LocalizArt is a newsworthy multilingual localisation provider with several years of experience in the videogames industry. <br /> We are a team of localisation professionals specialised in videogames, apps, IT and website localisation.<br /> <br /> The excellent skills of our translators let us take on and manage any kind of videogames or IT project that needs to be translated from English/French/German into more than 20 languages.<br /> We always work closely to our clients in order to understand their business objectives and to provide the utmost honesty and integrity.<br /> <br /> LocalizArt take into the consideration the most important keys in today's market: low cost, high quality and fast turnaround time, and has the know-how and the experience to make your next project a smashing success!<br /> <br /> Please visit our website for further information about the services we can offer, "follow us" on LinkedIn & Twitter or "Like us" on Facebook!


  • 1, Rushbury Court, Wavertree
  • Liverpool
  • Merseyside
  • L15 4HY
  • United Kingdom

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