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5 Rockstar warns of GTA Online launch issues

11 months ago Incredible demand causing multiple problems, says publisher

5 Rockstar's Houser: There's a "huge audience" for single-player

11 months ago Dan Houser explains why GTA V's online mode didn't come at the game's launch

2 Microsoft testing game streaming service

11 months ago Reported service streams Xbox games to Windows and Windows Phone

3 Evidence builds for GTA V microtransactions

11 months ago Pricing for GTA Online 'cashpacks' unearthed prior to October 1st launch

6 GTA V files hint at online microtransactions

11 months ago XML file says "cash is king in this town"

8 GTA V performance issues highlight problems with digital future

A year ago Designed to stream from HDD and disc at once, PSN GTA V struggles

Warhammer Online shutting down

A year ago EA Mythic to pull plug December 18 as licensing deal with Games Workshop runs out

18 Kabam responds to Dragons of Atlantis boycott

A year ago Boycott organiser banned from playing, Kabam denies pay to win strategy

Xbox Live Arcade, Indie Games go missing

A year ago Minecraft, hundreds of other titles disappear from Xbox 360 digital storefront, Microsoft looking into issue

1 Runescape 3 boosts player numbers by 300,000

A year ago Jagex's latest update also wins back 100,000 lapsed gamers

6 Xbox One to allow loaning, trading of downloaded games

A year ago Microsoft senior director Albert Penello says "that has to be part of the experience" eventually, along with subsidized console promotions


8 Xbox has been "way more progressive and open," says Raptr head

A year ago When it comes to console transparency, Dennis Fong says Sony has been closed "almost to the point of ignorance"

4 SimCity Mac launch runs into problems

A year ago Update: EA says issues have been resolved

Sony Online Entertainment lays off staff

A year ago Everquest Next creator confirms cuts, says development on anticipated MMO and Landmark side project unaffected

10 Bethesda seeking exemption from online multiplayer charges

A year ago Pete Hines says consumers shouldn't have to pay twice

3 Square Enix to make more persistent online games

A year ago Exec says company has walked away from past games too early; Sleeping Dogs now profitable with 500k monthly players

League of Legends dev opening NY office

A year ago Riot Games has signed a five-year lease for a building in Manhattan

4 Google offering skippable YouTube style ads for online games

A year ago DoubleClick Ad Exchange also opening up to publishers

40 Bethesda bucks trend with subscription model for The Elder Scrolls Online

A year ago Any other model would mean "sacrifices" for fantasy MMO, say Firor

10 EA offering money back guarantee for Origin purchases

A year ago Publisher granting refunds within 24 hours of playing or 7 days of purchase

2 Microsoft lets slip forthcoming demise of Games for Windows Live

A year ago Statement names July 1, 2014 as date of death

1 launches indie outreach

A year ago Online storefront intros new portal for devs to submit their games for sale, offers advance on royalties


27 eSports: This time, it's for real

Opinion A year ago The pro-gaming movement has cried wolf many times - but all the signs say that this revival is a sustainable one

14 PlayStation Plus subs to generate $1.2 billion for Sony by 2017

A year ago Placing multiplayer gaming behind a paywall on PlayStation 4 will level playing field, says research firm


18 Retail isn't going away - Ubisoft digital head

A year ago Chris Early says brick-and-mortar does some things better than digital; Ubi is experimenting with episodic titles

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