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Apple announces smaller iPhone SE and iPad Pro

6 months ago iPhone starts at $399, 9.7 inch iPad Pro starts at $599

11 Rumor: Sony working on more powerful PlayStation 4

6 months ago Sony may be working on an upgrade for the PS4, allowing developers access to improved graphics

2 PlayStation VR $500 bundle pre-orders start March 22

6 months ago "If you miss out on this wave of pre-orders, fear not - we'll have another wave in the summer"

1 PlayStation VR to sell 8m units in 24 months - analyst

6 months ago Ben Schachter says "expect Sony to utterly dominate the rest of the console cycle" without a response from Microsoft

Sony responds to Microsoft's cross-platform play announcement

6 months ago Sony is "happy to have the conversation" about cross-platform play on PlayStation 4.

18 PlayStation VR surprises with $399 price point

6 months ago Release in October 2016

9 Xbox Live adds cross-network multiplayer

6 months ago Microsoft allowing developers to make Xbox One games that can connect with other console networks

1 Virtuix pursuing "mini-IPO" for general public

6 months ago VR treadmill company taking advantage of JOBS bill legislation

PDP is new co-publisher of Rock Band 4

6 months ago Harmonix makes new deal, will continue to work with Mad Catz

2 Oculus VR: Mac support for Rift is "up to Apple"

6 months ago CEO Palmer Luckey said a lack of emphasis on graphics means even high-end Macs aren't up to the task


20 Expectations mount for NX in 2016

Opinion 6 months ago Less and less time remains before the putative year-end launch for Nintendo's latest; is a console launch in this window even possible, let alone desirable?

Sony drops PlayStation Vue price, adds Disney and ESPN

6 months ago Every multi-channel plan is now $10 cheaper despite the addition of new content

Nintendo fights off patent suit appeal

6 months ago Another Wiimote suit bites the dust, and Nintendo calls for reform once again


14 Microsoft hints at its Xbox endgame

Opinion 6 months ago Phil Spencer gave glimpses of a future for Xbox with short product cycles and a smartphone-like business model

18 "There's no reason why console can't ride that same curve"

6 months ago Xbox boss Phil Spencer says consoles will soon have the “continuous innovation” of PC and mobile

7 Most gamers not interested in VR in 2016 - report

6 months ago An exclusive Gamer Network survey reveals that only 15% of players intend to purchase any of the VR platforms this year

8 Microsoft: MAU is the health metric of any service

6 months ago Xbox boss Phil Spencer on why sales numbers are not the metric for success

5 Vive pre-orders open today, international prices confirmed

6 months ago UPDATE: HTC rep claims Vive racked up 15,000 pre-orders in ten minutes

Raspberry Pi 3 debuts with built-in WiFi, Bluetooth

6 months ago Fourth anniversary of UK's best-selling computer marked with hardware refresh; 8 million units shipped to date

HoloLens dev kit ships March 30

6 months ago Microsoft launching $3,000 Development Edition hardware with three games, including a new Conker title

PlayStation TV discontinued in Japan

6 months ago The end may be nigh for the device Shuhei Yoshida believed, "didn't capture the consumers' imagination"


9 There's still merit in console secrecy

Opinion 6 months ago Not every studio gets the access needed to develop launch titles for new consoles - but there are solid commercial and economic reasons for that

1 PS4 to sell 100 million - DFC

7 months ago Research firm predicts Sony to hold dominant lead in console space; Xbox One and PS4 revenues to be 50% digital by 2019

22 Moon Studios CEO calls out console firms for hardware secrecy

7 months ago Thomas Mahler says Nintendo NX will "just not have any software support" at launch due to lack of devkits

19 Valve and HTC's Vive priced at $800

7 months ago VR kit will launch in April bundled with Job Simulator and Fantastic Contraption [UPDATE]: Recommended PC specs less demanding than Oculus Rift

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