Gamelab 2014

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Grand Cru's grand vision for mobile gaming

A year ago From the demoscene to Supernauts, CEO Markus Pasula outlines the Finnish developers ambitions

Watch Jade Raymond and Ben Cousins on the next big thing

A year ago Two Gamelab talks exploring the rise of wearable computers and their integration with VR

2 Watch Vlambeer's 17 lessons for indie developers

A year ago Rami Ismail delighted the Gamelab audience with a funny and illuminating talk


1 Double Fine's new adventure: Publishing

A year ago "We don't get any of their Kickstarter money. We don't take a chunk of their funding" - Tim Schafer

5 Watch Richard Lemarchand explore the future of games

A year ago In a brilliant talk from Gamelab, the former Naughty Dog designer paints a vivid picture of where we're heading


8 Harmonix: People felt insulted when we turned to Kickstarter

A year ago Uncoupled Kinects and Kickstarter struggles, CEO Alex Rigopulos on a strange year for Harmonix


Keiji Inafune: From Capcom to Kickstarter

A year ago The legendary developer on raising $3.8m through Kickstarter, and what that means for Mighty No. 9


13 Sony: "The first impression of VR has to be good"

A year ago Shuhei Yoshida on the importance of bespoke content in making virtual reality a success


40 Yoshida: I don't understand people who only want AAA

A year ago Shuhei Yoshida on the role of blockbusters in the new generation, and the potential and pricing of PlayStation Now

Castlevania 2 wins GOTY at the Spanish Game Awards

A year ago Shuhei Yoshida and Yu Suzuki honoured at Gamelab ceremony

11 Ustwo: Monument Valley "left money on the table" with premium pricing

A year ago Director of games Neil McFarland on the creative benefits of avoiding free-to-play

15 Ben Cousins: Forget pride, make games for wearable computers

A year ago Former DeNA exec predicts vast gaming audience for wearable devices - "in the billions"


Gamelab celebrates its tenth year

A year ago Ivan Fernandez Lobo on the Barcelona conference's ongoing success

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