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Brendan joined GamesIndustry International in 2012. Based in Toronto, Ontario, he was previously senior news editor at CBS-owned GameSpot in the US.

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3 PS Vita could be the first post-retail system

Opinion 6 hours ago With a bit of vision correction, Sony's handheld is well positioned for a long and potentially lucrative life

7 PS Vita losing some functionality

Yesterday Sony discontinuing support for YouTube and Maps apps, cutting Near features

8 Players will expect a free-to-start experience - EA

2 days ago CEO Andrew Wilson says publisher is preparing for a free trial future as a way to get new users into its services [Update: EA also seeing strength in old gen]

EA holiday quarter exceeds expectations

2 days ago Publisher beats forecast as digital revenues top physical on a trailing 12-month basis for first time ever

Brenda Romero, David Braben honored by GDC

2 days ago Wizardy designer to receive Ambassador Award next month as Elite co-creator gets Pioneer Award

Valve bans alleged eSports match-fixers

2 days ago Counter-Strike: Global Offensive blacklists seven from participation in sponsored events


4 Joystiq likely to be shut down - Report

2 days ago AOL "house-cleaning" of content division could result in gaming site's closure


Mobile barriers to entry have risen - Tommy Palm

3 days ago Former King games guru helping a new generation of devs with Stugan accelerator

2 PSN hack settlement process begins

6 days ago Customers whose information was stolen in 2011 can make a claim for a downloadable PS3 or PSP game

Mad Catz drops MOJO price again

7 days ago Microconsole available in US for $150 starting today, similar cuts made internationally

Cover Fire founder joins PlayFab advisory board

7 days ago Chris Ko signs on as his free-to-play consultancy's insights are integrated into service provider's platform

12 Microsoft touts Windows 10 Holographic

8 days ago HoloLens augmented reality headset unveiled; new OS to have closer Xbox One integration


Defy Media lays off staff at gaming sites

8 days ago The Escapist, GameTrailers, and GameFront all lose headcount but avoid shutdown

3 Elder Scrolls Online drops subscription model

8 days ago Tamriel Unlimited adopts pay-once model, offers premium ESO Plus service for monthly fee


Uncertainty separates the strong from the weak - Divnich

8 days ago Tilting Point's Jesse Divnich weighs in on the upside to industry blind spots and the suddenly crowded indie publishing services market

Counter-Strike pro team accused of match fixing

9 days ago Daily Dot reports that iBuyPower players threw match, with suspicious bets bringing in more than $10,000


17 Free-to-play resistance decreasing, says Robot CEO

10 days ago "Crappy" efforts caused stigma, but Hudson says devs coming around

15 Hatred gets AO for Adults Only rating

13 days ago ESRB hands out most restrictive rating to Destructive Creations' killing spree shooter

5 Disney, Activision both claim landslide victory in toys-to-life category

13 days ago Publishers highlight dueling sales figures as Nintendo enters race with 2.6 million Amiibos sold in US


Unity hires Mike Foley as CFO

14 days ago Former Electronic Arts senior VP of corporate strategy reunites with John Riccitiello at engine maker

The Long Dark tops 250,000 sold in Early Access

14 days ago Hinterland's Kickstarted PC survival game reaches a quarter million in under six months

2 War Z has sold 2.8 million copies to date

14 days ago Zombie survival game racked up sales despite bad press, multiple controversies


18 The right way to monetize kids?

14 days ago Nerd Corps president Ken Faier explains how to make a transmedia hit without cutting ethical corners

5 Crossy Road pulls in $1 million from ads

15 days ago Unity touts Hipster Whale's success with integrated advertising feature

US mobile gaming market tops $5.2 billion

16 days ago SNL Kagan finds market share in mobile entertainment slipped even as revenues grew 27 percent