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4 id Software planned to pay mod makers in 1995

6 hours ago John Romero says studio wanted to implement a way to compensate creators in original Quake


SGN appoints new San Francisco GM

3 days ago Melissa Bachman-Wood makes move from Kixeye

1 Yooka-Laylee Kickstarter already a success

3 days ago Playtonic Games hits goal in less than an hour

Bungie raising money for Nepal

3 days ago Offering gamers limited edition Destiny tshirt, shaders and emblem


Tommy Palm aims to create VR games everyone can enjoy

3 days ago Resolution will make VR "accessible for the entire family"; company also announces founding team and board


1 “Companies don't build games, people build games”

3 days ago Ignited Artists CEO Danielle Deibler on tackling mobile development with a people-first approach


10 Sooner or later, paid-for mods are coming

Opinion 4 days ago The commercialisation of top mods is inevitable; Valve may have messed up their introduction to Skyrim, but the idea will be back

Glu adds Britney Spears to celebrity stable

4 days ago Star signs five-year deal for new mobile game

8 Microsoft hoping devs will port to Windows Store

4 days ago "We want to embrace devs where they are," said Terry Myerson, referring to iOS and Android

6 Valve gives developers power to ban players

4 days ago In an effort to clamp down on cheaters, Valve is allowing developers to notify the company when an individual ban should be enforced

Dean Hall: We get so obsessed with new trends

5 days ago The DayZ developer reveals more about his next project at the Slush Play conference

Far Cry team start fund for Nepal

5 days ago Ubisoft studio will match donations up to the first $100,000


PuzzleSocial builds exec team

5 days ago New CTO, VP of engineering and director of growth

Avernum developer walks away from iOS

6 days ago "I suspect that Apple would be ecstatic if 90 percent of game developers disappeared overnight" - Jeff Vogel

31 Valve kills paid Skyrim mods feature

7 days ago "It's clear we didn't understand exactly what we were doing"


Star Wars, Mass Effect writers to pen episodic Kung-Fu game

7 days ago Chris l'Étoile, Dana Kurtin and Alexander Freed join team working on Shuyan the Kung-Fu Princess


3 10 years old and blind: A new type of protagonist

7 days ago Beyond Eyes swaps enemies for empathy in Rae's watercoloured world


1 Daybreak wakes up to life after Sony

7 days ago Ex-SOE execs discuss rebranding, recent turnover, free-to-play on consoles and the move to Xbox, mobile, and VR


Bigpoint hires ESL veteran as software development head

7 days ago Philipp Kölmel brings a strong track record in eSports to the German online publisher

7 Silent Hill will continue, but is Silent Hills dead?

7 days ago Konami's official response does not dispel rumours about the demise of the Kojima-del Toro collaboration

16 Gabe Newell to the internet: "You need a more robust Valve-is-evil hypothesis"

8 days ago Valve's boss assessed the complaints around paid mods on Steam, and found them wanting

7 Skyrim paid mod pulled from Steam

10 days ago One of Valve's featured user-made mods removed for using animations from another mod without permission


32 Indies must learn to love marketing

Opinion 11 days ago Praying for discoverability to magically get better is no excuse for sending your games out to die today; marketing is a key development skill too

40 Valve letting users sell Steam Workshop content

11 days ago Skyrim is first game allowing mod makers to publish and sell their creations through Steam

Valve opens applications for HTC Vive Developer Edition

11 days ago Free VR dev kits expected to start shipping this spring; commercial units still on track for later this year

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