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James Brightman has been covering the games industry since 2003 and has been an avid gamer since the days of Atari and Intellivision. He was previously EIC and co-founder of IndustryGamers and spent several years leading GameDaily Biz at AOL prior to that.

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Will Microsoft bundle a VR headset with Scorpio?

5 hours ago Analysts discuss Microsoft's move to offer $299 VR headsets, which could pair nicely with Project Scorpio

3 Nintendo: Switch video does not represent actual game footage

2 days ago Nintendo doesn't want people assuming that what was shown represents any confirmed lineup

5 Sony: We still believe in console generations

5 days ago PS4 architect Mark Cerny on the Pro's impact on devs and how the hardware can effectively produce over 8 teraflops of power


16 Nintendo Switch heralds the end of the handheld era

Opinion 6 days ago Weekly Roundup: Nintendo effectively consolidates its hardware biz, RDR 2 will be huge, and women are finally accepted as normal in games

1 Xbox One won US market share in Q1, says MS

6 days ago The Xbox One S and new games fueled Xbox momentum but gaming revenue declined 5% overall


12 "Who else but die-hard Nintendo fans will buy the Switch?"

6 days ago Analysts weigh in on the new console, challenges ahead, and what audience Nintendo is truly targeting with Switch

30 Nintendo Switch officially revealed

7 days ago The upcoming Nintendo console will indeed be the portable hybrid we all have been expecting [UPDATE: Bethesda comments on Skyrim]


1 expands UK team with two veteran editors

7 days ago Ex-Develop editor James Batchelor and ex-MCV editor Chris Dring have joined ahead of our site relaunch

1 DeNA shutters Western business as games "did not meet expectations"

8 days ago A filing with the Tokyo Stock Exchange reveals the mobile publisher's full retreat from the West

1 PlayStation VR launch demonstrates Sony's PR expertise - ICO

9 days ago Analysis by ICO Partners reveals that PSVR dominated media coverage compared to the launches of Rift and Vive


5 VR won't be to games what 3D was to movies - Survios

10 days ago “We don't need as broad an adoption of VR for it to sustain a AAA ecosystem,” says Raw Data dev Chris Hewish

Sony to publish at least five smartphone games in 2018 - report

12 days ago Nikkei reports that Sony will release its initial mobile slate by March 2018, targeting Japan and other parts of Asia

CCP cracking down on EVE Online gambling sites

13 days ago CCP has updated its EULA to stress its anti-gambling policy and has issued account suspensions


1 Why one Chinese publisher believes PSVR will propel it in the West

14 days ago Oasis Games is launching five PSVR games in the 90-day launch window; CEO Yuhui Wang says PSVR is going "to dominate the market"

eSports taking viewership away from real sports - Newzoo

15 days ago Research firm finds that 76% of eSports enthusiasts state that their eSports viewing is taking away from hours they used to spend on viewing sports

Oculus suspends Gear VR support for Samsung Galaxy Note 7

15 days ago "Customer safety is Oculus' top priority," the company stressed


12 VR's crazy week punctuated by a Palmer Luckey no-show

Opinion 20 days ago Weekly roundup: Oculus, PSVR and Google highlight a busy week as analysts make wild predictions

3 Valve threatened by Washington State Gambling Commission

21 days ago CS:GO skins controversy continues for the Steam platform holder

Blizzard, Starbreeze vets land $5m investment for VR studio

21 days ago First Contact Entertainment has also hired a chief revenue officer and community manager

Google Daydream to sell over 14m units by 2020 - SuperData

22 days ago SuperData's VR forecast calls for total industry revenues to eclipse $30 billion as mobile VR really ramps up

11 Google Daydream VR headset launches in November for $80

22 days ago The headset has been renamed Daydream View and will be constructed from soft fabric, rather than plastic

Pokemon GO still generating about $2m a day - Newzoo

27 days ago At its peak, the wildly popular game was generating revenues of $16m each day, Newzoo says


7 Amazon wants to disrupt industry "locked into sequel mentality"

27 days ago Amazon Game Studios head Patrick Gilmore explains community-driven approach to AAA as company unveils three new titles

10 Xbox boss admits internal goal was to sell 200m consoles

27 days ago Phil Spencer says the rough start for Xbox One was partly due to the company's misguided approach to the business at the time

31 Oculus founder apologizes as devs suspend support

28 days ago Update: CEO says employees are "free to support the issues...that matter to them", devs within Oculus' Launch Pad diversity initiative disagree