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6 CiiNOW: Cloud gaming's tipping point will come this year

A year ago We talk to the execs behind the cloud startup and discuss how and why cloud gaming will finally take off

7 US has more Internet devices than people

A year ago NPD report says 425 million Web-connected pieces of tech can be found in American homes, including 39 million consoles

27 Sony patent would "suppress" second-hand sales

A year ago PlayStation maker's application details use of RF tags to prohibit playing used games, even offline

Microsoft testing Kinect therapy system for soldiers

A year ago The US military and Microsoft are trying to simplify therapy for injured soldiers

7 Oculus Rift delayed to March

A year ago Dev kits for Kickstarter-funded virtual reality headset will feature better (but heavier) screen

11 Square Enix dev says Japanese industry is "pushing back"

A year ago Technical director Yoshihisa Hashimoto sees oft-derided gaming scene making a comeback


5 Crytek: CryEngine has nearly closed gap with Unreal in West

A year ago Cevat Yerli says Crysis studio's engine has overtaken Epic's in Korea and China, but being no. 1 isn't the goal

7 Microsoft applies for pay-per-viewer patent

A year ago Proposed tech would let consoles control how many people could watch each movie, or enforce age restrictions

6 Guitar Hero co-creator sees mobile replacing consoles

A year ago His new controller syncs up with phones for a console-like experience on your TV

1 Square Enix signs long-term Unreal Engine deal

A year ago Final Fantasy publisher gets access to UE3 and UE4 for all its studios in multi-title deal

13 Broadband speed holding industry back, says Eidos head

A year ago Ian Livingstone says latency, download times hampering transition to games-as-a-service

1 iPhone 5 "most difficult device" to make

A year ago Foxconn executive explains reasons for the smartphone's supply shortages

14 iPad Mini unveiling expected at October 23 event

A year ago Apple sends out invites saying "We've got a little more to show you"

21 Microsoft lists Surface starting at $499

A year ago Online store posts prices up to $699 for 64GB model with keyboard cover

1 Foxconn riots to have no impact on supply chain

A year ago With 2,000-worker disturbance quelled, electronics manufacturer says production has resumed

6 Cable firms pursuing cloud gaming - report

A year ago Bloomberg reports that Time Warner, Comcast, Verizon, and more are hoping to make consoles obsolete

32 Nvidia GM: Next-gen consoles will be the last

A year ago Chip maker's cloud gaming GM unfazed by OnLive outcome, says all cloud gaming issues are solvable

US investigates Apple in patent dispute

2 years ago International Trade Commission looking into possible infringements on Motorola tech by iPad maker

Ubisoft founds new, state of the art Toronto capture studio

2 years ago publisher looking to create "more filmic, actor-driven games"

1 AMD invests in cloud gaming

2 years ago Chip maker puts money into CiiNOW as start-up's AMD Radeon-powered turnkey streaming service debuts

6 Microsoft applies for 3D projection patent

2 years ago Kinect-compatible tech would show peripheral environments on players' walls

Microsoft & Agawi partner for Windows 8 cloud gaming

2 years ago Agawi will use the Windows Azure platform to stream to Windows 8 devices

4 Steam sees "Big Picture"

2 years ago TV-friendly interface for Valve's online game service launches today; developer could enter hardware market if customers really want it


21 Oculus CEO: "This is just gonna change everything"

2 years ago Brendan Iribe explains how their VR headset is an exciting new platform

Sony downplays lack of 3D at E3, Gamescom

2 years ago Jim Ryan indicates they don't have to talk about it anymore

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