with new games, midcore, mobile, and real-money gaming


6 Brian Fargo: We no longer have to answer to the Walmart buyer

A year ago The head of InXile talks about the big advantages of crowdfunding, eliminating gatekeepers, cooperating with Obsidian and more

4 Apple sells 37 million iPhones but profits dip in Q1

A year ago The company also sold 19.5 million iPads in the quarter, but gross margins fell


11 Chris Roberts: I can be more profitable than AAA games on a fifth of sales

A year ago The veteran developer talks about Star Citizen's development process, the problems with big publishers and whether the PS4 may see his game


BBC aspires to Defiance-like transmedia approach

A year ago Robert Nashak, BBC's EVP for digital, explains how the company deals with its vast array of IP and why BBC is so excited for Microsoft's next-gen Xbox


4 Game Marketing: "If the rules of the game aren't working, change the rules"

A year ago Sessions on the growth of eSports, The Walking Dead's marketing, and the “wild wild west” of Google Play reveal how some are reaching new audiences


8 Microsoft keeps quiet, but the numbers say change is needed

Opinion A year ago There was barely a hint of a new console in Microsoft's earnings call, but Xbox unit sales continue to decline


25 Gordon Walton: Publishers see devs as "replaceable meat puppets"

A year ago Veteran exec laments the treatment of dev teams, talks about Riccitiello's struggle, and predicts Activision's business ending in "catastrophe"


7 Life After Disney: Warren Spector's Exit Interview

A year ago Veteran dev says he "doesn't understand" Junction Point's closure, triple-A is "soul crushing" and expresses interest in mobile and episodic