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Ellie spent nearly a decade working at Eurogamer, specialising in hard-hitting executive interviews and nob jokes. These days she does a comedy show and podcast. She pops back now and again to write the odd article and steal our biscuits.

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Soft Touch

9 years ago NCsoft Europe boss Geoff Heath on the Sony deal and more.

Crytek to produce game for Wii

9 years ago Crytek, developer of forthcoming PC shooter Crysis, has confirmed to that it plans to produce games for consoles in future - including the Nintendo Wii.

Talking 'Tek

9 years ago Part two of our exclusive interview with Crytek's Cevat Yerli.

GCDC: Marketing was key to Gears' success, says Epic boss

9 years ago Epic Games president Michael Capps has said that big budget marketing was

Crysis Point

9 years ago Crytek's Cevat Yerli on working with EA, agile development and learning lessons.

EA offers more support than Ubisoft, says Crytek boss

9 years ago Crytek CEO Cevat Yerli has told that having Electronic Arts as a publisher means the studio has both more support and more freedom than it did when working with Ubisoft.

Going West

9 years ago Capcom Europe boss Mark Beaumont on growing globally.

Trade Secrets

9 years ago ELSPA's Paul Jackson on manifestos and Manhunt 2.

A New Dawn

9 years ago Dan Arey on his decision to leave Naughty Dog and what's next for Ready at Dawn.

Naughty Dog creative director quits to join Ready at Dawn

9 years ago After nearly a decade at Naughty Dog creative director Dan Arey is leaving the company to join Ready at Dawn, can reveal.

PS3 is good value, says Eidos boss

9 years ago Eidos CEO Bill Gardner has said he doesn't believe that PS3 is priced too high - but conceded that even a USD 100 price drop may not be enough to sell the machine to the mass market.

Nintendo hiring for top PR positions

9 years ago Nintendo of America is to recruit nearly 40 members of staff for its PR department, including a new VP, director and senior director of corporate communications.

Battle Stations

9 years ago Part two of our interview with Xbox Europe's Chris Lewis and Richard Teversham.

Rockstar creating new franchise exclusively for PlayStation 3

9 years ago Rockstar Games is producing a brand new videogame which "you can truly only do on PlayStation 3", according to SCEA's Michael Shorrock. Summer Party photos

9 years ago Many thanks to everyone who attended this year's Summer Party, which was held on Thursday 26 July at Brighton's Ocean Rooms.

Live Arcade titles offer 'small but constant' revenue stream - Rare

9 years ago

UK isn't attractive enough for investors, warns Electronic Arts

9 years ago EA recruitment boss Matthew Jeffery has warned that Britain will continue fall behind other countries in the "global development league table" unless more incentives are offered to investors.

Microsoft is taking new approach to Europe with 360, says Lewis

9 years ago Xbox Europe boss Chris Lewis has said that mistakes were made when Microsoft launched its original console in some European countries - but pledged they won't be repeated with Xbox 360.

Develop: Sound and Vision

9 years ago Richard Jacques on how making music for games has changed.

Harrison pledges more support for Epic

9 years ago Worldwide Studios Phil Harrison has admitted that Sony didn't initially offer Epic enough support with optimising the Unreal Engine 3 for PS3 - but said the situation has now changed for the better.

Japanese charts: Wii sales top 3 million

9 years ago Sales of the Nintendo Wii have now passed the 3 million mark in Japan, according to the latest figures from Media Create.

50 Cent sues over online game

9 years ago US rapper 50 Cent has filed a lawsuit against Internet advertising firm Traffix, claiming his image was illegally used in web game Shoot the Rapper.

Sony refuses to comment on Leipzig rumours

9 years ago Sony Computer Entertainment Europe has refused to confirm or deny rumours concerning announcements the company plans to make at next month's Leipzig Games Convention.

Bizarre has "spent a fortune" on Project Gotham 4

9 years ago Bizarre Creations' Brian Woodhouse has admitted the studio has already run up huge costs creating Project Gotham Racing 4 - but said development will continue until the game is ready for release.

PSP will launch in Europe before Japan, confirms Sony

9 years ago Sony has confirmed that the new slimline PSP will launch in Europe before it arrives in Japan and will be priced at €169, as announced by David Reeves at E3 last week.