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James Brightman has been covering the games industry since 2003 and has been an avid gamer since the days of Atari and Intellivision. He was previously EIC and co-founder of IndustryGamers and spent several years leading GameDaily Biz at AOL prior to that.

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1 Steam updates user reviews to show a game's score over time

3 months ago System will now show most recent user reviews to reflect how games can change after release

Respawn is latest EA partner on Star Wars

3 months ago Titanfall studio making a third-person action adventure, led by former God of War director Stig Asmussen


1 VR market fallout may lead to lots of new indies - Adelman

3 months ago Marketing and biz dev specialist offers key advice for indies, thoughts on VR and Nintendo

Gears of War 4 would have cost Epic $100m - Sweeney

3 months ago Epic CEO also laments how "toxic and destructive" some publishing arrangements can be

Vivendi increases its stake in Ubisoft to almost 18%

3 months ago The company denies that it's trying to take over the Assassin's Creed publisher, however

Ubisoft's The Division pushes digital sales up 5% in March - SuperData

3 months ago Total digital game sales reached $6.2bn, driven by digital console revenue, which climbed 23%


Rovio ups the ante on Angry Birds marketing

3 months ago Angry Birds Action! is a new pinball-styled game to serve as the focal point for marketing around The Angry Birds Movie

ESL launching 24/7 eSports channel

3 months ago The world's first eSports-focused TV channel will go live in Nordic and Baltic countries next month


Early Access "good for our whole industry" - Daybreak

4 months ago Laura Naviaux Sturr, Daybreak's chief publishing officer, on adapting to new business models and bringing H1Z1 into the world of eSports

Xbox Live sees growth but hardware dips in Microsoft's Q3

4 months ago Xbox Live monthly active user base stands at 46 million

Mobile to overtake PC in $99.6bn global games market - Newzoo

4 months ago As the global games market approaches $100bn this year, Newzoo expects mobile to account for 37% of revenues


Platinum Games' president has stepped down - Report

4 months ago Tatsuya Minami has been replaced by Kenichi Sato at the Star Fox Zero developer

China leapfrogs Japan in iOS revenue - App Annie

4 months ago Big year-over-year growth due to core games means China is now second to the US in iOS revenue

eSports involvement actually greater among women than men - PwC

4 months ago "The eSports consumer is young, racially diverse, tech-savvy and often female"

1 PlayStation VR to see greater demo presence at GameStop

4 months ago CEO Paul Raines says "I expect we'll have a lot of demos in stores, unlike the Oculus or HTC"


GameStop unveils publishing label GameTrust

4 months ago Retailer officially moves into publishing, initially only with smaller indie titles, Mark Stanley tells us


1 "I don't want a world where games try to be more like Hollywood"

4 months ago Chair Entertainment's Donald Mustard talks Spyjinx, JJ Abrams and how there could be a "bloodbath" in the VR market

1 Rockstar: Benzies' claims "downright bizarre"

4 months ago Representative for the GTA studio speaks out, notes that Benzies exhibited "significant performance and conduct issues"

Oculus: "We've taken steps to address the component shortage"

4 months ago VR company apologizes again for the bigger-than-expected delays that many of its customers have been seeing since launch

Activision Blizzard boasts new CS:GO eSports viewership record

4 months ago A record-breaking 45 million hours of live broadcast were watched

SiriusXM launching a daily eSports show

4 months ago Yet another mainstream media company is getting into the world of eSports coverage


1 VR devs "have a responsibility to be considerate" of the player

4 months ago Ubisoft Red Storm Creative Director David Votypka on the psychology and potential of VR


2 Oculus Rift tops awareness among VR headsets - Nielsen

4 months ago Still, only 22% of gamers have heard of the Rift, with awareness for the Vive and PSVR even lower

5 eSports driving over 21% of Twitch viewership - Newzoo

4 months ago "It is sometimes overlooked how eSports has helped Twitch grow to the massive live video platform it is today," says research firm

eSports driving game purchases - NPD

4 months ago Nearly 70 percent of people watching a game online have purchased that game or DLC for it, study finds