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10 Bethesda seeking exemption from online multiplayer charges

10 months ago Pete Hines says consumers shouldn't have to pay twice

3 Square Enix to make more persistent online games

11 months ago Exec says company has walked away from past games too early; Sleeping Dogs now profitable with 500k monthly players

League of Legends dev opening NY office

11 months ago Riot Games has signed a five-year lease for a building in Manhattan

4 Google offering skippable YouTube style ads for online games

11 months ago DoubleClick Ad Exchange also opening up to publishers

40 Bethesda bucks trend with subscription model for The Elder Scrolls Online

11 months ago Any other model would mean "sacrifices" for fantasy MMO, say Firor

10 EA offering money back guarantee for Origin purchases

11 months ago Publisher granting refunds within 24 hours of playing or 7 days of purchase

2 Microsoft lets slip forthcoming demise of Games for Windows Live

11 months ago Statement names July 1, 2014 as date of death

1 launches indie outreach

11 months ago Online storefront intros new portal for devs to submit their games for sale, offers advance on royalties


27 eSports: This time, it's for real

Opinion 11 months ago The pro-gaming movement has cried wolf many times - but all the signs say that this revival is a sustainable one

14 PlayStation Plus subs to generate $1.2 billion for Sony by 2017

11 months ago Placing multiplayer gaming behind a paywall on PlayStation 4 will level playing field, says research firm


18 Retail isn't going away - Ubisoft digital head

11 months ago Chris Early says brick-and-mortar does some things better than digital; Ubi is experimenting with episodic titles

2 King closes five games to concentrate on big hits

11 months ago Publisher focusing on Candy Crush Saga as it slims down portfolio

Trion World closes San Diego office

11 months ago "The day to day operations of Defiance will be moved to our Redwood City studio"

Nexon's Japanese business booms in strong Q2

11 months ago Japanese revenue up 233 per cent, company revenues up 60 per cent

Live events give Gree game a 600% revenue boost

11 months ago Modern War shows the positive effect of special events on online games

1 Zattikka enters administration, sells assets

11 months ago Assets from Sneaky Games, Hattrick Holdings and Concept Art House re-sold to original vendors

9 Zynga shutters four OMGPOP games and web portal

11 months ago Sources claim Zynga turned down independent buy-back from OMGPOP staff

2 Crytek hacked

11 months ago Crysis studio pulls four websites offline, confirms security breach, says user info may have been accessed


3 EverQuest Next to kick off "Emergent Era" of MMOs

11 months ago SOE president John Smedley says "our players can actually make better stuff than us," entire company moving toward emergent content

3 Blizzard admits it's overhauling Titan project

11 months ago Developer says it's been assessing the "new direction" to take the game, "unlikely" to be subscription MMORPG

1 RealNetworks acquires Slingo for $15.6 million

11 months ago Social casino genre could be key to revival of RealNetworks' flagging games business

Nexon invests in Rumble Entertainment

A year ago Owen Mahoney, chief financial officer at Nexon, will join Rumble's board

5 World of Warcraft drops to 7.7 million subscribers

A year ago Activision Blizzard's MMORPG giant continues decline, loses another 600,000 in last quarter


Zynga VP joins gambling start-up

A year ago Ryan Linton joins Betable as chief revenue officer

3 Zynga backs away from US online gambling

A year ago Sales tumble 31% in Q2 as social company warns investors of "more volatility than we would like" over the next 6-12 months

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