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"People and technology" key to publisher deals

6 years ago Plus developer pitch costs now run to $250,000, says exec panel

GameStop to educate consumers on digital content

6 years ago J Paul Raines believes downloadable add-ons are a "good thing"

9 Games should sell more - Cohen

6 years ago Jerry Bruckheimer Games exec says industry should "think bigger"

Gearing Up

9 years ago Epic boss Mark Rein on working with Microsoft and Midway.

Epic Achievements

9 years ago Mark Rein on Gears, game engines and next-gen.

Game Plans

9 years ago id Software's Steve Nix discusses the studio's latest initiatives.

Supreme Taking Command

9 years ago Gas Powered Games CEO Chris Taylor hints at the studio's next project.

Musical Chairs

9 years ago Harmonix boss Alex Rigopulos on life after Guitar Hero.

Soft Sell

9 years ago Ubisoft's VP of publishing talks marketing, production and the importance of new IP.

"We beat the Wii," boasts DICE winners Epic

9 years ago Gears of War developer Epic Games has swept the DICE awards, boasting that it beat Nintendo's new home console and adding that the next Unreal Tournament will "fucking knock your socks off."

Lowenstein blasts games industry

9 years ago In his final speech as president of the Entertainment Software Association, Doug Lowenstein blasted publishers, developers and the gaming press for failing to protect the future of the industry.

More new IP coming from SOE

9 years ago Sony Online Entertainment president John Smedley has told that the company is set to launch an as yet unannounced new IP later this year.

Bungie Jumping

9 years ago Certain Affinity founder Max Hoberman on making the leap and setting up his own studio.

Wii Launch: The Waiting Game

9 years ago Following high profile events in New York and LA, takes a look at the Wii launch elsewhere in the US.

PS3 hits America's heartland

9 years ago The launches of PS3 in New York and San Francisco have been well publicised - but what about elsewhere in the US? investigates.

US gears up for PlayStation 3 launch

9 years ago With just a day to go before the PlayStation 3 launches in North America, took a tour of retail outlets to find out how things are shaping up on the ground.