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11 Privacy concerns won't hurt Xbox One, says Bushnell

A year ago Serial entrepreneur says consumer backlash against Google Glass, Kinect tech won't matter if they're cool enough

1 US report cites piracy hotspots

A year ago Ukraine leads offending countries, Canada and Israel removed from Priority Watch List

1 Self-professed leader of Lulzsec arrested in Australia

A year ago 24 year-old faces up to 10 years in jail if convicted on hacking charges

5 The War Z hacked

A year ago Controversial shooter taken offline after players' personal info and encrypted passwords taken

"High-profile" XBL accounts of MS employees targeted by hackers

2 years ago Social security number loophole linked to third-party apps, says Microsoft

1 EA Origin security flaw exposes users to hacks

2 years ago Researchers describe a vulnerability in publisher's online storefront that could be used to run malicious code

10 Meat Boy dev: DRM hurts more than piracy

2 years ago Tommy Refenes bemoans misplaced priorities in light of SimCity launch woes

Blizzard says class-action suit filled with "patently false information"

2 years ago The developer notes that it takes the security of players' data "very seriously" and it will "vigorously defend itself"

Blizzard sued over security of player info

2 years ago Class action claims Blizzard has made millions selling Authenticators instead of securing user info

3 GameStop's former PR head admits to stealing $2 million from company

2 years ago Chris Olivera has plead guilty to embezzling, could face 20 years in prison

12 Anonymous threatens Zynga

2 years ago The hacker group plans to act November 5 unless Zynga changes course

10 PS3 hacked again

2 years ago Custom firmware puts compromised consoles on PSN, leak of LV0 decryption keys to thwart future security measures

14 Zynga chief security officer resigns

2 years ago Executive exodus continues as Nils Puhlmann reportedly gone from FarmVille publisher

2 EA taking FIFA hacking "very seriously" this year

2 years ago FIFA 13 should be safe from the hacks that affected FIFA 12 Ultimate Team

2 Anonymous claims retaliations against Ukranian government

2 years ago Group attacks websites after authorities close down Demonoid

4 Blizzard's hacked

2 years ago Blizzard urges users to change their password after an intrusion

1 Ubisoft patches uPlay exploit

2 years ago Ubisoft "takes security issues very seriously"

7 Report: Ubisoft's UPlay DRM contains dangerous security flaws

2 years ago Code could allow malicious websites access to PC users' systems

7 Apple virus message tweak sparks vulnerability debate

2 years ago Anti-virus companies play up breaches but analysts urge scepticism

2 LulzSec members plead guilty to hacking Sony

2 years ago Two British teenagers have admitted they participated in DDoS attacks on Sony and others

2 Blizzard admits Diablo III security issues, denies security flaws

2 years ago Blizzard says breaches are result of password theft

7 Diablo III problems persist with hacked accounts - report

2 years ago Rumors of accounts being hacked, items and in-game gold being stolen

1 Cryptic Studios hacked, warns users

2 years ago The developer of Star Trek Online discovered unauthorized database access

US Navy paying for hacking attempts on foreign consoles

2 years ago US Navy working with Obscure Technologies to monitor used consoles

6 Old Xbox 360s can give up credit card info to hackers

2 years ago Researchers show how used and refurbished Xbox 360 units can be mined for personal information

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