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1 Soma generates profit on 450k sold

3 days ago Developer Frictional Games has provided a sales update for its horror game one year later


Roadhouse Interactive confirms closure

6 days ago "Our games are expected to continue on in very capable hands"

1 Don't call it permadeath - Rogue dev

6 days ago Glenn Wichman says we need a new way to talk about "consequence persistence" in games


Pixelmage sees "seismic shift" in game marketing

11 days ago With Hero's Song, John Smedley's new studio is taking a transparent approach to paid influencers and crowdfunding


5 Job losses at Sony London as first VR project wraps up

12 days ago Compulsory redundancies means risk of "losing high calibre staff"

12 Steam alters review system, irritates indies

13 days ago Storefront only allows copies it sold to be used in aggregate review score, hiding opinions of scammers, crowdfunding backers, bundle purchasers, and more

1 BottledBy founded in Brighton by Relentless veterans

18 days ago Four person studio has first title "well under way"


ID@Xbox courts Japan's Indies

22 days ago Despite Xbox's commercial failure in Japan, Chris Charla is enthusiastic about the prospects for local indie developers on the platform

9 Nintendo cracks down on fan-made games

24 days ago DMCA takedown notice prompts closure of more than 500 projects on GameJolt

17 Lindsay Lohan sets lawyers on Grand Theft Auto 5

25 days ago Update: Judge dismisses Lohan's case


7 Inside an indie cross-platform launch

26 days ago Premium mobile games aren't really dead, the industry is more nuanced than people think, and other lessons from Butterscotch Shenanigans

Renegade Kid calls it quits

28 days ago Mutant Mudds studio dissolved as co-founders split to start their own new companies: Atooi and Infitizmo


1 Paranoid androids: Quantic Dream's Detroit

28 days ago Guillaume de Fondaumière discusses how mundane gameplay and logical consequences can be tools to immerse players


2 "Where are all the women at?"

A month ago Farmville: Tropic Escape lead Nicole Opas offers advice on recruiting women devs and appealing to an audience without insulting them

12 HTC Vive drawing more interest than Oculus from devs - VRDC survey

A month ago Also, 78% of VR devs are saying no to exclusivity


2 Remedy pushes for shorter dev cycles

A month ago Incoming CEO Tero Virtala talks about Quantum Break studio's move to multi-project development


Pressure Drop: From Grim Dawn to a Brighter Tomorrow

A month ago How crowdfunding helped Crate Entertainment invert the usual third-party developer difficulty curve


9 Facing Down the Online Mob

A month ago As hype and expectations for major games spiral out of control, hate campaigns and death threats have become an occupational hazard for game creators

2 Capy delays Below

A month ago "We did a lot of soul searching"


In Colombia's game market knowledge is power

A month ago Alejandro Gonzalez of Brainz on the emerging game scene in Colombia and how its developers have empowered each other


Hellion - Space for Survival?

A month ago How a small team from Belgrade is trying to carve its own niche in the void


1 Bossa returns to multiplayer roots

A month ago Henrique Olifiers explains why Surgeon Simulator and I Am Bread don't represent the studio's future, and why the studio took VC money for Worlds Adrift

8 Final Fantasy XV delayed to November

A month ago Square Enix RPG pushed back another two months to avoid a substantial day-one patch; publisher says impact on forecasts "limited"

Open Gaming Alliance and Unity launch WISER

A month ago Women in Software and Entertainment Representation

1 No Man's Sky could alter the relationship between indies and publishers

A month ago Hello Games' Sean Murray believes success could have a "real impact" on how big publishers see indie games

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