SAG-AFTRA now on strike against EA, Activision, Warner Bros., more

Final negotiations stalled on pay, picket line will form outside EA's offices on Monday October 24

By Matthew Handrahan

Valve pushes back against Washington State skin gambling claims

"As we have explained on multiple occasions, Valve is not engaged in gambling or the promotion of gambling, and we do not 'facilitate gambling'"

By Matthew Handrahan

Game companies say SAG-AFTRA strike would harm its own members

Law firm representing the industry says the union's members work on less than 25% of games made

By Matthew Handrahan

Voice actors' guild sets October 21 strike date

Should final attempt at a resolution fail, SAG-AFTRA members will stop work on all games that started production after Feb. 17, 2015

By Matthew Handrahan

CCP cracking down on EVE Online gambling sites

CCP has updated its EULA to stress its anti-gambling policy and has issued account suspensions

By James Brightman

Valve threatened by Washington State Gambling Commission

CS:GO skins controversy continues for the Steam platform holder

By James Brightman

Digital Homicide owner cancels lawsuit against Steam users

Cites lack of funds in termination filing after "business was destroyed completely"

By Dan Pearson

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) - what next for the games industry?

Charles Maurice of Stevens & Bolton LLP summarises your responsibilities

By Charles Maurice

Iceland rejected EA's $15k offer for FIFA 17 national team rights

"They are the ones buying these rights and they almost want it for free"

By Matthew Handrahan

Ex-38 Studios execs to settle suit for $2.5 million

Curt Schilling, three others admit no wrongdoing in proposed end to Rhode Island lawsuit; money would come from insurance

By Brendan Sinclair

Steam pulls Digital Homicide games following fan lawsuit

Indie studio alleged harassment in $18m lawsuit against Steam users, now considering legal action against Valve for its response

By Matthew Handrahan

YouTubers charged in UK's first video game gambling case

UK Gambling Commission prosecuting two FIFA streamers for promoting gambling

By Matthew Handrahan

Nintendo makes progress on conflict minerals sourcing

72% of smelters and refiners in Mario maker's supply chain certified as not funding crimes against humanity

By Brendan Sinclair

VR: Not all legal plain sailing ahead

Harbottle & Lewis explores the potential product liability and data protection issues that might emerge with the rise of virtual reality

By Daniel Tozer and Donald Mee

Nintendo cracks down on fan-made games

DMCA takedown notice prompts closure of more than 500 projects on GameJolt

By Brendan Sinclair

BT sues Valve for "willful" patent infringement

Telecommunications company cites four patents in suit

By Rachel Weber

ZeniMax raises the stakes in Oculus VR lawsuit

Amended complaint makes direct accusations against John Carmack, questions Luckey's role in Rift's creation

By Matthew Handrahan

Property owners sue over Pokemon Go

Detroit-area couple says they don't feel safe as players loiter, trespass, harass home owners near in-game hotspots

By Brendan Sinclair

Riot sues League of Legends cheat-makers

Developer goes after hackers behind LeagueSharp subscription service "dedicated to destroying the LoL player experience"

By Brendan Sinclair

Hackers finally breach Denuvo's impenetrable defences

"Denuvo allowed 650,000 pirates to breach their servers for 3 days. And they call themselves the most secure company?"

By Matthew Handrahan

Pokemon Go legislation puts ESA in a tight spot

Will the industry side with sex offenders or risk legislators hobbling a new market just as it gets going?

By Brendan Sinclair

New York bills target Pokemon Go, sex offenders

Legislation would ban registered sex offenders from playing AR games, require AR devs to create item-free zones around their homes

By Brendan Sinclair

New York State bans sex offenders from any form of online gaming

Governor ask Niantic for help in creating a "safer environment" for players

By Dan Pearson

No criminal charges in 38 Studios collapse

Rhode Island says "no provable criminal violations" in Kingdoms of Amalur company's downfall, but civil litigation still outstanding

By Brendan Sinclair

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