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2 Supercell "printing money" with Clash games - SuperData

4 months ago Both Clash of Clans and Clash Royale are generating $100m a month as digital sales in April climbed 5% to $6.2 billion

1 From Game of War to public transport

4 months ago MZ is putting its new strategy into action, applying its game tech to eradicate inefficiency in New Zealand's public transport system


3 Tiger Style: A tale of two Spiders

4 months ago Six years is a long time in mobile gaming. For Randy Smith, it meant the difference between success and failure

4 Microsoft laying off up to 1,850

4 months ago Company will "streamline" smartphone hardware business and take a $950 million restructuring charge

13 Apple deems Palestinian dev's game "not appropriate" for the App Store

5 months ago UPDATE: Apple relents - Liyla & the Shadows of War published under the App Store's Games category


Daydream could make mobile VR matter

Opinion 5 months ago Weekly recap: Mobile VR gets a big push, Nintendo goes Hollywood, and E3 may mark the beginning of half-step console upgrades

Google Play is adding an Early Access section

5 months ago Curated storefront will be the most visible part of a push to make open betas more visible to the public

Gear VR sold 300k in Europe year-to-date - Samsung

5 months ago Company continues to push mobile VR hardware with S7 phone promotions


"It's really easy these days to learn how to do cool stuff. All you need is a computer."

5 months ago Nordeus CEO Branko Milutinović on optimism, talent and co-operation


MZ's RTplatform now has a leader

5 months ago Salesforce exec Nasi Jazayeri has joined the company formerly known as Machine Zone to lead its cloud tech strategy


1 "It's impossible not to consider mobile these days"

5 months ago We talk to Sony and analysts about the trend of AAA titles getting pre-release companion apps


7 Clash Royale: Is Supercell shooting itself in the foot?

Opinion 5 months ago Patrick Walker, EEDAR's VP of Insights, argues that the game's success may cannibalize Clash of Clans and be bad news for Supercell in the long run

Does App Store placement still matter?

5 months ago A new App Annie report shows daily download gains of between 100 and 500 per cent depending on territory

Made for Samsung exclusivity programme opens up to indie games

5 months ago Samsung pledges to, "push your game to a very good audience," as it seeks to bolster its Galaxy App Store

Zynga can do a hell of a lot more with the resources it has - Gibeau

5 months ago As company beats first quarter forecast, CEO Frank Gibeau sees momentum in turnaround, emphasizes cost control without layoffs

Glu Mobile: VR several years from returning "meaningful" revenue

5 months ago CEO thinks desktop VR is two or three years from inflection point, and mobile VR is even further than that


Glu confirms 100 jobs cut in five months following Q1 loss

5 months ago "We cut nothing that was actually going to deliver in our mind certain revenue later this year"

Chinese mobile games market is now the most valuable in the world

5 months ago Newzoo and TalkingData report pegs annual revenue for 2015 at $7.1 billion, rising to $10 billion this year

1 China accounted for 31% of Unity game installs in Q1

5 months ago The US was a distant second with 11 per cent of Unity's 4.2 billion installs

FTC strikes a blow against Amazon in IAP lawsuit

5 months ago US judge calls out, "millions of dollars billed to Amazon customers without a mechanism for consent"


4 Smart device pivot could cost Nintendo at home

Opinion 5 months ago Kimishima embraces smartphones in his NX strategy, but it's a move that'll be tough to sell to the firm's most loyal customers - Japanese families

Nolan Bushnell inks three game deal with Spil Games

5 months ago The Atari founder's first game is expected to launch in early 2017


Rovio ups the ante on Angry Birds marketing

5 months ago Angry Birds Action! is a new pinball-styled game to serve as the focal point for marketing around The Angry Birds Movie

Kamcord raises $10m from Time Warner at $100m valuation

5 months ago Mobile streaming platform is now looking beyond games with its new "app casting" feature


2 Glu: Putting a price on fame

5 months ago CEO Niccolo de Masi updates us on its celebrity strategy

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