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James Brightman has been covering the games industry since 2003 and has been an avid gamer since the days of Atari and Intellivision. He was previously EIC and co-founder of IndustryGamers and spent several years leading GameDaily Biz prior to that.

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Zynga upgrades exec team as Pincus steps down from operational role

3 months ago Zynga lost $61 million in the first quarter but the company did exceed Wall Street's expectations

King opens Tokyo office

3 months ago The Candy Crush Saga developer is aiming to capitalize on the mobile game player base of Japan

12 Microsoft trumpets Titanfall success as Xbox One hits 5m shipped

3 months ago Xbox One selling 60 percent better than Xbox 360 at same point in time, Microsoft says

19 Titanfall tops chart, but PS4 leads hardware again in March - NPD

3 months ago While the Xbox One shooter fared well, Sony's PS4 led hardware sales for the third consecutive month in the US, NPD said

King partners with Tencent to distribute Candy Crush in China

3 months ago King to leverage Tencent's muscle in Chinese market, launching Candy Crush Saga this summer

Twitch now distributing games

3 months ago Starting with Vlambeer's Nuclear Throne, the popular streaming platform is now offering games for sale [UPDATED]

Unity acquires Playnomics - report

3 months ago The middleware firm has purchased the predictive analytics company for an undisclosed sum


Dungeon Defenders studio names Darrell Rodriguez CEO

3 months ago Trendy Entertainment will look to the former LucasArts president to lead the company


2 Zynga appoints Best Buy exec to CFO

3 months ago David Lee will be replacing Mark Vranesh as chief financial officer and chief accounting officer


8 Game publishing should be driven by fun, not sales - Grey Box

3 months ago New publisher Grey Box and developer Petroglyph share their thoughts on business getting in the way of games creation

Kabam expands with new Berlin office

3 months ago Free-to-play company says that the office reinforces its commitment to the European market


2 NaturalMotion CEO: Don't be afraid to cancel a game

3 months ago Torsten Reil shares his development approach, explains why Zynga is such a great fit for his company


Jesse Divnich leaves EEDAR for Tilting Point

3 months ago Analyst will lead mobile research efforts for Tilting Point's development partners, discusses mobile strategies for devs


12 Ouya boss on Fire TV: Gaming isn't an "added bonus" for us

3 months ago Julie Uhrman apparently unfazed by Amazon's new Android-powered microconsole


19 Amazon Fire TV: A "nonevent" for games?

3 months ago Analysts chime in on the impact of Amazon's new Android-powered box; most don't think Microsoft or Sony have anything to fear

Industrial Toys secures $5m in funding

3 months ago Alex Seropian's mobile studio is preparing to launch its beta for Midnight Star this summer


Zynga Baltimore founder joins Boss Fight Entertainment

3 months ago Paul Stephanouk will serve as design director for the Dallas-based free-to-play games studio


15 Meretzky: There's a "psychological break" around F2P

3 months ago What's good and bad about the maturation of the F2P sector


Final Fantasy producer: Subscriptions still good for MMOs

3 months ago Naoki Yoshida, producer on Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn, explains why Square Enix didn't opt to "chase a quick buck" with a F2P model


Uncharted 4 game director heads to Riot

3 months ago Justin Richmond, who had been directing Uncharted 4, is now leaving to join Riot Games

2 Oculus signed Facebook deal in just 3 days

3 months ago Oculus CEO describes interest from Mark Zuckerberg even at an early stage


4 Oculus purchase will "appear cheap 5 years from now" - analyst

3 months ago Analysts weigh in on the big Facebook acquisition and what it means for the virtual reality space

2 Xbox One may allow loaning of digital games

3 months ago Phil Spencer says Microsoft is open to players loaning digital rights to games or giving them as gifts

10 Ubisoft embracing indie-style projects at big studios

4 months ago Jade Raymond talks about how Ubisoft Toronto is looking to leverage industry best practices, including indie-style development

3 Riot lands Game of Thrones promotion in League of Legends

4 months ago eSports is increasingly becoming an attractive ad opportunity for major brands