GDC 2013

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1 Sony helping to unify console biz, says Ready at Dawn boss

3 years ago Ru Weerasuriya tells us all consoles now will have to be more open; he also stresses team, not the game, as "the ultimate goal"


24 Gordon Walton: Publishers see devs as "replaceable meat puppets"

3 years ago Veteran exec laments the treatment of dev teams, talks about Riccitiello's struggle, and predicts Activision's business ending in "catastrophe"


5 Ted Price aiming to offer "something fresh" among a "sea of sequels"

3 years ago Insomniac boss not worried about launching new IP at end of console cycle, says gamers have been playing the same games for last 6 years


23 "No room for B-games," says Ubisoft Montreal head

3 years ago Yannis Mallat on next-gen trends, rising development costs, and managing a team of more than 2,700 people


2 GameStick: Selling the Shop Window

3 years ago CMO Anthony Johnston on the UK's entry to the micro-console market

GDC China 2013 set for Sept. 15-17

3 years ago UBM Tech event moves up two months on the calendar for sixth annual edition, submissions now open

13 Hothead Rants Pt. 4: Naomi Clark

Opinion 3 years ago On why games should be striving to mean more


Man of Many Parts: Chris Avellone's busy schedule

3 years ago On Wasteland 2, Planescape, South Park and Project Eternity


2 Gender issue a chicken and egg problem, says Monaco dev

3 years ago Andy Schatz on the difficulty of making the industry more hospitable to women, indie tensions, and why you won't see Monaco on mobiles


3 Paid user acquisition a must for major pubs, says Sega exec

3 years ago Director of online operations and Three Rings CEO lay out strategies for staying ahead of the curve


1 Mobile "just too scary" for indies, says Spelunky dev

3 years ago Derek Yu notes even great games can tank on iOS and Android, welcomes growing competition on PCs, consoles


3 IGDA head Kate Edwards: "Games are an art-form, pure and simple"

3 years ago GDC 2013: Plus more on gender, cultural sensitivity and the resignation of Romero


65 Dancing girls and industry evolution

3 years ago Arguments over how the industry treats women are a good thing - they show how far we've come, as well as how much remains to be done


4 Konami mobile exec: Player acquisition "keeps me up at night"

3 years ago John Coligan says monetization is now a non-issue for players, bigger challenge is getting them in the first place

21 Hothead Rants Pt. 3: Anna Anthropy

Opinion 3 years ago The Auntie Pixellante founder with a deeply personal poem


1 Keep Taking The Tablets: Ben Cousins on the move to mobile

3 years ago "We're targeting console audience who buy five games a year"

9 GDC 2013: Hothead Rants Pt.2 - Anna Marsh

Opinion 3 years ago Lady Shotgun founder gives both barrels on crunch and being 'hardcore'


3 The Kids are Alright - Jade Raymond on a Ubisoft future

3 years ago We talk to the boss of Ubi Toronto about youth, indies and Sam Fisher


33 EA mobile boss: Freemium haters a "vocal minority"

3 years ago Nick Earl says market has spoken in favor of free-to-play, no premium mobile games on his 2013 schedule

3 GDC: 2013 - Hothead Rants Pt. 1: Mitu Khandaker

3 years ago The Tiniest Shark founder on race and representation in games

9 Tomb Raider had biggest launch in franchise history

3 years ago GDC 2013: Crystal Dynamics reveals gulf between "actuals and expectations"

4 Inspiration in five minutes: GDC 2013 Microtalks

3 years ago GDC 2013: Industry luminaries come together to share their ideas under a short timeframe

GDC 2013 draws 23,000

3 years ago San Francisco conference sets new attendance record; 2014 show set for March 17-21


4 EA's survival has been a "rare" feat, says Gibeau

3 years ago EA Labels boss very proud of company's position and offering the "best of the best" with Battlefield 4

6 Epic showcases brand-new UE4 demo, plus Elemental on PS4

3 years ago GDC 2013: Extensive 'Infiltrator' video shown in real-time alongside toolset demo

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