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Next Games lands $6 million in seed funding

4 months ago Finnish developer of new Walking Dead mobile game attracts support of IDG Ventures, AMC Networks, more

SoftBank invests in mobile start-up Turbo Studios

4 months ago Newly formed studio in Brooklyn gets backing from same firm that has majority stake in Supercell and GungHo

40 Tomb Raider finally beats profit expectations

4 months ago A year after release, Square Enix reboot on verge of 6 million sold, on pace to be best-selling in franchise history


52 F2P the “most democratic form of development” - Kabam

4 months ago Andrew Sheppard, president of Kabam Studios, talks about the industry's transition to F2P and its fear of the business model

17 OnLive relaunches business with comprehensive overhaul

4 months ago New management, technology and business models revitalise streaming service

56 Valve is pushing price of PC games to free - Lovell

4 months ago Author says letting devs control Steam sales will drive prices to iOS/Android levels, give Steambox edge over traditional consoles

1 Canabalt creator launches Finji studio

4 months ago Adam and Rebekah Saltsman announce Austin-based multiplatform studio, intend to fund collaborations with other creators

19 Ouya to start embedding in other hardware

4 months ago The Android-based games platform will no longer be exclusive to the $99 Ouya hardware

3 MMORPGs: Time to level up

Opinion 5 months ago Steve Peterson looks at the current MMORPG landscape, the marketing challenges, and what lies ahead


14 Microsoft appoints Stephen Elop to head Xbox

5 months ago Former Nokia CEO is taking over the Devices and Studios division, as Julie Larson-Green moves into a new role


5 Fries: Publishers created a void that indies stepped into

5 months ago Xbox co-creator on the trend of “fewer and fewer titles that are less and less innovative” and how the pressures of AAA led him to leave MS

14 Amazon's console dreams

Opinion 5 months ago Here's why it makes sense for Amazon to create a console

NBA execs on the power of video games

5 months ago With the NBA attracting a global audience, the league's reach is getting a boost from video games across varying platforms


31 Irrational Games to be dissolved

5 months ago Ken Levine starting up "small entrepreneurial endeavor at Take-Two" as all but 15 members of the studio will be laid off


1 NPD: Publishers have overcome the "fear and trepidation" on digital data

5 months ago Data tracking firm will have granularity on full-game downloads, DLC but insists that retail "isn't going anywhere"

5 Games still present "a compelling investment opportunity" - Wedbush

5 months ago Wedbush Securities' latest report also suggests that Microsoft's and Sony's games divisions will be "very profitable" in next gen

US spent $15.39 billion on games in 2013 - NPD

5 months ago Research group finds total new and used, digital and physical game industry revenues up 2% year-over-year


26 PS4, Xbox One will both reach 100m units - DFC

5 months ago DFC has given us exclusive access to their new forecast, which predicts "major growth" among the core gaming audience

Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag ships 10m as Ubi's Q3 sales dip 35%

5 months ago Yves Guillemot notes that the company did hit its holiday sales target "despite the transition currently affecting the market"

Cerny, Jarvis see a continued gaming "renaissance"

5 months ago Eugene Jarvis and Mark Cerny talk about the state of the industry, the maturity of the audience and the big VR push

7 Games still seen as "social ill" but there's opportunity in education - Hawkins

5 months ago “You ever feel like what we're doing is too much like pornography?” asks Trip Hawkins

Zynga vets form Boss Fight Entertainment

5 months ago The team behind Castleville has been working on new IP for the mobile free-to-play market


1 Zynga feeling the Euphoria

5 months ago Clive Downie on why NaturalMotion isn't another OMGPop, and how the Euphoria tech will act as a "catalyst" for creativity and emotion in its games

Nintendo's Yamauchi family has "desire to sell" shares

5 months ago The heirs to former Chief Executive Officer Hiroshi Yamauchi are looking to sell back their shares in the company


3 Activision considering closing The Blast Furnace

5 months ago The UK mobile studio behind Call of Duty: Strike Team is currently being evaluated by the publisher

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