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46 Pachter: "I don't know why Iwata is still employed"

4 months ago The analyst scolds Nintendo for not taking advantage of mobile, states that PS4 will top XB1, and makes some bold predictions


4 Giving Away Your Game is Hard

4 months ago Frogmind COO Teemu Mäki-Patola (developer of Badland) on how to choose a business model for your mobile game, why F2P may not be best for some

20 Sony: "£350 is not considered huge any more"

4 months ago Tech markets have changed perception of price and adoption, says Gara


In Pictures: Sony's PlayStation 4 Launches in London

4 months ago Watch the UK PS4 launch live from Covent Garden

2 Hide & Seek shutting down

4 months ago Tiny Games developer to halt operations early next year


29 Roundtable: What Will Be This Generation's Biggest Disruption?

Opinion 4 months ago With new consoles on the market, the GamesIndustry International staff looks at what could define this generation in the years ahead

5 Apple confirms acquisition of Kinect maker PrimeSense

4 months ago Deal reportedly worth $360 million

2 Sony looks to make $250m entertainment cuts

4 months ago Hirai makes the case for keeping the business intact; but Lynton adds "no cost is too sacred to cut"

3 NPD Group: $3.45 billion spent on games in Q3 2013

4 months ago Industry sees its greatest growth since Q2 2011, social gaming declines


3 Xbox One launch live from London and New York

4 months ago Microsoft unveils its new console to the crowds. With additional reports from Berlin, Toronto and San Francisco

6 Xbox One pad cost $100 million in R&D - Microsoft

4 months ago Company tested adding everything from screens to smells before settling on current controller

1 The Next Generation Race is a Marathon, Not a Sprint

Opinion 4 months ago Sony can take pride in the opening-day success of PS4, but the next gen has a long way to go before it proves itself

14 Xbox One, PS4 mark a "watershed event" for digital

4 months ago Longbow Research discusses the acceleration of digital fueled by the new consoles; day one downloads "becoming the norm"


13 Ubisoft explains why launch games underwhelm

4 months ago Tony Key also notes that the $100 price difference between Xbox One and PS4 won't matter, and he expects installed base to quickly double last gen


3 Ex-gen: PS3 and Xbox 360's highs and lows over 8 years

4 months ago The RROD, the ApocalyPS3, the games and moments that made this generation special


15 Exclusive games decide console purchase for UK consumers

4 months ago Poll of over 2,450 hardcore gamers puts games ahead of price; media functionality the least important factor

TinyCo secures $20m funding

5 months ago ArenaNet co-founder Mike O'Brien joins board of mobile studio


8 PS4 Launch Live from New York, San Francisco and Toronto

5 months ago Fans, photos and fever as Sony's new console hits North American retail


25 PS4: "The beginning of a new era of PlayStation"

5 months ago Shuhei Yoshida talks about PS4 being a "transitional generation," reacts to low review scores, explains why 720p vs 1080p Call of Duty is "significant" and more

3 Team 17 returns to third-party publishing

5 months ago Just A Pixel's Light to be first title from company in almost twenty years

15 The Massive Nintendo Paradigm Shift

Opinion 5 months ago Nintendo hasn't changed much, but the industry has changed massively - so we need to change our views on Nintendo

Disney consolidating games business, John Pleasants out

5 months ago The Walt Disney Company is consolidating Disney Interactive under president Jimmy Pitaro (on left in picture)

1 BioWare co-founder: "It's easier to be a half-assed or outright bad leader"

5 months ago Dr. Ray Muzyka shares his approach to achieving good, and eventually great, leadership


39 Can PS4 and Xbox One save console gaming?

5 months ago We speak with industry veterans about the console sales slump in recent years, if innovation has been a problem, and what next-gen will do for business


9 Square Enix: 'Games as a service' doesn't resonate with players

5 months ago FFXIV has focused the whole company during period of overhaul, says CEO

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