Minecraft: Pocket Edition up to 21m sales

Mojang developer Jens Bergensten shares new figures

Now seems as good as day as ever for yet another Minecraft sales update, and today its the turn of the Pocket Edition which has now shifted over 21 million copies.

The happy news was delivered by social media via Mojang developer Jens Bergensten.

The Pocket Edition was released in August 2011 and arrived on iOS devices that same November.

The Minecraft empire now has over 100 million registered users and at last check in February the PC version had sold over 14 million copies, and more up to date figures can usually be found here.

The company made around $130 million in total in 2013.

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Steve Wetz Reviewer/Assistant Editor, Gamer's Glance2 years ago
Now just imagine if MC:PE had the Nether and the Ender dragon! (Please? My experience feels incomplete without it!)
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