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Mixing dynamic narrative with dynamite

Yesterday The Church in the Darkness' Richard Rouse III attempts to avoid sensationalism when combining a Jonestown-esque cult story with randomized plot points


Inexperience as an advantage

2 days ago The industry outsiders of KO_OP haven't had problems finding work-for-hire that lets them be themselves or publishing partners for the experimental GNOG


1 "There are not as many questions. We have more freedom now"

2 days ago Dontnod CEO Oskar Guilbert believes the industry has changed since Remember Me's problems over its female lead - and changed for the better

Game companies say SAG-AFTRA strike would harm its own members

2 days ago Law firm representing the industry says the union's members work on less than 25% of games made

10 Voice actors' guild sets October 21 strike date

3 days ago Should final attempt at a resolution fail, SAG-AFTRA members will stop work on all games that started production after Feb. 17, 2015


1 The Indie View: How to Survive the Internet

Opinion 3 days ago Alexis Kennedy offers advice on how to endure the dreaded customer feedback


6 The merits of Star Citizen's development openness

Opinion 7 days ago Chris Roberts and his team take a lot of flak for the delays to their ambitious game, but their openness has earned the forgiveness of core fans

9 "We're definitely at the point where something's gotta give"

14 days ago Amy Hennig calls AAA development "an arms race that is unwinnable" where crunch is still a big problem

Ubisoft ends partnership with Limbic Entertainment

15 days ago "After 4 years of a close collaboration"


12 "The mission of an indie team should be survive to its first game"

17 days ago Gamera CEO Alberto Belli says sustainable business must come first

13 Games shouldn't have to be "defended from innovation" - Pinchbeck

22 days ago Dear Esther creator talks about walking sims and questions what makes a game a game


"There's no publisher but...there's no publisher"

22 days ago Rand Miller of Cyan Worlds on the oldest indie problem

Valve aims to improve Steam discoverability

23 days ago Changes expected in the next few weeks; Valve still taking feedback from SteamWorks devs


Colabee Studios: Taking on the World

23 days ago With their new studio, Never Alone's creative leads want to turn "world games" into a sustainable business


Roadhouse Interactive confirms closure

24 days ago Update: CEO confirms 125 jobs lost, performance of Iron Maiden mobile game one of several factors that led to closure

5 Soma generates profit on 450k sold

27 days ago Developer Frictional Games has provided a sales update for its horror game one year later

3 Don't call it permadeath - Rogue dev

A month ago Glenn Wichman says we need a new way to talk about "consequence persistence" in games


Pixelmage sees "seismic shift" in game marketing

A month ago With Hero's Song, John Smedley's new studio is taking a transparent approach to paid influencers and crowdfunding


5 Job losses at Sony London as first VR project wraps up

A month ago Compulsory redundancies means risk of "losing high calibre staff"

12 Steam alters review system, irritates indies

A month ago Storefront only allows copies it sold to be used in aggregate review score, hiding opinions of scammers, crowdfunding backers, bundle purchasers, and more

1 BottledBy founded in Brighton by Relentless veterans

A month ago Four person studio has first title "well under way"


ID@Xbox courts Japan's Indies

A month ago Despite Xbox's commercial failure in Japan, Chris Charla is enthusiastic about the prospects for local indie developers on the platform

9 Nintendo cracks down on fan-made games

A month ago DMCA takedown notice prompts closure of more than 500 projects on GameJolt

17 Lindsay Lohan sets lawyers on Grand Theft Auto 5

A month ago Update: Judge dismisses Lohan's case


7 Inside an indie cross-platform launch

A month ago Premium mobile games aren't really dead, the industry is more nuanced than people think, and other lessons from Butterscotch Shenanigans

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