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2 Crytek hacked

8 months ago Crysis studio pulls four websites offline, confirms security breach, says user info may have been accessed


3 EverQuest Next to kick off "Emergent Era" of MMOs

8 months ago SOE president John Smedley says "our players can actually make better stuff than us," entire company moving toward emergent content

3 Blizzard admits it's overhauling Titan project

8 months ago Developer says it's been assessing the "new direction" to take the game, "unlikely" to be subscription MMORPG

1 RealNetworks acquires Slingo for $15.6 million

8 months ago Social casino genre could be key to revival of RealNetworks' flagging games business

Nexon invests in Rumble Entertainment

8 months ago Owen Mahoney, chief financial officer at Nexon, will join Rumble's board

5 World of Warcraft drops to 7.7 million subscribers

8 months ago Activision Blizzard's MMORPG giant continues decline, loses another 600,000 in last quarter


Zynga VP joins gambling start-up

8 months ago Ryan Linton joins Betable as chief revenue officer

3 Zynga backs away from US online gambling

8 months ago Sales tumble 31% in Q2 as social company warns investors of "more volatility than we would like" over the next 6-12 months

Bee Cave Games nets $1.3 million in funding

8 months ago Online casino dev gathers momentum, will invest in promotion and growth

4 SimCity sells 2 million

8 months ago Frank Gibeau dubs always-online urban planning game a success, talks about growth of digital, says EA won't repeat mistakes of last console transition


6 Blizzard, SOE vets form Molten Games

8 months ago New San Diego-based studio looking to combine free-to-play and AAA with millions in funding from NCsoft

FIFA Online 3 leading revenue and traffic in Korea

8 months ago Free-to-play game at the top of sports charts, EA inks deal with Tencent to take it to China

1 EA earnings flat in Q1 as digital sales continue to rise

9 months ago Mobile titles like The Simpsons: Tapped Out and Real Racing 3 boost digital, as Origin accounts hit 50m, 22m of which are mobile

1 Valve: "We are failing" devs with Steam

9 months ago Programmer Tom Bui admits company needs to handle Greenlight better, let customers vote with their dollars

Zattikka struggles to meet loan payments

9 months ago UK online firm raises possibility of administration as Hattrick demands loan payment


35 In defence of the Steam sale

Opinion 9 months ago Concerns that steep discounts are devaluing games are unfounded - discounting older products is how a medium grows its audience for the long term

21 Fez sells 105,000 in Steam sale

9 months ago Game moves more copies in first day of promotion than in first three months on Valve's service

9 Microsoft: Xbox One policy reversals not a shift away from digital

9 months ago Marc Whitten says "shame on us" for not communicating, engaging with community better

Kabam valued at $700 million

9 months ago Stock sale puts huge value on social gaming firm, $300m revenue expected this year

Bohemia Interactive website hacked

9 months ago User data has been compromised


Former Activision exec Robin Kaminsky joins Trion

9 months ago Trion Worlds, the publisher behind Defiance and Rift, has added Kaminsky to its board

Linden Labs acquires Desura

9 months ago Second Life company picks up digital distribution storefront, terms not released

16 World of Warcraft opening in-game microtransaction store

9 months ago Blizzard to sell progress-boosting buffs for MMORPG, will begin testing the idea in Asian regions

7 Phil Fish confirms XBLA patch for Fez

9 months ago Outspoken dev to address long-standing issues with downloadable hit

8 New XBL reputation system will keep trolls under the bridge

9 months ago "You need a community of folks that aren't screaming vulgarities"

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