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2 What Nintendo needs to do better with NX

Yesterday Reggie Fils-Aime identifies "traditional lessons" the company took from the Wii U's struggles

4 PS4 Slim is real

5 days ago Following leaked images, our colleagues at Eurogamer have verified that the slimmed down console is legit

7 This is the last console generation - Greenberg

9 days ago Head of Xbox marketing stresses company's commitment to compatibility, backtracks on pledge of no exclusives for Scorpio

7 PlayStation Neo to be unveiled on September 7 - report

18 days ago Sony has confirmed a "PlayStation Meeting" will take place in NY City on that date, and rumours suggest it will be Neo's official unveiling

12 Nintendo NX is a portable console powered by a mobile processor - report

A month ago Handheld component has detachable controllers, can be hooked up to a TV, with cartridges used for games

2 Gaming revenues down 9% at Microsoft as hardware sales slow

A month ago Update: Xbox One price cut to $249 in the US for a "limited time" as new consoles loom


7 Microsoft rolls the dice in a huge Xbox gamble

Opinion A month ago A slump in Xbox hardware sales is to be expected before the One S arrives, but the company's next results will show whether Scorpio has taken a longer-term toll

Xbox One S "launch edition" to ship August 2 for $399

A month ago Release dates for the smaller hard drive versions have not been provided yet

Nintendo faces its biggest test yet

Opinion A month ago Weekly roundup: Nintendo talks Wii U and NX, CS:GO gambling site owner comes under fire, Ubi continues to fight for independence

13 Wii U was expected to sell 100 million units

A month ago Nintendo talks about the failed console, and it now expects any new games to sell 2m units worldwide

11 Nintendo NX may capitalize on "largely ignored" kids market - DFC

A month ago "Someone is going to come along and take advantage of the opportunity to make games simple again"


21 Xbox Scorpio, PlayStation Neo an "incredibly positive evolution"

2 months ago EA, Ubisoft and Take-Two discuss why Microsoft and Sony launching new consoles more quickly is a big win

4 Sony settling PS3 Other OS suit

2 months ago Six-year court battle over removal of Linux installation option to end with payouts of up to $55 per affected owner


15 Scorpio is a beast, but Microsoft needs to explain it better

2 months ago The company needs to find a coherent party line about Scorpio, One S and Windows 10, and stick to it

3 Sony's House surprised by Project Scorpio

2 months ago President of gaming group didn't expect reveal so early, says tech industry has shifted to more immediate gratification

PlayStation VR likely to be in short supply - Sony

2 months ago With big questions about consumer uptake of VR, expect conservative shipments of new headset


26 Why Scorpio and Xbox One S sales don't actually matter

2 months ago Phil Spencer explains why you shouldn't think "that everything we're doing is about selling you an Xbox console"

Xbox One price cut yet again to $279

2 months ago Only a couple weeks after dropping from $349 to $299, Microsoft is looking to clear inventory to make way for Xbox One S


7 Roundtable: Who won E3?

2 months ago With the major press briefings over, GI.biz considers who put on the best show

25 Project Scorpio unveiled at E3

2 months ago Microsoft promises next system will take gaming "beyond generations" set for release in holiday 2017

Nintendo 3DS passes 60 million sold

2 months ago 2DS price cut helps put company's latest generation of handhelds over a milestone sales mark

6 Sony confirms PlayStation Neo - but it won't be at E3

2 months ago Andrew House says new SKU will be more powerful, more expensive

1 Microsoft scraps Xbox One DVR plans

2 months ago Company says fan feedback has it focusing on more gaming-specific features instead


11 Nvidia GeForce GTX 1080: Deep Dive

2 months ago What does the new family of (comparatively) low-cost, high power cards mean for you?

Sony's divided attention gives Xbox an opportunity - Analyst

2 months ago IHS' Piers Harding-Rolls says Microsoft could double-down on gamers while Sony balances going broad with appeasing the core

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