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Kotick: "We are going to need to have other devices"

By Alec Meer

Mon 05 Jul 2010 3:14pm GMT / 11:14am EDT / 8:14am PDT

Activision CEO looks to the PC; claims 60% of Live subs exist for Call of Duty

Activision Blizzard

Headquartered in Santa Monica, California, Activision Blizzard, Inc. is a worldwide pure-play online...


Activision Blizzard CEO Bobby Kotick has claimed the publisher is looking to expand its remit beyond consoles, hoping to reach gamers on its own terms.

Speaking to the Financial Times last week, Kotick hinted that Activision may now seek to push its games towards PC, on its own networks.

"We’ve heard that 60 per cent of subscribers are principally on Live because of Call of Duty," he said, referring to reports that 1.7 billion hours were spent in those games' online modes between November and April.

"We don’t really participate financially in that income stream. We would really like to be able to provide much more value to those millions of players playing on Live, but it's not our network."

He talked instead of a new breed of online gaming PCs that connect easily to a television, saying that Activision will "very aggressively" aid new programmes by the likes of HP and Dell to promote these.

Last month, it was revealed that only 30 per cent of Activision's revenue came from console games, with World of Warcraft being the major provider.

"We have always been platform agnostic," says Mr Kotick. "[Consoles] do a very good job of supporting the gamer. If we are going to broaden our audiences, we are going to need to have other devices."

Kotick has previously stated that he hopes to introduce subscription models to Call of Duty. These latest statements may suggest those plans are gathering steam.

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Lance Winter Game Designer, Nordeus

30 28 0.9
He who controls the Spice, controls the universe.

Posted:6 years ago


Iain Lowson Writer

21 0 0.0
Methinks this is a shot across Microsoft's bows ahead of some negotiations Kotick is likely planning with the XBox folks. "Give us a bit of additional revenue or we'll take our games elsewhere" - that sort of thing.

Posted:6 years ago


David Rider Publisher, Hustler UK

83 0 0.0
Kotick has the skin of a rhino, and I really admire his ability to absolutely ignore all criticism. But launching their own networks? Hmm. They're experts at publishing games, but hardware infrastructure is a bigger ask. And it's not as though XBL or PSN aren't without their own issues.

Sounds like sabre-rattling to me. Unless they secretly plan to launch a Call of Duty phone…

Posted:6 years ago


Martyn Brown Managing Director, Insight For Hire

150 68 0.5
One could argue, potentially, that the success of his franchise is partly due to the service offered by XBox Live, PSN - and the investment in the console and it's online infrastructure in the first place, giving it a platform to thrive and sell 20M copies. FFS.

Posted:6 years ago


Aleksi Ranta Product Manager - Hardware

386 316 0.8
Why isnt Mr K saying almost the same about the PSN?
It would go something like this: "We don’t really participate financially in the PSN income stream, because there isnt one. We would really like to be able to provide much more value to those millions of players playing on PSN, but it's not our network, if it was it wouldnt be free."

Posted:6 years ago


Mikael Malmivaara Studying Business Management, Edinburgh Napier University

2 0 0.0
"it was revealed that only 30 per cent of Activision's revenue came from console games, with World of Warcraft being the major provider."

How is this even a revelation? It should be obvious that WoW is the cashcow for Activision. And of course, if the Activision people have half a brain, they should be clearly able to deduce that their other, massive, online game would rake in millions a month too if they made their players pay for the service. And what better platform to make gamers pay for their gaming and take in all the money? The PC.

Basically, this whole article is just a collection of facts that everyone knew before, but Mr. Kotick felt a need to remind us.

Posted:6 years ago


Soeren Lund Producer, Io Interactive

42 1 0.0
@Martyn: Wholeheartedly agree. WoW aside all of the Call of Duty games have benefited massively from the hardware vendors' massive investment in infrastructure and APIs. But that is obviously all in the past.

@Aleksi: PSN is not interesting since you cannot (for the time being) create a subscription based game on PSN or Xbox Live. Only Windows Live is currently interesting for a subscription based revenue stream.

@Mikael: Since the article was published in Finacial Times it may not be that the audience of that publication were that informed. If you're complaining about this being "old news" bash for reporting an FT article. Kotick is doing his job upholding shareholder interest in his company and just alluding to the fact that there may be miliions and billions of untapped money out there for Activision shareholders is good for ATVI.

Posted:6 years ago


Aleksi Ranta Product Manager - Hardware

386 316 0.8
@soren Yes I know, but i was trying to point at the fact that both system are closed off to ACTV, the other is subscription based and the other is free. And both are impossbile for Activision to penetrate with their own subscription model. Hence the logic that Kotick should eye both equally idiotically and not
raise XBL into the news above the other.

Posted:6 years ago


Josef Brett Animator

296 0 0.0
Spot on comment Martyn.

I think that the infrastructure of LIVE and PSN and the pre-installed userbase has encouraged the success of COD. I think without the userbases and infrastructure on both systems Infinity Ward wouldn't have pushed multiplayer so much in COD4. This then feeds back into the uptake in sales.

Posted:6 years ago


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