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1 Australia's first R18+ game is Ninja Gaiden 3

A year ago The newly-minted R18+ classification kicks it into first gear

4 The War Z trademark suspended

A year ago The controversial game can't use its original name

1 EFF receives $250K donations from Notch and Mark Cuban

A year ago Two gents open their wallets to reform software patents

16 Bill would study effect of violent games on kids

A year ago Sen. Jay Rockefeller introduces measure, saying industry makes billions selling violent games to children

3 NY attorney general purges another 2,100 sex offenders from online gaming

A year ago Eric Schneiderman secures participation of NCsoft, Gaia Online, THQ and Funcom in "Operation Game Over"

7 Level-5 steps up to fight Sega patent lawsuit

A year ago Sega accuses Level-5 of patent infringement, Level-5 calls Sega a troll

FTC: Kids' apps need better disclosure

A year ago Federal Trade Commission survey finds mobile app policies frequently inadequate, sometimes simply lying


2 Bigpoint staff vote for employee organisation

A year ago Move could affect future job cuts and working conditions

3 Motorola denied Xbox ban in US and Germany

A year ago Judge decides Microsoft's console can't be banned in patent suit

3 Japan slaps import ban on Nintendo DS flash carts

A year ago The Japanese government steps up its war against R4 carts

10 Rockstar's Houser: Hot Coffee was “draining and upsetting”

A year ago Rockstar's VP says Hot Coffee wouldn't have mattered in a book or movie

7 Tolkien estate suing Warner Bros over online slot machines

A year ago Guardians claim 'intangible' products not covered by 1969 licencing deal

7 Apple and Google looking to settle patent war

A year ago Both companies look to arbitration to solve their differences

1 Kixeye: "Zynga is manipulating the legal process"

A year ago Kixeye files counterclaim against Zynga, CEO says "we will fight to our last breath" against "this predatory company"

Blizzard says class-action suit filled with "patently false information"

A year ago The developer notes that it takes the security of players' data "very seriously" and it will "vigorously defend itself"

Russia reviewing violent PC game restrictions

A year ago Following a shooting spree, the Russian government looks into violent PC games

11 7 Navy SEALs disciplined for working on Medal of Honor: Warfighter

A year ago Navy says they revealed classified information; 4 others under investigation. [UPDATE: EA has no plans to alter game content]

Blizzard sued over security of player info

A year ago Class action claims Blizzard has made millions selling Authenticators instead of securing user info

4 Tatsunoko vs. Capcom faces rights lapse

A year ago Capcom can no longer sell Wii fighting game

3 GameStop's former PR head admits to stealing $2 million from company

A year ago Chris Olivera has plead guilty to embezzling, could face 20 years in prison

3 Rockstar wins GTA: San Andreas suit

A year ago Cypress Hill backup singer's accusation that studio used him as model for CJ dismissed

Will Wright settles Hive Mind suit

A year ago "We are pleased to have reached a friendly and respectful resolution"

1 Rhode Island files suit over 38 Studios

A year ago Curt Schilling, studio executives, and former state employees accused of fraud, negligence, and conspiracy

Sony scores a victory in PSN hack suit

A year ago Judge dismisses most claims, says consumer protection laws not applicable because users received online service for free

1 Nintendo patent suit dropped

A year ago Plaintiff drops suit over Wii and Balance Board after judge interprets patent's wording

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