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Blizzard to launch "global diversity and inclusion initiative"

Mike Morhaime wants to raise number of women and "under-represented minority groups" working at the company

Blizzard pledges crackdown on abusive and antisocial Overwatch players

Harsher penalties and new reporting tools incoming as Blizzard seeks to create "a truly welcoming environment" for Overwatch

Blizzard shuts down legacy WoW server hours after launch

Four years of work on Burning Crusade server brought to an end within five hours of launch

Blizzard avoids China's loot laws by selling Overwatch in-game currency

In-game currency will now be sold for real money, with loot boxes thrown in for free

Blizzard's new MLG eSports division to focus on Overwatch

Major League Gaming now fully integrated into Blizzard, will also handle Call of Duty World League

Can big companies produce real innovation?

Hearthstone, which hit 70m users this week, is an example of a rare beast - a successful attempt at nurturing start-up style innovation within a big company

Overwatch named Game of the Year at the DICE Awards

Blizzard and Naughty Dog collected four awards each, Playdead took home three

Blizzard co-founder Allen Adham returns after 12 year absence

Adham was the original lead designer on WoW, but left the company before it launched

Rob Pardo announces new developer, Bonfire Studios

Blizzard veterans joined by Nexon's Min Kim at new indie

Man arrested for threats against Blizzard

California man faces up to five years in jail after repeatedly suggesting he might "pay a visit" with an AK-47

Overwatch steals UK #1 from Uncharted 4

Blizzard's shooter secures another win, Total War: Warhammer sneaks into the retail chart

Blizzard and Twitch pledge to fight racism with pilot program

An incident at a recent live-streamed Hearthstone tournament has highlighted the need for change in eSports

eSports supremacy beckons as Overwatch beta pulls 9.7m players

Blizzard's hero shooter attracted more players than Battlefront and The Division

How do you keep World of Warcraft's players happy?

Blizzard designer Ion Hazzikostas on the best approach to managing an audience of millions

Hearthstone hits 50m players

Blizzard releases Whispers of the Old Gods expansion

Titan MMO's "horrific" collapse led to the creation of Blizzard's Overwatch

Game director Jeff Kaplan describes his team's, "ravenous hunger to show the world that we're not failures"

Blizzard pulls "sexualised" victory pose from Overwatch

"This wasn't pandering or caving, though. This was the right call from our perspective"

Morhaime: "You can't really distinguish eSports from game development"

Blizzard CEO talks about the importance of the sector to his studio's growth

StarCraft II expansion has sold 1 million units

Legacy Of The Void hit milestone within 24 hours

Can Blizzard's Storm tackle a saturating MOBA market?

SuperData's Joost van Dreunen evaluates the potential impact of Heroes of the Storm

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