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Sega Networks purchases Demiurge Studios

3 months ago Minoru Iwaki tells that acquisition of Marvel Puzzle Quest studio, investments in Ignited Artists and Space Ape show it's serious about the West

3 Paradox passed on World of Tanks, Banner Saga

3 months ago "There's a lot of money to be made in a lot of games, but it's not always our money to make."

Sony aiming at $4.20bn profit by end of FY 2017

3 months ago 3 year plan includes focus on PlayStation, Pictures, Music and Devices

YoYo Games sells to PlayTech for $16.4 million

3 months ago GameMaker: Studio now owned by IoM-based casino specialist

4 Analyst calls for Zynga to fire Mattrick

3 months ago Industry-watcher criticizes exec for unfocused strategy, attempt to branch out into new genres

Creative England given 8 million for regional investment

3 months ago Businesses from the East and South East of England will now be considered

5 GungHo's full-year results suggest larger problems for mobile majors

3 months ago Attempts to expand Puzzle & Dragons audience will yield diminishing returns, so where do the market leaders go now?

3 €10m GameOn fund stalls

3 months ago Founder will continue with private money after government bureaucracy blocked access to promised €5m investment

Jagex starts accepting Bitcoin

3 months ago "The cryptocurrency protocol is cool and here to stay"


The Center of Mass for Mobile Gaming Has Shifted to Asia

Opinion 3 months ago Glu Mobile's CEO on how Asian companies have jumped out ahead in mobile and what the West can do to stay in the race

Ouya gets $10m investment from Alibaba - Report

3 months ago Wall Street Journal indicates that the internet firm may be making a larger play to get games hardware into Chinese homes

EA holiday quarter exceeds expectations

3 months ago Publisher beats forecast as digital revenues top physical on a trailing 12-month basis for first time ever

Mobcast acquires Lumines and Meteos IP

4 months ago Smartphone version of Lumines in development with Tetsuya Mizuguchi's Enhanced Games


Mobile barriers to entry have risen - Tommy Palm

4 months ago Former King games guru helping a new generation of devs with Stugan accelerator

Sony Corp. to delay Q1 report over The Interview hack

4 months ago Sony Pictures Entertainment's financial applications will be offline until February

Cover Fire founder joins PlayFab advisory board

4 months ago Chris Ko signs on as his free-to-play consultancy's insights are integrated into service provider's platform

Chris Roberts expects $100m funding before Star Citizen's launch

4 months ago Full version will be released next year, funding total now at $70 million

3 Elder Scrolls Online drops subscription model

4 months ago Tamriel Unlimited adopts pay-once model, offers premium ESO Plus service for monthly fee

Eutechnyx sells its NASCAR games business

4 months ago UK developer will continue to focus on Auto Club Revolution while passing NASCAR reins to DMi

Digi-Capital: For the mid-tier "just being good is no longer good enough"

4 months ago Tim Merel sees a tighter squeeze on the mid-tier as the industry pushes towards $100b revenue in 2018

GigaMedia faces NASDAQ delisting

4 months ago Taiwanese firm has 180 days to raise its share price above $1 for a sustained period

2 nDreams gets $2.75 million investment

4 months ago Acquisition and publishing deals now an option for British VR developer

Ruzzle developer makes strategic investment in Delinquent

4 months ago MAG Interactive targets Brighton startup as it seeks to build on early success

Xiaomi buys $68 million in Kingsoft stock

4 months ago Tencent sells 3 per cent of its stake in Chinese software and game development company

Starbreeze sells Brothers IP for $500,000

4 months ago Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons will now be controlled by 505 Games

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