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Oculus VR is now making films in-house

28 minutes ago Story Studio, led by Pixar veterans, just debuted its first animated short at the Sundance Film Festival

Frontier cuts staff as it refocuses development in UK

15 hours ago Halifax, Nova Scotia studio roles shifted to Cambridge


3 Seriously: Taking on the "big guys" of mobile, one step at a time

23 hours ago "I think it's now impossible for anybody, anywhere to have an overnight success" - Andrew Stalbow, CEO


16 Molyneux warns Microsoft: Don't overpromise on HoloLens

4 days ago Fable designer reminded of Kinect, says "I don't think it was particularly loved by Microsoft"


16 "All Games Will Be Kickstarted"

Opinion 4 days ago Kitfox's Tanya X. Short makes the case for compulsory crowdfunding. With flow charts.

Dragon Age: Inquisition recognized by GLAAD

4 days ago LGBT media advocacy organization praises Bioware title

Chris Roberts expects $100m funding before Star Citizen's launch

5 days ago Full version will be released next year, funding total now at $70 million

Digi-Capital: For the mid-tier "just being good is no longer good enough"

6 days ago Tim Merel sees a tighter squeeze on the mid-tier as the industry pushes towards $100b revenue in 2018


1 Game Oven to close in April

6 days ago Dutch developers shuts its doors despite recognition from both the IGF and GDC

1 Human Element "on hiatus" as Robotoki shuts down

7 days ago Robert Bowling's studio was unable to continue with self-funding


King's Tommy Palm leaves for new venture

7 days ago VR studio Resolution Games will be Palm's fifth startup


6 "A lot of games have unrealistic forecasts"

7 days ago Ninja Theory's Dominic Matthews on breaking out of the squeezed middle

Ruzzle developer makes strategic investment in Delinquent

7 days ago MAG Interactive targets Brighton startup as it seeks to build on early success


17 Free-to-play resistance decreasing, says Robot CEO

8 days ago "Crappy" efforts caused stigma, but Hudson says devs coming around

10 Sony's H1Z1 plagued by technical issues at launch

8 days ago Zombie survival shooter is the latest big game to stumble badly at launch

15 Hatred gets AO for Adults Only rating

11 days ago ESRB hands out most restrictive rating to Destructive Creations' killing spree shooter

1 Playhubs: "You'll be able to walk in here and see the future"

11 days ago A non-profit accelerator backed by the UK industry's biggest names is aiming to become the focal point for entrepreneurial talent

7 Devolver claims Hotline Miami 2 verdict "stretched the facts"

11 days ago And the game's developer has advised an angry fan to pirate the game if it's never released in Australia

16 Monument Valley has revenues of nearly $6m

12 days ago The development cost was only around $1.4 million, giving Ustwo a very healthy return

The Long Dark tops 250,000 sold in Early Access

12 days ago Hinterland's Kickstarted PC survival game reaches a quarter million in under six months

2 Retail losing importance, finds GDC survey

12 days ago Third annual State of the Industry Survey shows that only 13% of developers get the majority of their profits from retail as digital rises

2 War Z has sold 2.8 million copies to date

12 days ago Zombie survival game racked up sales despite bad press, multiple controversies


Kixeye CEO: Layoff reports "incorrect, exaggerated"

13 days ago Will Harbin says reports of 25% staff cuts are wrong


Square Enix shutters Indonesian mobile studio

13 days ago Smileworks closed after 18 months, Square Enix to nurture partnerships in the region in its place

TabTale acquires Level Bit

14 days ago Mobile studio expands with addition of Serbian team

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