E3 2013

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1 SCEE's Ryan: Retailers a factor in DRM plans

10 months ago "We need our retail partners to survive"

9 Yoshida: The Last Guardian is still alive

10 months ago Sony won't give up on the catdogbird adventure

2 Sony: PS4 price is a challenge to rise of smartphones

10 months ago Jack Tretton dismisses the idea of console decline, discusses price advantage over Xbox One

81 Mattrick addresses Xbox One online concerns

10 months ago "The average internet connection is working the majority of the day. People are imagining that it isn't, but I don't feel that's the world we live in"

Moore: EA undecided on DRM

10 months ago COO says publisher yet to have internal meetings on used games systems, but that he's pro pre-owned

8 PS4 confirmed to be region free, but PSN must be paid for

10 months ago More details emerge of next gen PlayStation


20 Nintendo's Miyamoto: All this talk about our earnings is "silly"

10 months ago The father of Mario stands by Satoru Iwata as CEO, explains why both 3DS and Wii U stumbled at launch, and hints at a Wii U Zelda reveal this year

Michael Bay Ghost Recon movie in the works

10 months ago Ubisoft confirms joint development with Warner Bros. for feature film based on Tom Clancy franchise


12 Consumer demands for next-gen have changed - EA's Soderlund

10 months ago EA Games exec on Battlefield 4 and the shifting FPS market, Star Wars, Mirror's Edge, and the problem of low staff turnover


3 Roundtable: E3 through a distant lens

Opinion 10 months ago The UK team sums up its first impressions from afar

6 Watch Nintendo's E3 broadcast again

10 months ago See what the company has in stores for gamers with its Nintendo Direct presentation


30 PS4: Jack hammers it home to leave Microsoft with a bloody nose

Opinion 10 months ago The PlayStation 4's biggest selling point is actually a last-gen feature, says Matt Martin

9 Ubisoft CEO: Used games have “been good for the industry”

10 months ago Guillemot says Ubi has made no policy yet on used games for Xbox One; he also sees next-gen dev costs rising quickly two years from now

36 PS4 $399, no used game restrictions

10 months ago Sony counters Xbox One's price, online requirements in E3 media briefing

Ubisoft conference headlined by Tom Clancy's The Division

10 months ago An online MMO headlines Ubisoft's revelations for E3 2013

12 Star Wars: Battlefront, Mirror's Edge headline EA E3 showing

10 months ago Publisher's event sees new next-gen games from DICE, extended look at Battlefield 4, first trailer for Dragon Age: Inquisition.

27 Xbox One coming in November for $499

10 months ago Microsoft shows off 13 titles for the upcoming console

13 Harrison: "Nobody has been more committed to indies than Microsoft"

10 months ago Microsoft highlights indie push with Minecraft for Xbox One, exclusive from Swery65

Microsoft confirms commitment to 360 with new SKU

10 months ago XBL Gold members will also receive 2 free games a month to "keep"

Watch Ubisoft's E3 press conference again

10 months ago See the video from the Los Angeles event

Watch EA's E3 press conference again

10 months ago See the video from the Los Angeles event

2 Watch Sony's E3 press conference again

10 months ago See the video from Los Angeles event

4 Watch Microsoft's E3 press conference again

10 months ago See the video from the Los Angeles event

2 Mad Catz readying Android console

10 months ago Peripheral maker adds its name to the list of microconsole manufacturers with Project M.O.J.O., debut set for E3


17 Expect confusion to reign at E3 2013

Opinion 10 months ago The good old bad old days of a single dominant business model are gone forever. E3's message will be one of incoherence and change

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