Project Godus Kickstarter reaches funding goal

22 Cans' spiritual successor to Populous surpasses 450,000 in backing with less than two days left in campaign

It was touch-and-go for a while, but 22 Cans' Kickstarter campaign for Project Godus has achieved its goal. Launched on November 21, the project had 30 days to raise £450,000 in backing. It reached that goal today, with less than two days left in the campaign.

22 Cans founder Peter Molyneux has pushed hard for the project in the last month, releasing near-daily project updates on the Kickstarter page and conducting interviews with a wide variety of gaming press.

A spiritual successor to Molyneux's original god game Populous, Project Godus casts players as a diety looking to spread influence throughout a world populated by would-be worshipers. Ultimately, it must be a monotheistic world, which means a multiplayer mode will pit gods and their followers against one another for control of the planet's future.

Project Godus is set for release on PC, Mac, Android, and iOS devices. Linux and Ouya versions may be made if the game reaches its stretch goal of £550,000. As of this writing, the campaign has £450,137 pledged to it from 14,498 backers, with 44 hours remaining.

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Latest comments (12)

Jeff Wayne Technical Architect 9 years ago
Delighted this succeeded. Very much looking forward to playing it.
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Peter Bond Studying Art & Design, University of Bedfordshire9 years ago
Just in the nick of time, well done to the molycrew! :D
1Sign inorRegisterto rate and reply
Will PM come out and thank everyone e?
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Bruce Everiss Marketing Consultant 9 years ago
The power of celebrity.
1Sign inorRegisterto rate and reply
Brian Smith Artist 9 years ago
Starting to think it was funded to make him stop making 'Office' like videos (although I'd have pledged if he done the dance). Man, I've half expected him to turn up at the door explaining the concept just that one more time. Good luck to them anyhow. Having recently joined the tablet world I'm sure I'll pick it up when it's finished.
1Sign inorRegisterto rate and reply
Gareth John Marketing Consultant, Gamoso Ltd9 years ago
Congratulations to Peter and crew.
1Sign inorRegisterto rate and reply
Err, dont congratulate yet.
We have to make sure PM delivers first. then congratulate :)
1Sign inorRegisterto rate and reply
Robert Mac-Donald Game Designer, Lethe Games9 years ago
Mobile availability probably set lots of people off to bake the project.

People that play mostly on mobile probably don't have a clue who peter is, and those that do probably were uncertain or have negative feelings towards mobile
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James Berg Games User Researcher 9 years ago
I'm with Dr. Chee on this one - I'll save the congratulations for when something is delivered. Hopeful, but not optimistic.
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Adam Campbell Product Manager, Azoomee9 years ago
Hate to say it but I hope for the sake of all parties involved that this isn't another Fable. What a disaster that turned out to be...
0Sign inorRegisterto rate and reply
its a god game. what can go wrong? that should be enough cash flow for a goodly 6-9 months whilst being semi prudent.
18 months, if half a trench goes purely to wages for staff, another 1/3 should be stored for a rainy day and the left over for loads of stick it notes :)
1Sign inorRegisterto rate and reply
Stephan Schwabe Multichannelmanagement, Telefonica9 years ago
Im very sad ppl payd for this. PM is a millioner he could have done this without any help but he dont wana take a risk..
His last good game was Dungen Keeper 2 i rely dont get why ppl give him so much credit.
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