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Steve Peterson has been in the game business for 30 years now as a designer (co-designer of the Champions RPG among others), a marketer (for various software companies) and a lecturer. Follow him on Twitter @20thLevel.

Twitter: @@20thLevel

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VR gets real for Resolution Games with $6 million in funding

3 months ago Co-founder and CEO Tommy Palm says "it's going to be the content that sells headsets"


27 Warren Spector on E3: VR is a fad

5 months ago The veteran designer shares his thoughts on what's right and what's wrong with the industry

2 Playing The App Store Blues

Opinion 7 months ago Developers have many complaints about Apple's App Store, but success is possible despite these issues


Will eSports thrive on mobile?

7 months ago Spacetime Studios enrolls expert help to create "the future of competitive gaming" on mobile

12 Fixing free-to-play's image problem

Opinion 7 months ago Free-to-play games, especially on mobile, are scorned by many gamers - but their image can be fixed


How NaturalMotion is leading Zynga's quest to be #1 on mobile

8 months ago Torsten Reil discusses his newest game Dawn of Titans, and the improvements in live ops his studio has learned from Zynga

5 Hot Trends in Indie Gaming That AAA Game Studios Need to Learn

Opinion 10 months ago AAA publishers and developers should seek to add some indie genes to their own DNA

1 Evolving Business Models For The Top Game Brands

Opinion 10 months ago How Activision and other publishers are changing the nature of games business one piece at a time

Marketing Black Friday

Opinion A year ago The biggest sales day of the year is also the biggest marketing event of the year


22 Solving The AAA Crisis

Opinion A year ago More AAA console game releases are either being delayed or arriving with severe bugs - but there are ways to fix it

8 Why Licensed Games Are Finally Hot

Opinion A year ago Licensed titles are no longer synonymous with poor quality and they can be quite lucrative


Robin Hunicke joins UC Santa Cruz faculty

A year ago Thatgamecompany veteran joins university as Associate Professor of Art & Game Design

22 The Death of Reviews

Opinion A year ago The increasing irrelevance of game reviews is a huge change in the industry, and ultimately it's for the best

1 GameStop's Secret Weapon: Kongregate CEO Emily Greer

A year ago As more and more players flock to digital, Kongregate has shown big growth for parent company GameStop

29 "End of the console era as we know it"

A year ago Wedbush analyst Michael Pachter explains why the future of gaming is in the cloud, says free-to-play "should go away"

Kabam playing the transmedia game

A year ago Executive producer John Young talks about the company's book-and-game project Kings of the Realm

Gamer loyalty plays into profits

Opinion A year ago Focusing on customer retention, not acquisition, is the key to success

5 Hunting Whales and Golden Swans

Opinion A year ago If you want to build a sustainable game business, don't hunt whales and golden swans - diversify, experiment, and depend on proven brands

2 Streaming games success is elusive

Opinion A year ago The streaming games scene is maturing but it's yet to make a major impact on the market - will that change?

6 PC Games: The Best of Times, The Worst of Times

Opinion A year ago PC games aren't dying, they are bigger than ever, but the $60 PC game is rapidly vanishing

5 Fixing PlayStation Now

Opinion A year ago Sony's service is in beta, but it's encountering significant issues with its business model; here are some suggestions

11 Time to reinvent E3

Opinion A year ago The nature of E3 has changed, and it's time to reinvent the show: A modest proposal

5 Super Evil Megacorp reveals plan for tablet domination

A year ago "The next really big growth wave in computer gaming is likely to come from gamers shifting to tablets," says Kristian Segerstrale

10 E3 2014: Nintendo's Opportunity

Opinion A year ago Nintendo has set expectations low, but the company could take advantage of the situation with a good showing at E3

7 Why free-to-play won't eliminate paid games

Opinion A year ago The reality is that many game designs don't lend themselves to free-to-play monetization