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11 Nvidia's Kepler to advance mobile graphics past PS3 next year

A year ago The new mobile GPU, Project Logan, is powerful enough to run Epic's Unreal Engine 4


3 PS4, Xbox One and the Quest to Escape The Uncanny Valley

A year ago Square Enix's Julien Merceron sees the new consoles allowing for better AI, more believable characters in games

1 Xbox One gets Unity

A year ago Game engine adding Kinect and SmartGlass support, extends commitment to Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8

6 Nvidia Shield delayed to next month

A year ago Third-party manufacturing issue prompts chip maker to scuttle portable gaming launch plans on the eve of release

11 Microsoft applies for patent on TV achievements

A year ago Xbox One maker calls dibs on technique to encourage viewership of shows and ads

Samsung leads $15 million investment in Ubitus

A year ago Taiwanese cloud company attracts funding to push gaming services in the TV market


3 Destruction is the new ragdoll, says Havok

A year ago Product head says generational shift an opportunity for all middleware even as mobile erodes money spent on AAA games

22 No reason for tablets in five years, says Blackberry CEO

A year ago Z10 maker's Thorsten Heins says iPad-like devices not a good business model for the future

33 Crytek CEO: "It's always been about graphics driving gameplay"

A year ago Cevat Yerli says visuals provide emotional context, production values are 60% of the game

HTML5 will cause tension, says Epic

A year ago Tim Sweeney and Mark Rein say platform holders have reason to resist tech that could let devs skip platform-specific versions of games

9 Bushnell: Mobile games are over

A year ago Atari founder sees Google Glass, Oculus Rift as next big thing, believes mobile market is glutted with competition

Spec Ops: The Line dev picks up Unreal Engine 4

A year ago German studio Yager licenses Epic Games' latest tech for next-gen AAA title

PS4 support confirmed for Unreal 4, host of middleware

A year ago Morpheme, SpeedTree, Enlighten, and xaitControl all lined up to work with Sony's new console

24 Next-gen consoles can't compete with PCs, says Crytek boss

A year ago Cevat Yerli says it would be "impossible" for new consoles to ever again match what high-end PCs can produce

22 Console transitions bad for gaming, says Newell

A year ago DICE 2013 Video: Valve head talks about making hardware, the value of open platforms, and what the company is focusing on for the future

5 Windows emulator Wine is coming to Android

A year ago Software originally developed for Linux in development for phones, tablets

Sony has improved significantly, says Hirai

A year ago CEO believes company is on the comeback path, says 4K TVs could take a decade to catch on

5 Newell: PC and TV gaming the same

A year ago Valve head says division between desktop and console gaming is artificial, sets goal for controller development


6 CiiNOW: Cloud gaming's tipping point will come this year

A year ago We talk to the execs behind the cloud startup and discuss how and why cloud gaming will finally take off

7 US has more Internet devices than people

A year ago NPD report says 425 million Web-connected pieces of tech can be found in American homes, including 39 million consoles

27 Sony patent would "suppress" second-hand sales

A year ago PlayStation maker's application details use of RF tags to prohibit playing used games, even offline

Microsoft testing Kinect therapy system for soldiers

A year ago The US military and Microsoft are trying to simplify therapy for injured soldiers

7 Oculus Rift delayed to March

2 years ago Dev kits for Kickstarter-funded virtual reality headset will feature better (but heavier) screen

11 Square Enix dev says Japanese industry is "pushing back"

2 years ago Technical director Yoshihisa Hashimoto sees oft-derided gaming scene making a comeback


5 Crytek: CryEngine has nearly closed gap with Unreal in West

2 years ago Cevat Yerli says Crysis studio's engine has overtaken Epic's in Korea and China, but being no. 1 isn't the goal

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