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Jeffrey Matulef is the best-dressed man in 1984. Based in Portland, OR he operates as Eurogamer's US news editor.

Twitter: @mrdurandpierre

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3 Gaikai's David Perry

5 years ago On 100m users, the Gaikai controller, Amazon and cloud gaming's 'dinosaur' moment

3 Why friction is the biggest obstacle to a mainstream audience

5 years ago "Instead of bringing the gamer to the game, bring the game to the gamer," says Gaikai's David Perry

GameStop's plans to stream console games via the cloud

5 years ago Beta underway with retailer 'slinging' console titles to any internet enabled device

26 THQ: Future consoles will drop discs for cloud gaming

5 years ago "All the money spent by the consumer would go to the developer or publisher," says Farrell

7 Bushnell: Cloud computing will improve education

5 years ago Atari founder says new technology can be harnessed for learning