E3 2013

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6 Japanese devs react to E3, next-gen

9 months ago Creators at Sega, Capcom, Valhalla give impressions of next-gen potential, lament lacking variety of games on display

5 Titanfall sweeps E3 Game Critics Awards

9 months ago Respawn's Xbox One exclusive picks up all major trophies, including Best of Show and Best Original Game


1 Inafune: Managing expectations key for global co-development

9 months ago Yaiba: Ninja Gaiden Z dev says East-West collaborations not so bad when you expect the worst going in


21 PS4 and Xbox One high volumes no problem for AMD

9 months ago AMD's Saeid Moshkelani on his company's next-gen "clean sweep" and high-end PCs driving innovation

2 Wii U marketing too relaxed - Nintendo

10 months ago Iwata accepts blame for console's struggles, dismisses possibility of a price cut


4 Zampella: Titanfall "not gunning for Call of Duty"

10 months ago Respawn co-founder says shooters aren't direct competition, explains absence of single-player campaign


2 Sucker Punch co-founder: "We want to do one thing at a time"

10 months ago We speak to Brian Fleming about being a part of Sony Worldwide Studios

1 E3 attendance up 5 per cent

10 months ago 48,200 attendees from 102 countries for 2013


29 Molyneux: The industry must expand or die

10 months ago In part 2 of our talk, the 22Cans boss discusses the lack of growth in consoles, how Nintendo's hardware "gets in the way" and more


5 Call of Duty: Ghosts not necessarily Wii U bound

10 months ago Infinity Ward's Mark Rubin clears up some confusion about the game's confirmed platforms

14 Iwata: "We don't care about what other companies are doing"

10 months ago Nintendo is focused on creating unique experiences for Wii U

6 Sony not expecting third party DRM measures

10 months ago "It's pretty clear that we've set a nice precedent"

16 Xbox One sharing groups not restricted to family

10 months ago Phil Spencer says that ten-strong groups can be composed of friends or family


14 Moore: Next-gen could see more innovations before launch

10 months ago EA COO and ex MS VP says "it's a brave new world"

11 Lanning: Why do we need publishers for Xbox One?

10 months ago Oddworld Inhabitants boss calls out Microsoft's restrictive publishing policies

EA confirms dissolution of Danger Close

10 months ago Medal Of Honor team now part of DICE L.A. and other divisions within EA

20 Nintendo: Quality the best deterrent against used games

10 months ago Reggie Fils-Aime says re-sale is a bigger problem for generic products and annualised sequels

8 Vlambeer suffers E3 theft

10 months ago Ridiculous Fishing dev a victim of crime at trade show

50 Xbox One has power of 10 Xbox 360 consoles, says Microsoft

10 months ago And the company says the power becomes "infinite" with cloud technology, which game developers have been "incredibly positive" about

E3 brings $40 million to Los Angeles

10 months ago Just over 48,200 professionals attend the event

18 Xbox One check-in will need "kilobytes, not megabytes"

10 months ago Microsoft's Phil Spencer says even phone tethering will be sufficient to meet requirement

9 Guillemot: Nintendo needs to sell more Wii U, quickly

10 months ago Ubisoft chief indicates further platform exclusives are tied to sales

15 Microsoft: "We believe the digital world is better"

10 months ago Xbox marketing boss Yusuf Mehdi claims that core backlash is "expected" during difficult transition

2 Yoshida: The PS4 has the capacity for cloud-processing

10 months ago But the SCE executive stresses that it is completely optional


21 Xbox One's E3 showing "very unprofessionally done," says Molyneux

10 months ago Sony and Microsoft squaring off at E3 felt like "two frat houses," the 22Cans boss tells us, while lamenting how insular the industry still is

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