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EA now offering Origin Access for $30 annually

Cost for membership has effectively been halved by the publisher

EA fines Madden Bowl winner

Tournament winner loses $3,000 for posting offensive tweets despite warnings from publisher

Battlefield 1 drives EA holiday quarter

EA proclaims FIFA 17 best-selling console game of the year, talks about new Star Wars Battlefront and disruptive BioWare action IP set for next fiscal year

Portal designer Kim Swift hired as design director at EA's Motive Studios

"I could not be more excited to welcome an all-star like Kim," says GM Jade Raymond

EA confirms that it will not have an E3 booth again

EA Play show moves to Hollywood Palladium, takes place right before E3 Expo

FIFA 17 under fire in Russia following EA's support of LGBTQ campaign

Custom rainbow kits have been met with calls for a ban among Russian MPs citing 2013 "gay propaganda law"

Peter Moore unconcerned about retail disappointments

EA exec predicts rash of underperforming launches for new packaged games will be followed by upbeat news of Black Friday sales

EA wants to ensure that streamers disclose sponsorships

The publisher is requiring influencers to use hashtags and watermarks on their content

EA CEO stresses diversity and representation in games

"If you're going to make games for a community, you have to have a true representation of that community," says Andrew Wilson

Titanfall is a victim of chest-beating pride

EA's decision to launch Titanfall 2 between two bigger, more established FPS franchises defies commercial sense

EA plans for longer tails, marketing cycles

Andrew Wilson says live services have led to "much stronger ROI on every dollar spent," company will be increasing cross-promotion of EA franchises

EA raises guidance off "excellent" Q2

Publisher misses sales target but posts better bottom line, says Battlefield 1 launch player base nearly doubled Battlefield 4

Battlefield 1 knocks FIFA from the UK's top spot

EA DICE's shooter enters the chart at #1 based on physical sales

FIFA takes UK #1

Forza Horizon 3 comes a worthy second with Xbox One exclusive

Iceland rejected EA's $15k offer for FIFA 17 national team rights

"They are the ones buying these rights and they almost want it for free"

Battlefield 1's beta is the biggest in EA's history

And with 13.2 million players, it may also be the biggest of the generation so far

EA unites Mobile and Maxis with its other development studios

New EA Worldwide Studios unit will be overseen by Patrick Söderlund, Samantha Ryan will lead Mobile, Maxis and Bioware

EA: "Our industry has become better at understanding what's going to work"

The risks of the past may not be taken today, says Patrick Söderlund, but that's down to a clearer perception of what the audience wants

Neo, Scorpio "absolutely" good for the industry - Moore

EA's competitive gaming head says publisher is supporting both new systems, developers "love what they're seeing"

EA warms up to HD remasters

Patrick Soderlund attributes change of heart to "more clear evidence that this is something that people really want"


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