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A year ago Zynga reduces its reliance on Facebook as it adds more games to its own platform


Warner Bros. opens SF free-to-play studio

A year ago WB Games San Francisco to be led by former Glu Mobile CEO Greg Ballard


1 Kongregate: Free-to-play games should last for "decades"

A year ago Emily Greer, co-founder of Kongregate, talks to us about how maximizing player satisfaction and monetization don't have to be opposing forces

15 Smartphones now seen as "equal" to consoles as preferred gaming platform

A year ago New research from PlaySpan and Magid points to some interesting data on consoles, mobile and free-to-play

17 EA's F2P strategy "vindicated" by Real Racing 3 performance

A year ago EA believes Real Racing 3's numbers make a strong case for freemium

Kabam gets into publishing

A year ago Free-to-play outfit now handling other companies' mobile and browser games through newly established Kabam Publishing

Games dominate January app revenue

A year ago Seven of the top ten iOS downloads are new to the top ten

12 EA CFO backs off "microtransactions in all games" statement

A year ago Executive says comments from last week were misconstrued, only applicable to mobile market


77 Fearing the micro-transaction future

A year ago F2P and paymium are inevitable, and not just for EA - but critics of this future aren't easily dismissed

Uncharted 3 multiplayer goes free-to-play

A year ago Sony to charge for DLC, co-op modes, lifting level cap on 2011 shooter's online mode

9 Zynga closing Baltimore studio

A year ago CityVille 2 developer shuttered as three other studios folded into nearby counterparts


1 Journey dev "excited" to look into free-to-play and mobile

A year ago Jenova Chen on his desire to prove artistic games can be hugely profitable, and why he won't be Kickstarting games anytime soon

16 Crytek wants to "transition entirely" to free-to-play

A year ago Free-to-play may be Crytek's only business model in two to five years

Double Fine and Words With Friends creator supporting Ouya

A year ago The Cave and Double Fine Adventure coming to the Android-powered console


4 Rumble's FPS shooting for "$100 million per month" market

A year ago Free-to-play Ballistic headed for browser, Facebook

3 Sega enters free-to-play partnership with Gogogic

A year ago Godsrule is the first focus of Sega's new cross-platform teamup

4 TERA adds free-to-play options

A year ago TERA: Rising opens the action-MMO to the thrifty

3 American McGee turns to Kickstarter for free-to-play action RPG

A year ago Akaneiro: Demon Hunter is out of money and needs a boost


Facebook: "A fantastic core option for gamers"

A year ago U4iA Games CEO Dusty Welch talks about the future of Facebook gaming and leveraging the core with its new title Offensive Combat

6 Age of Empires updates "no longer cost-effective"

A year ago Creating new content for free-to-play title "too expensive to maintain for long"

TERA goes free-to-play in Japan and Korea

A year ago MMO will remain subscription-based in North America and Europe

World of Tanks launches in Korea

A year ago Wargaming's title blitzes another region


Hunger Games dev: "We are changing the way Hollywood does business"

A year ago CEO of Facebook tie-in studio says free-to-play model is "the ultimate marketing tool"

SOE's Smedley: Free-to-play “an art, not a science”

A year ago Planetside 2 is the real beginning of SOE's free-to-play future

4 Zynga's Pincus makes Worst CEOs list

A year ago Dartmouth professor ranks social gaming chief fourth on annual rundown of ineffective executives

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