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7 Epic: "Next gen is here, it's a PC"

A year ago Epic's Fortnite will be primarily PC and will be the first Unreal Engine 4 title

1 Nintendo: 3D "on the wane again"

A year ago Satoru Iwata claims 3D was seeing a boom when they first launched 3DS but now it's a "minor feature"

OnLive and Marvell power Google TV cloud gaming

A year ago Marvell's ARMADA 1500 chipset will bring cloud gaming to Google TV users

2 Investors call tablets the "quasi-console" of this generation

A year ago Investors are big on the future of tablets in the mobile gaming space


6 Role-Playing: Sony's Kaz Hirai

A year ago The Gaikai purchase was huge for SCE and Sony as a whole - what should Kaz do next?


10 Square Enix on Next-Gen and Why The Uncanny Valley Will "Always" Exist

A year ago Worldwide technology director Julien Merceron talks to us all about next-gen and Microsoft and Sony's "biggest mistake"

1 Xbox Music service to offer streaming subscription, traditional purchasing

A year ago New Microsoft music platform to offer storage for small fee, playable on multiple devices, according to Bloomberg


12 Sony acquisition of Gaikai: "A genius move"

A year ago Analysts weigh in on the purchase and a PS4 powered by Gaikai, but don't expect Microsoft to purchase OnLive

1 Gears designer says Kinect potential "not fully realized"

A year ago Gears of War: Judgment won't support Kinect, says Bleszinski

CryEngine 3 "runs beautifully" on Wii U

A year ago Crytek CEO believes Wii U is on par with Xbox 360, can handle tech requirements for CryEngine


30 John Carmack "not all that excited" by next-gen hardware

A year ago The legendary programmer does see a bright future with VR headsets though


4 EA: SmartGlass is a "killer initiative" that "puts positioning pressure" on Nintendo

A year ago EA Labels boss Frank Gibeau is a big fan of Microsoft's SmartGlass technology

Epic eager to get Unreal onto new Microsoft Surface

A year ago Epic's Mark Rein is looking to bring Unreal Engine to the Surface tablet and hopes for major interface with Xbox

6 Microsoft announces Surface tablets

A year ago Windows 8 tablets bridge tablets and laptops, shipping this fall

1 Xbox SmartGlass will improve Microsoft "multi-screen" strategy

A year ago Microsoft's Xbox SmartGlass could increase the company's reach... if developers support it, says Screen Digest analyst


39 Game consoles will be extinct after next-gen, says Jaffe

A year ago The God of War and Twisted Metal creator sees the next round of hardware as the very last

2 Chris Lewis: "We remain committed to great content, great games"

A year ago Microsoft will not forget system's roots despite new multimedia push

Wii U confirms two gamepad support, enhanced Miiverse sharing mechanics

A year ago Nintendo's Reggie Fils-Aime discusses new mechanics of Wii U


6 The Rise and Fall of Sony - Part 2

A year ago Richard Browne continues his in-depth look at Sony's failings and how the future could indeed still be very bright

7 Apple CEO Tim Cook: "not interested in being in the console business"

A year ago 'Traditional' market does not appeal, but expect to see company grow involvement

2 Kinect's "next evolution" won't require Kinect 2, says Kudo Tsunoda

A year ago Microsoft's Kinect guru believes the future of the peripheral will come from developers learning new tricks

28 Unreal Engine 4: Epic to "drag industry into next generation"

A year ago Bleszinski says Epic is pushing Microsoft, Sony to "damn near render Avatar in real time"

PS3 and Bravia TVs to feature sport-specific BBC app

A year ago App to offer extra content in time for Wimbledon

6 Call of Duty: Black Ops II does not need new engine, insists Treyarch

A year ago Treyarch's Mark Lamia is happy with improvements to the old engine

1 Epic's Unreal Engine 3 gains RealD 3D tech

A year ago RealD has joined the Integrated Partners Program

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