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EA's timing argument thrown out in Madden lawsuit

A year ago Jury finds that ex-Madden programmer's claims are within the statute of limitations

5 Nintendo patent suit victory upheld

A year ago Plaintiff IA Labs loses dispute over Wii tech, is ordered to pay more than $236,000 in legal fees

6 Apogee suing Gearbox over Duke Nukem

A year ago Original IP owner accuses Pitchford's studio of withholding profits

6 Assassin's Creed creator sues Ubisoft

A year ago Patrice Desilets fights for the rights to 1666: Amsterdam

1 Rhode Island looking into dropping 38 Studios debt

A year ago RI's current administration is exploring the cost of not paying back lenders

4 ESA sent 3.5 million anti-piracy takedown notices in 2012

A year ago The ESA's Anti-Piracy group details its efforts to stop game piracy

11 Microsoft applies for patent on TV achievements

A year ago Xbox One maker calls dibs on technique to encourage viewership of shows and ads

1 38 Studios court arguments begin

A year ago Dismissal cases presented for Schilling and fellow defendants, state promises "avalanche" of evidence against them

Rhode Island finds "interest" in 38 Studios' assets

A year ago The state prepares to sell off Kingdoms of Amalur

4 Nintendo wins in Motiva patent dispute

A year ago ITC ruling upheld, Nintendo not liable for patent infringement

9 Wargaming sues Project Tank creators

A year ago "An unoriginal and disturbingly similar game directly based on the World of Tanks"

9 EA drops gun licenses, will use them anyway

A year ago Publisher says it doesn't need manufacturers' approval to put their weapons into games

20 Gearbox calls Aliens suit "beyond meritless"

A year ago Developer calls Colonial Marines complaint frivolous as Sega offers more reserved defense

14 Cat meme creators in legal battle with Scribblenauts

A year ago Christopher Orlando Torres and Charles Schmidt file against Warner Bros. and 5th Cell Media

1 Section 8 dev files for bankruptcy protection

A year ago TimeGate Studios owes Epic Games, Southpeak, and more

14 SEGA, Gearbox sued in class action lawsuit over Aliens: CM

A year ago Californian case asserts that demos were not representative of final game

2 Madden lawsuit proceeds to trial

A year ago The original developer of Madden can have his day in court

1 Self-professed leader of Lulzsec arrested in Australia

A year ago 24 year-old faces up to 10 years in jail if convicted on hacking charges

4 Activision wins in 19,000 PR fraud case

A year ago Judge claims fraud cases are increasing in the PR industry

11 US Patent Office cancels “Edge” trademarks

A year ago A court order sees all of Tim Langdell's Edge trademarks canceled

Timegate appeal in Section 8 lawsuit fails

A year ago Timegate faces $7.3 million in damages, loss of Section 8 IP


2 Protecting App Titles with Registered Trademarks

A year ago The pros, cons, confusion and legalities of trademarking games and apps

7 US tech leaders to push for immigration and education reform

A year ago Facebook, Google, Zynga and others form political advocacy group

2 Zynga sued by shareholder over early executive stock sales

A year ago Social game publisher finds itself in legal trouble from former shareholder

9 Nintendo found liable in 3D patent infringement lawsuit

A year ago The company is "confident" that result will be set aside

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