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13 SimCity reversal: EA finally adding offline mode

10 months ago Nearly a year after a disastrous launch, SimCity will be receiving a free update to install an offline mode as an option

1 PlayStation Now won't "disenfranchise" future consoles - Sony

10 months ago John Koller also confirms that playing on a tablet or smartphone will require a DualShock controller

PlayStation Now dings GameStop shares

10 months ago The retailer's stock is trading down almost 9% today in the wake of Sony's big cloud gaming news

27 PlayStation Now: Sony's Gaikai service to launch this summer

10 months ago PS3 games will soon be playable anywhere, and Sony is also preparing a cloud-based TV service

8 Nintendo apologises for holiday eShop outages

10 months ago Access problems and Pokémon Bank delays attributed to high traffic

1 Xbox One, PS4 drive DLC sales up 41% in November

11 months ago Digital game sales grew 25% overall, according to SuperData Research


CCP cuts 15 jobs from World of Darkness team

11 months ago After evaluating the game's design, the online games company decided to eliminate 15 positions

52 Snowden papers allege NSA/GCHQ embedded in WoW, XBL

11 months ago Agencies monitor individuals, recruit players and record conversations

Riot reverses decision on pro-LoL players streaming

11 months ago LCS competitors now "free to stream any games they want"

1 Sony asks users to reset passwords

11 months ago "Irregular activity" detected as PS4 maker takes security measures

8 Riot bans pro LoL players from streaming competitor's games

11 months ago Rules of championship contract forbid DOTA, Starcraft broadcasts

Mail.Ru Group launch Games@Mail.Ru publishing platform

11 months ago The Russian company wants to bring more games to its gaming platform


19 Could GTA Online work as a F2P title?

11 months ago The GamesAnalytics staff look at the structure of Rockstar's multiplayer


28 Roundtable: What Will Be This Generation's Biggest Disruption?

Opinion A year ago With new consoles on the market, the GamesIndustry International staff looks at what could define this generation in the years ahead

4 Xbox servers temporarily down on eve of Xbox One launch

A year ago Xbox Live, and just about everything Xbox appears to be offline for unknown reasons right now [UPDATE: It's back online now and MS investigating]


7 Why can't anyone launch an online service without outages?

A year ago PS4 was just the latest big launch tainted by network issues; Akamai's chief gaming strategist explains why rollouts still go wrong

14 Xbox One, PS4 mark a "watershed event" for digital

A year ago Longbow Research discusses the acceleration of digital fueled by the new consoles; day one downloads "becoming the norm"

6 Downloadable Xbox One games to have full 1000 gamerscore

A year ago "On Xbox One games are games," Microsoft confirms

7 PSN having outages as new PS4 owners log on

A year ago Firmware update puts strain on US and Canadian network

Amazon begins selling PSN content and credit

A year ago Digital codes available from online retailer

Gamevil posts record overseas sales, turning profit of $1.7m

A year ago Chinese revenues up by 46% as online games reap rewards


9 PlayStation Plus has seen "significant growth" says Sony

A year ago There are 150 million PlayStation Network members but Sony still won't disclose how many are paying Plus members

1 Humble Bundle extends offering with permanent online store

A year ago New shopfront will offer large collection of discounted titles

1 World of Warcraft's next expansion is Warlords of Draenor

A year ago The next WoW expansion takes players on a time-traveling ride

37 Xbox One won't play games on day one without mandatory update

A year ago What can be done with the system out of the box? "Nothing. You need the day one update."

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