PlayStation Network attacked "every day" - Yoshida

SCE's president of worldwide studios says that his company is playing a "cat and mouse" game at all times with hackers

By James Brightman

Dealing with harassment

Zoe Quinn, Elizabeth Sampat, Donna Prior, and Neha Nair give advice based on their own experiences

By Brendan Sinclair

WoW to allow players to buy play time with in-game currency

Token system similar to Eve Online's Plex hopes to counter gold-selling

By Dan Pearson

FCC sets net neutrality rules

US regulators reclassify broadband as a telecom service, prohibiting blocking, throttling, and paid prioritization practices

By Brendan Sinclair

Nintendo cancels TVii for Europe

Unforeseen complexities prove too much for platform holder

By Dan Pearson

Profitable quarter shows ChangYou heading in the right direction

Company exceeding targets, but still chasing previous highs

By Dan Pearson

Twitch reaches 100 million viewers per month

Online broadcast firm hits new milestones in 2014, more than doubling monthly viewers year-over-year

By James Brightman

Elder Scrolls Online drops subscription model

Tamriel Unlimited adopts pay-once model, offers premium ESO Plus service for monthly fee

By Brendan Sinclair

GigaMedia faces NASDAQ delisting

Taiwanese firm has 180 days to raise its share price above $1 for a sustained period

By Matthew Handrahan

Xiaomi buys $68 million in Kingsoft stock

Tencent sells 3 per cent of its stake in Chinese software and game development company

By Matthew Handrahan

Sony's H1Z1 plagued by technical issues at launch

Zombie survival shooter is the latest big game to stumble badly at launch

By Matthew Handrahan

Zoe Quinn and Alex Lifschitz found Crash Override

"Online anti-harassment task force" to provide support for targets of online hate

By Dan Pearson

Streaming can only work if the price is right

PlayStation Now is accomplished; but customers expect better value

By Rob Fahey

Evolving Business Models For The Top Game Brands

How Activision and other publishers are changing the nature of games business one piece at a time

By Steve Peterson

Call of Duty Online launched in China

Activision and Tencent have "tens of millions" of new gamers in their sights

By Matthew Handrahan

Spoiled Xmas Mornings: The Dark Side of the Online Future

The XBL and PSN outages are a warning shot; consoles and games must be built to recognise that “always-online” services aren't

By Rob Fahey

Bastion sells 3 million, Transistor tops 600,000

Supergiant reveals lifetime-to-date sales figures for its first two downloadable action games

By Brendan Sinclair

Riot working with ISPs for dedicated League of Legends network

Company expects hardware to be finished by end of March, but service provider agreements could take longer

By Brendan Sinclair

PlayStation Now subscription model launches next week

Streaming service to roll out $20 monthly, $45 quarterly all-you-can-play options on PS4 January 13

By Brendan Sinclair

Perfect World may go private in 2015

Chinese online firm appoints new COO as chairman of the board submits buyout proposal

By Matthew Handrahan

The physical-digital turning point is right now - CI Games

Lords of the Fallen studio head Marek Tyminski says digital distribution is changing the way his company makes games

By Brendan Sinclair

Facebook VP of engineering departs

Cory Ondrejka leaves to start new company

By Rachel Weber

Jagex shutting down Transformers Universe

Runescape developer to focus on owned IP going forward, will restructure around that goal

By Brendan Sinclair

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