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26 PS4, Xbox One will both reach 100m units - DFC

2 months ago DFC has given us exclusive access to their new forecast, which predicts "major growth" among the core gaming audience

Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag ships 10m as Ubi's Q3 sales dip 35%

2 months ago Yves Guillemot notes that the company did hit its holiday sales target "despite the transition currently affecting the market"

Cerny, Jarvis see a continued gaming "renaissance"

2 months ago Eugene Jarvis and Mark Cerny talk about the state of the industry, the maturity of the audience and the big VR push

7 Games still seen as "social ill" but there's opportunity in education - Hawkins

2 months ago “You ever feel like what we're doing is too much like pornography?” asks Trip Hawkins

Zynga vets form Boss Fight Entertainment

2 months ago The team behind Castleville has been working on new IP for the mobile free-to-play market


1 Zynga feeling the Euphoria

2 months ago Clive Downie on why NaturalMotion isn't another OMGPop, and how the Euphoria tech will act as a "catalyst" for creativity and emotion in its games

Nintendo's Yamauchi family has "desire to sell" shares

2 months ago The heirs to former Chief Executive Officer Hiroshi Yamauchi are looking to sell back their shares in the company


3 Activision considering closing The Blast Furnace

2 months ago The UK mobile studio behind Call of Duty: Strike Team is currently being evaluated by the publisher


26 Core gamers can be whales too

Opinion 2 months ago True fans of any game are willing to spend extra on it; core gamers aren't so different from their F2P brethren in that regard


7 PC gaming market to exceed $25 billion this year - DFC

2 months ago DFC Intelligence sees core gaming sector doing even better than expected as more crossover between consoles and PC occurs

6 EA CEO: Recent departures purely "coincidental"

2 months ago Andrew Wilson says that there was no connection at all between the different departures at Criterion, PopCap and Chillingo

Big Fish boasts 11th consecutive year of growth

2 months ago Casual games firm reports "double-digit growth in gross revenue and strong profits" in 2013


6 Roundtable: Gears in Motion

Opinion 2 months ago The GamesIndustry International staff reacts to the big sale of the Gears IP and what it means for both Microsoft and Epic Games

5 Google acquires AI firm DeepMind for a reported $400 million

2 months ago DeepMind was founded by Theme Park designer Demis Hassabis

19 Xbox One at 3.9 million shipped

2 months ago Microsoft sales jump 14% during "great" holiday quarter as net profits edge up nearly 3%

1 Quark Games becomes fifth dev to partner with Tilting Point

2 months ago Tilting Point to help fund and market Quark's mobile and tablet games as part of multi-title agreement


55 Nintendo: Time to Break Open The Piggy Bank

Opinion 2 months ago Virtue CFO Asif Khan believes Nintendo must use its ample cash to buy its way back to relevance - perhaps an investment in Oculus?

29 Nintendo should "get out of the Wii U business" - Pachter

3 months ago The Wedbush analyst sees Nintendo ditching the Wii U and pulling a Sega, but only for a limited time before it launches new hardware

27 Nintendo evaluating new business, "studying" smart devices

3 months ago Nintendo is feeling the pressure of its latest poor fiscal report

8 Satoru Iwata downplays resignation talk

3 months ago Nintendo president apologizes for lackluster results, but says no management shake-up coming in the short term

12 Games industry still in "Dark Ages" says Dyack

3 months ago Denis Dyack sees a Renaissance ahead, one where hardware becomes irrelevant; console makers "are all under siege" now he says

7 Newell: EA Origin on Steam Machines would be fine

3 months ago Valve head says goal is to make new platform "as open as possible"

3 Ubisoft grabs Tetris license

3 months ago Publisher gets rights to downloadable versions of block-dropping game on Xbox One, PS4


31 Nintendo's Next Move: Consolidation

Opinion 3 months ago Nintendo's Wii U has been struggling while the 3DS has performed admirably - how can Nintendo build on its strengths?

2 Majesco full-year sales tumble 64%

3 months ago Management blames console transition, casual disruption for difficult year; holds off on more Zumba

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