Lumos Labs to pay $2m Deceptive Advertising settlement

“Lumosity preyed on consumers' fears about age-related cognitive decline"

By Chris Buckley

Nintendo wins Mii patent suit

Judge invalidates RecogniCorp patent on storing police sketch-artist data, bringing closure to suit filed over virtual avatar system

By Brendan Sinclair

FTC announces settlements with LAI Systems and Retro Dreamer

Devs will pay a combined $360,000 in civil penalties for violating COPPA

By Rachel Weber

Publishers sued over fantasy sports patents

EA, Activision, Zynga, Take-Two, Konami among targets of suits over games based on real-time events and TV shows

By Brendan Sinclair

Goodgame Studios denies allegations of unfair dismissal

German trade union claims 28 employees were fired to prevent election of a workers' council

By Matthew Handrahan

Nintendo wins another patent case against Wii U, 3DS

California federal court rules that Nintendo's hardware does not infringe

By James Brightman

GTA 5 modders say Take-Two sent PIs to their doors

Devs on two different multiplayer mods describe intimidation tactic used to shut them down

By Brendan Sinclair

Blizzard and Innovis settle Overwatch suit

Paintball app creator drops lawsuit against developer after months-long legal dispute

By Brendan Sinclair

US approves DRM circumvention on abandoned games

DMCA exemption allows players to bypass server authentication after servers are turned off; proposed exemption for jailbreaking consoles denied

By Brendan Sinclair

12 arrested in eSports match fixing scandal - Report

Korean investigators find five StarCraft 2 matches fixed; two money men behind scheme have ties to organized crime

By Brendan Sinclair

SAG-AFTRA now has the authority to strike

More than 95 per cent of union's voting members voted yes in the referendum, negotiations to re-open

By Matthew Handrahan

The Escapist faces possible legal action over Star Citizen exposť

Cloud Imperium has denied accusations of mishandling funds and workplace discrimination, claims unethical journalistic practice

By Matthew Handrahan

Fan turns to the crowd for Pokemon PAX party settlement

The Pokemon Company wants $4,000 to drop the lawsuit over a cancelled fan party at PAX Prime

By Matthew Handrahan

Black Forest Games loses Diesel trademark dispute

"This decision has caught us with our pants down"

By Rachel Weber

Wizards of the Coast settles Hex lawsuit

Reaches agreement with Cryptozoic and Hex over similarities with Magic: The Gathering

By Matthew Handrahan

Voice actors union voting on strike action

SAG-AFTRA at "a crossroads" following stalled negotiations with game companies

By Matthew Handrahan

Andrew House: the PS4 is struggling against censorship in China

"I don't think it has been a kind of a rocket launch start"

By Dan Pearson

Machine Zone resolves trade secrets lawsuit with Kabam

Legal tussle returns to its former state: a heated conversation at a cocktail party

By Matthew Handrahan

Arbitrator settles in favour of Marty O'Donnell in Bungie case

Documents reveal extent of schism between composer and former colleagues

By Dan Pearson

FTC slaps Machinima for deceptive Xbox One ad campaign

Regulator warns against paying YouTubers to promote products without disclosure

By Brendan Sinclair

Users of Lizard Squad's DDoS attack tool arrested in UK

National Crime Agency says six people targeted over Lizard Stresser software

By Rachel Weber

Square Enix, SNK settle legal dispute

Dueling complaints over Neo Geo games featured in High Score Girl manga series dropped

By Brendan Sinclair

Another day, another trade secrets leak for Machine Zone

Disgruntled employee Jing Zeng stole data to negotiate a severance package

By Matthew Handrahan

Machine Zone sues Kabam over trade secrets

UPDATE: Statement from Machine Zone on slanging match that turned legal

By Matthew Handrahan

Pair arrested at Pokemon World Championship after death threats

Unlicenced firearms discovered in vehicle by Boston Police

By Dan Pearson

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