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5 Ad watchdog looking at No Man's Sky

22 days ago UK's ASA investigating complaints about Steam screenshots and video of Hello Games' latest

13 No Man's Sky PR strategy wasn't great - Yoshida

A month ago Sony Worldwide Studios president criticizes Hello Games' Sean Murray for over-promising on space exploration survival game


Pixelmage sees "seismic shift" in game marketing

A month ago With Hero's Song, John Smedley's new studio is taking a transparent approach to paid influencers and crowdfunding


7 Inside an indie cross-platform launch

A month ago Premium mobile games aren't really dead, the industry is more nuanced than people think, and other lessons from Butterscotch Shenanigans

5 Mario closes out Rio Olympics

A month ago Japanese prime minister dresses as Nintendo mascot for hand-off to promote 2020 Tokyo Olympics

6 Don't believe the hype

Opinion 2 months ago Weekly roundup: No Man's Sky still embodies a simple lesson many in the industry refuse to learn

Nvidia aims to give indies more exposure

2 months ago Graphics card maker unveils its Indie Spotlight program

19 Augs Lives Matter slogan an "unfortunate coincidence"

2 months ago Deus Ex brand marketer defends use while Bioware's Manveer Heir criticizes the developer's controversial language choice


From announcement to launch in mere months

2 months ago Blue Isle Studios' Valley was announced in April with a summer release date; Alex Tintor explains why, and what the marketing plan is now


Showing Off Your Best Assets

3 months ago Olly McGowan of on what makes for good publicity

1 Sony, Microsoft share honours for E3 coverage

3 months ago EA is most talked about publisher, despite no show floor presence

4 Warcraft, Angry Birds movies cashing in

4 months ago Critically dismissed flicks poised to become the highest grossing game adaptations of all time

Analysts split on E3 showings

4 months ago Microsoft gets high marks for hardware, while Sony's showmanship has at least one analyst thinking PSVR could thrive regardless of quality

Cream of the riding crop

4 months ago Photo Finish Horse Racing broke slowly, but found its stride with a timely user acquisition assist

1 Rocket League hit $110m in revenue by giving away content for free

4 months ago PlayStation Plus giveaway and free major DLC updates are behind rapid growth, says Psyonix

Mojang: Minecraft is not an advertising platform

4 months ago New rules prevent third-party entities from using Minecraft and its gameplay for promotional purposes

Exploring the "positive tension" between creativity and marketing

4 months ago For Paradox Interactive and 11 Bit Studios, the best solution to "communication clutter" is to make games worth talking about

2 Minecraft videos based on Super Mario DLC hit with copyright claims

4 months ago 4J Studios' official Wii U add-on was supposed to be exempt from Nintendo's insistence on taking a cut of YouTubers' revenue

Rovio's Angry Birds film has earned $150 million worldwide

4 months ago But after a $400 million Sony marketing push, how much further does it have to fly to return a profit?

4 Tetris movie has an $80 million budget

5 months ago Mortal Kombat producer's Threshold and Chinese investment firm Seven Star Works partner for sci-fi movie based on classic


1 Make alternate future America great again

5 months ago Deep Silver's Will Powers explains how Homefront: The Revolution is getting a boost from the US presidential race

15 Microsoft vetoed a black woman on cover for Fable II

5 months ago Ex-Lionhead art director recalls marketing department "just didn't get it," insisted on a white male for Xbox 360 RPG

.games and .game website domains launching soon

5 months ago Uniregistry plans to open .game availability this month as Rightside slates .games for third quarter


Rovio ups the ante on Angry Birds marketing

5 months ago Angry Birds Action! is a new pinball-styled game to serve as the focal point for marketing around The Angry Birds Movie

Ubisoft opening Rabbids Amusement Center

5 months ago Publisher's first foray into family entertainment centers opens doors in Montreal this August

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