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1 Self-professed leader of Lulzsec arrested in Australia

A year ago 24 year-old faces up to 10 years in jail if convicted on hacking charges

4 Activision wins in 19,000 PR fraud case

A year ago Judge claims fraud cases are increasing in the PR industry

11 US Patent Office cancels “Edge” trademarks

A year ago A court order sees all of Tim Langdell's Edge trademarks canceled

Timegate appeal in Section 8 lawsuit fails

A year ago Timegate faces $7.3 million in damages, loss of Section 8 IP


2 Protecting App Titles with Registered Trademarks

A year ago The pros, cons, confusion and legalities of trademarking games and apps

7 US tech leaders to push for immigration and education reform

A year ago Facebook, Google, Zynga and others form political advocacy group

2 Zynga sued by shareholder over early executive stock sales

A year ago Social game publisher finds itself in legal trouble from former shareholder

9 Nintendo found liable in 3D patent infringement lawsuit

A year ago The company is "confident" that result will be set aside

1 38 Studios' Schilling wants fraud lawsuit dismissed

A year ago Schilling asks Court to throw out Rhode Island's lawsuit

6 EA, Microsoft, and Zynga oppose Defense of Marriage Act

A year ago 275 companies sign an amicus brief supporting gay marriage

12 Nintendo sued over 3D patent infringement

A year ago Inventor sues Nintendo over glassesless 3D

10 THQ auctioning remaining IP on April 1

A year ago Darksiders, Red Faction, and more going on sale in April

7 Apple proposes compensation for children's IAPs in US

A year ago Users could claim for any purchases made by children without consent

3 EA and Zynga settle copyright infringement lawsuit

A year ago Details of the settlement were not made available, but both companies confirmed the news today

WWE license moves to Take-Two

A year ago Take-Two agrees to take over the THQ license

Judge could dismiss Axl Rose versus Activision case

A year ago UPDATE: Case tossed out by Superior Court Judge Charles Palmer

Atari secures $2 million in financing ahead of possible asset sale

A year ago The funding keeps the lights on while Atari US hatches an escape plan

31 German group files legal complaint against Valve's Steam service

A year ago German consumer group complains about Valve's lack of digital resale

3 Fox's Glee steals Jonathan Coulton's cover

A year ago Portal song composer battling TV network over Baby Got Back

2 Sony fined 250,000 for "preventable" PSN breach

A year ago Corporation receives penalty from Information Commissioner's Office

3 Bohemia Interactive developers return home from Greek prison

A year ago Staff accused of photographing high security installation still face trial

5 Sony settles suit with Kevin Butler actor

A year ago Jerry Lambert agrees to avoid gaming ads for two years, admits Bridgestone Wii spot caused confusion

26 Congressman proposes bill to make ESRB ratings legally binding

A year ago Rep. Jim Matheson wants US system to mirror Europe's

Double Fine looks into THQ assets

A year ago THQ's stock delisting becomes final as Double Fine looks into bankruptcy filings

17 Biden to game industry: "You have not been singled out"

A year ago Vice president Biden downplays the effects of games on violence and says there's "no silver bullet" to stop gun violence

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