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Kabam: Look beyond whales, focus on your "regulars"

A month ago In seeking long-term success, Aaron Loeb believes mobile developers can learn from the long-term strategies found in television shows

A Sproing in the Step

7 years ago The Austrian developer's CEO Harald Riegler talks business development, motivation of staff and censorship in Germany

1 New developer models: It's risk vs reward

7 years ago New publishing models open up new finance routes - but developers can't expect to take all, says expert panel

CCP reveals first-person shooter based on EVE Online

7 years ago DUST 514 for home consoles; will allow play between popular sci-fi MMO

Cloud tech will lead to better games - Dyack

7 years ago Silicon Knights boss believes new services will speed development and increase dev competition

4 Rubber banding is "not fair and not fun" - Black Rock

7 years ago Disney's Pure studio to use 'Race Script' management system in new racing game under development

Peter Molyneux - Part One

7 years ago The MGS creative director on GDC Europe, creativity in tricky times, de-risking projects and learning from TV

Do whatever it takes to de-risk projects - Molyneux

7 years ago The MGS creative director believes games can learn from TV about researching projects

Myllyrinne: "When you're small you need to partner with the large and the strong"

7 years ago Remedy's MD explains the negatives of a long development cycle; plus meeting expectations for Alan Wake

Remedy's Matias Myllyrinne

7 years ago The studio's MD talks about the decision to sell Max Payne, the Remedy recipe for making games and partnering with Microsoft to release Alan Wake

Streamline's Alexander Fernandez

7 years ago The Streamline Studios boss gives his frank assessment of the move to GDC Europe, plus the industry's direction this year

Cologne events will "open the floodgates" for new dev projects

7 years ago GDC Europe and Gamescom will offer rich pickings for publishers scrambling to sign games and fill gaps in conservative release schedules, says Fernandez

GDC Europe to provide "bridge" to other markets

7 years ago Frank Sliwka keen to see Cologne event showcase the best in European business

Looking Ahead: GDC Europe

7 years ago Conference director Frank Sliwka explains the changes from GCDC and outlines the event's aims

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