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Rob Fahey is a former editor of who spent several years living in Japan and probably still has a mint condition Dreamcast Samba de Amigo set.

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10 Streaming can only work if the price is right

Opinion 10 days ago PlayStation Now is accomplished; but customers expect better value


18 Spoiled Xmas Mornings: The Dark Side of the Online Future

Opinion 17 days ago The XBL and PSN outages are a warning shot; consoles and games must be built to recognise that “always-online” services aren't


1 Stock Ticker: 2014 in Review

A month ago This year's winner and losers from the world's gaming stocks. Can you guess which company was the best investment of 2014?


26 Buggy games deserve much harsher treatment

Opinion A month ago Publishers that don't respect QA don't respect their customers either


51 Activism is Freedom, Too

Opinion A month ago Campaigns for retailers to drop games or advertisers to pull marketing are a valid part of a free, healthy society


8 The 20 Years When Games Grew Up

Opinion A month ago Celebrating PlayStation also means embracing what Sony did to the market: took games out of the basement


21 Is F2P at a turning point?

Opinion A month ago Opponents shouldn't read too much into recent statements; free is firmly entrenched among mobile consumers


27 Overpricing the Digital Future

Opinion 2 months ago Once designed to protect retail from an inevitable future, overcharging for digital games now threatens the industry

2 Stock Ticker: Sony, Nintendo, EA show their strength

2 months ago How have the world's stock markets responded after financial season?


4 Where next for CoD?

Opinion 2 months ago Can Call of Duty continue its streak and keep pace with Activision's record year?


13 Where Destiny Leads

Opinion 2 months ago Bungie's latest is a huge hit, but it's hard to see how it can sustain a long tail - regular DLC packs will hit diminishing returns very quickly


28 Nintendo's Window is Closing

Opinion 3 months ago 2014 was Wii U's chance in Japan; but Nintendo is at the root of the malaise around all consoles there


64 Dirty Videos

3 months ago The appalling Shadow of Mordor contract signed by YouTubers is a real sign of games media corruption; will it be treated as such?


27 Japan is just a symptom of Xbox' problems

Opinion 3 months ago The focus on miserable Japanese sales figures is a distraction; Xbox has problems everywhere outside the Anglo-American markets


10 TGS shows Japan's mobile dominance

Opinion 4 months ago Console games are swamped by mobile titles in Tokyo; is this a glimpse of the industry's future?


14 Seizing Destiny

Opinion 4 months ago A great launch for Bungie's latest will please Activision investors - but Sony is the real winner, with PS4 positioned to reap the rewards.


5 Nintendo isn't hitting reset

Opinion 4 months ago Nintendo isn't retreating from the “casual” market; the accessible, family-friendly approach is here to stay


16 Nintendo must find the Second Way

Opinion 5 months ago Nintendo's strength is its own titles - what it really needs is a return to the second-party approach of old


16 Looking Back to Move Forward

Opinion 5 months ago Remaking classic games for new hardware isn't a sign of creative drought; it's a much-needed dose of commercial and cultural respect for our medium's history


19 Where have Japan's gamers gone?

Opinion 6 months ago The market may have slowed down - but rumours of decline in Japan are exaggerated and economically ill-founded


16 Can Wii U dodge the banana peel?

Opinion 7 months ago As new-gen titles slip to 2015, Nintendo must capitalise with MK8


33 La Vita e Bella?

Opinion 9 months ago Sony's handheld might not be selling well, but it is popular, says Rob Fahey


12 Teaching the Games Business

Opinion 9 months ago It's not enough to teach students to code, draw or design; truly well-trained staff must also understand the commercial sides of the business


15 Microconsoles: Back for Round Two

Opinion 9 months ago Tiny devices from Amazon, Google and Apple will infiltrate countless living rooms this year - but will gaming really be on the menu?


22 Are Japanese women the future of its gaming?

Opinion 9 months ago Animal Crossing: New Leaf shows that mixed-gender teams can defy both Japan's gender gap and its industry's troubles