E3 2013

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6 Japanese devs react to E3, next-gen

3 years ago Creators at Sega, Capcom, Valhalla give impressions of next-gen potential, lament lacking variety of games on display

4 Titanfall sweeps E3 Game Critics Awards

3 years ago Respawn's Xbox One exclusive picks up all major trophies, including Best of Show and Best Original Game


1 Inafune: Managing expectations key for global co-development

3 years ago Yaiba: Ninja Gaiden Z dev says East-West collaborations not so bad when you expect the worst going in


21 PS4 and Xbox One high volumes no problem for AMD

3 years ago AMD's Saeid Moshkelani on his company's next-gen "clean sweep" and high-end PCs driving innovation

2 Wii U marketing too relaxed - Nintendo

3 years ago Iwata accepts blame for console's struggles, dismisses possibility of a price cut


4 Zampella: Titanfall "not gunning for Call of Duty"

3 years ago Respawn co-founder says shooters aren't direct competition, explains absence of single-player campaign


2 Sucker Punch co-founder: "We want to do one thing at a time"

3 years ago We speak to Brian Fleming about being a part of Sony Worldwide Studios

E3 attendance up 5 per cent

3 years ago 48,200 attendees from 102 countries for 2013


25 Molyneux: The industry must expand or die

3 years ago In part 2 of our talk, the 22Cans boss discusses the lack of growth in consoles, how Nintendo's hardware "gets in the way" and more


5 Call of Duty: Ghosts not necessarily Wii U bound

3 years ago Infinity Ward's Mark Rubin clears up some confusion about the game's confirmed platforms

14 Iwata: "We don't care about what other companies are doing"

3 years ago Nintendo is focused on creating unique experiences for Wii U

6 Sony not expecting third party DRM measures

3 years ago "It's pretty clear that we've set a nice precedent"

16 Xbox One sharing groups not restricted to family

3 years ago Phil Spencer says that ten-strong groups can be composed of friends or family


14 Moore: Next-gen could see more innovations before launch

3 years ago EA COO and ex MS VP says "it's a brave new world"

11 Lanning: Why do we need publishers for Xbox One?

3 years ago Oddworld Inhabitants boss calls out Microsoft's restrictive publishing policies

EA confirms dissolution of Danger Close

3 years ago Medal Of Honor team now part of DICE L.A. and other divisions within EA

20 Nintendo: Quality the best deterrent against used games

3 years ago Reggie Fils-Aime says re-sale is a bigger problem for generic products and annualised sequels

8 Vlambeer suffers E3 theft

3 years ago Ridiculous Fishing dev a victim of crime at trade show

47 Xbox One has power of 10 Xbox 360 consoles, says Microsoft

3 years ago And the company says the power becomes "infinite" with cloud technology, which game developers have been "incredibly positive" about

E3 brings $40 million to Los Angeles

3 years ago Just over 48,200 professionals attend the event

18 Xbox One check-in will need "kilobytes, not megabytes"

3 years ago Microsoft's Phil Spencer says even phone tethering will be sufficient to meet requirement

9 Guillemot: Nintendo needs to sell more Wii U, quickly

3 years ago Ubisoft chief indicates further platform exclusives are tied to sales

15 Microsoft: "We believe the digital world is better"

3 years ago Xbox marketing boss Yusuf Mehdi claims that core backlash is "expected" during difficult transition

2 Yoshida: The PS4 has the capacity for cloud-processing

3 years ago But the SCE executive stresses that it is completely optional


21 Xbox One's E3 showing "very unprofessionally done," says Molyneux

3 years ago Sony and Microsoft squaring off at E3 felt like "two frat houses," the 22Cans boss tells us, while lamenting how insular the industry still is

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