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Steve Peterson has been in the game business for 30 years now as a designer (co-designer of the Champions RPG among others), a marketer (for various software companies) and a lecturer. Follow him on Twitter @20thLevel.

Twitter: @@20thLevel

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VR gets real for Resolution Games with $6 million in funding

A year ago Co-founder and CEO Tommy Palm says "it's going to be the content that sells headsets"


27 Warren Spector on E3: VR is a fad

A year ago The veteran designer shares his thoughts on what's right and what's wrong with the industry

2 Playing The App Store Blues

Opinion A year ago Developers have many complaints about Apple's App Store, but success is possible despite these issues


Will eSports thrive on mobile?

A year ago Spacetime Studios enrolls expert help to create "the future of competitive gaming" on mobile

12 Fixing free-to-play's image problem

Opinion A year ago Free-to-play games, especially on mobile, are scorned by many gamers - but their image can be fixed


How NaturalMotion is leading Zynga's quest to be #1 on mobile

A year ago Torsten Reil discusses his newest game Dawn of Titans, and the improvements in live ops his studio has learned from Zynga

5 Hot Trends in Indie Gaming That AAA Game Studios Need to Learn

Opinion A year ago AAA publishers and developers should seek to add some indie genes to their own DNA

1 Evolving Business Models For The Top Game Brands

Opinion A year ago How Activision and other publishers are changing the nature of games business one piece at a time

Marketing Black Friday

Opinion A year ago The biggest sales day of the year is also the biggest marketing event of the year


22 Solving The AAA Crisis

Opinion A year ago More AAA console game releases are either being delayed or arriving with severe bugs - but there are ways to fix it

8 Why Licensed Games Are Finally Hot

Opinion A year ago Licensed titles are no longer synonymous with poor quality and they can be quite lucrative


Robin Hunicke joins UC Santa Cruz faculty

2 years ago Thatgamecompany veteran joins university as Associate Professor of Art & Game Design

22 The Death of Reviews

Opinion 2 years ago The increasing irrelevance of game reviews is a huge change in the industry, and ultimately it's for the best

1 GameStop's Secret Weapon: Kongregate CEO Emily Greer

2 years ago As more and more players flock to digital, Kongregate has shown big growth for parent company GameStop

28 "End of the console era as we know it"

2 years ago Wedbush analyst Michael Pachter explains why the future of gaming is in the cloud, says free-to-play "should go away"

Kabam playing the transmedia game

2 years ago Executive producer John Young talks about the company's book-and-game project Kings of the Realm

Gamer loyalty plays into profits

Opinion 2 years ago Focusing on customer retention, not acquisition, is the key to success

5 Hunting Whales and Golden Swans

Opinion 2 years ago If you want to build a sustainable game business, don't hunt whales and golden swans - diversify, experiment, and depend on proven brands

2 Streaming games success is elusive

Opinion 2 years ago The streaming games scene is maturing but it's yet to make a major impact on the market - will that change?

6 PC Games: The Best of Times, The Worst of Times

Opinion 2 years ago PC games aren't dying, they are bigger than ever, but the $60 PC game is rapidly vanishing

5 Fixing PlayStation Now

Opinion 2 years ago Sony's service is in beta, but it's encountering significant issues with its business model; here are some suggestions

11 Time to reinvent E3

Opinion 2 years ago The nature of E3 has changed, and it's time to reinvent the show: A modest proposal

5 Super Evil Megacorp reveals plan for tablet domination

2 years ago "The next really big growth wave in computer gaming is likely to come from gamers shifting to tablets," says Kristian Segerstrale

10 E3 2014: Nintendo's Opportunity

Opinion 2 years ago Nintendo has set expectations low, but the company could take advantage of the situation with a good showing at E3

7 Why free-to-play won't eliminate paid games

Opinion 2 years ago The reality is that many game designs don't lend themselves to free-to-play monetization