E3 2013

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1 SCEE's Ryan: Retailers a factor in DRM plans

3 years ago "We need our retail partners to survive"

9 Yoshida: The Last Guardian is still alive

3 years ago Sony won't give up on the catdogbird adventure

2 Sony: PS4 price is a challenge to rise of smartphones

3 years ago Jack Tretton dismisses the idea of console decline, discusses price advantage over Xbox One

81 Mattrick addresses Xbox One online concerns

3 years ago "The average internet connection is working the majority of the day. People are imagining that it isn't, but I don't feel that's the world we live in"

Moore: EA undecided on DRM

3 years ago COO says publisher yet to have internal meetings on used games systems, but that he's pro pre-owned

8 PS4 confirmed to be region free, but PSN must be paid for

3 years ago More details emerge of next gen PlayStation


20 Nintendo's Miyamoto: All this talk about our earnings is "silly"

3 years ago The father of Mario stands by Satoru Iwata as CEO, explains why both 3DS and Wii U stumbled at launch, and hints at a Wii U Zelda reveal this year

Michael Bay Ghost Recon movie in the works

3 years ago Ubisoft confirms joint development with Warner Bros. for feature film based on Tom Clancy franchise


12 Consumer demands for next-gen have changed - EA's Soderlund

3 years ago EA Games exec on Battlefield 4 and the shifting FPS market, Star Wars, Mirror's Edge, and the problem of low staff turnover


3 Roundtable: E3 through a distant lens

Opinion 3 years ago The UK team sums up its first impressions from afar

6 Watch Nintendo's E3 broadcast again

3 years ago See what the company has in stores for gamers with its Nintendo Direct presentation


30 PS4: Jack hammers it home to leave Microsoft with a bloody nose

Opinion 3 years ago The PlayStation 4's biggest selling point is actually a last-gen feature, says Matt Martin

9 Ubisoft CEO: Used games have “been good for the industry”

3 years ago Guillemot says Ubi has made no policy yet on used games for Xbox One; he also sees next-gen dev costs rising quickly two years from now

36 PS4 $399, no used game restrictions

3 years ago Sony counters Xbox One's price, online requirements in E3 media briefing

Ubisoft conference headlined by Tom Clancy's The Division

3 years ago An online MMO headlines Ubisoft's revelations for E3 2013

12 Star Wars: Battlefront, Mirror's Edge headline EA E3 showing

3 years ago Publisher's event sees new next-gen games from DICE, extended look at Battlefield 4, first trailer for Dragon Age: Inquisition.

27 Xbox One coming in November for $499

3 years ago Microsoft shows off 13 titles for the upcoming console

13 Harrison: "Nobody has been more committed to indies than Microsoft"

3 years ago Microsoft highlights indie push with Minecraft for Xbox One, exclusive from Swery65

Microsoft confirms commitment to 360 with new SKU

3 years ago XBL Gold members will also receive 2 free games a month to "keep"

Watch Ubisoft's E3 press conference again

3 years ago See the video from the Los Angeles event

Watch EA's E3 press conference again

3 years ago See the video from the Los Angeles event

2 Watch Sony's E3 press conference again

3 years ago See the video from Los Angeles event

4 Watch Microsoft's E3 press conference again

3 years ago See the video from the Los Angeles event

2 Mad Catz readying Android console

3 years ago Peripheral maker adds its name to the list of microconsole manufacturers with Project M.O.J.O., debut set for E3


17 Expect confusion to reign at E3 2013

Opinion 3 years ago The good old bad old days of a single dominant business model are gone forever. E3's message will be one of incoherence and change

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