GDC 2013

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Games need to learn what to borrow from other media

3 years ago GDC 2013: Warren Spector talks about games pulling ideas from film and television

1 So you want to launch a Kickstarter

3 years ago GDC 2013: Tips on what works and what doesn't when it comes to crowdfunding

1 Challenges in China have an upside

3 years ago GDC 2013: PopCap exec explains how Plants vs. Zombies benefited from rampant piracy, clones, and counterfeit toys

1 How ethical design can be a money-maker

3 years ago GDC 2013: Shellrazer designer describes the key to monetization and in-app purchases; it's all about respect for the players

Mind Candy names new HR head

3 years ago Chief people officer Penny Handscomb hitting GDC to fill 90 positions at Moshi Monster firm

GDC Experimental Gameplay session draws star devs

3 years ago Keita Takahashi, Jason Rohrer, Brenda Romero and more signed on to show off unusual new prototypes

23 GDC sees devs shifting away from consoles

3 years ago Survey finds 58% of attendees' next games coming to smartphones or tablets; consoles top out at 14%

2 Bioware doctors to be honored for Lifetime Achievement at GDC Awards

3 years ago The Doctors will receive the awards for their long service to the industry

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