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Game devs speak up for abortion rights

Studios and organizations across the industry condemn US Supreme Court decision allowing criminalization of abortion, commit to support employees, share fundraising links

By Brendan Sinclair

Xbox's move from 'edgy' to 'everyone' | This Week in Business

How a brand that leaned into exclusionary gamer stereotypes overhauled its image over three console generations

By Brendan Sinclair

The coming recession will hit the industry hard | Opinion

It's a long time since the games business was called 'recession-proof' - and recent changes could have made it more vulnerable to economic downturns than ever before

By Rob Fahey

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Miniclip to acquire mobile game developer Sybo

The latest acquisition joins the mobile gaming firm's recent additions which includes Supersonic Software and Eight Pixels

By Jeffrey Rousseau

FaceIt raises $1m for charity during Gamers Without Borders

The event ran from April 28 to June 8, with the funds raised going to UNICEF, Direct Relief, IMC, UNHCR, GAVI and King Salman Humanitarian Aid & Relief Center

From finding investors to pitching publishers: The funding journey explained

Our panel of experts lays out everything you need to know about securing funding in the games industry right now

By Alex Calvin

Tomb Raider and transmedia: What next for Embracer Group?

The ever-expanding empire's CEO Lars Wingefors discusses the ongoing M&A strategy and taking Embracer beyond games

By James Batchelor

Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot takes 30% pay cut

Company still at "high risk" of losing talent, but gender balance slowly improving

By Marie Dealessandri

Self-care tips for games community managers - and their bosses

Safe in Our World's Sarah Sorrell on supporting a CM's wellbeing and why mental health first aid training is a must

By Sarah Sorrell

Elevating the way video game companies work with music

Ben Sumner shares seven key things that can be done to improve the way music is integrated in games

By Ben Sumner

PlayStation, Microsoft, Epic, Unity and more form Metaverse Standards Forum

Other tech giants on board include Meta, Nvidia, although Apple, Roblox and Niantic absent

By James Batchelor

Zachtronics announces closure

Indie studio to shut up shop by the end of this year

By Danielle Partis

Brazilian publisher DX Gameworks sets up shop

Outfit will focus on console and PC, offers variety of services including funding, porting, localization

By Brendan Sinclair

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Contact Chris Buckley, Sales Manager Mobile gaming revenue is on pace to generate $21.4bn during Q2 2022

New report went on to say that mobile game spending will make up 65% of all app revenue during the three-month period

By Jeffrey Rousseau

Twitch and Facebook Gaming viewership stops months-long slide

StreamElements sees month-over-month gains in hours watched on both streaming services for May

By Brendan Sinclair

It Takes Two makes cooperation necessary | Why I Love

Retro Forge's Leo Fernández Infante says Hazelight's latest sticks with you long after playing it, and for good reason

By Leo Fernández Infante

Activision shareholders vote to re-elect board, including Bobby Kotick

Majority voted for executive compensation package, while 95% were against the nomination of a employee representative

By Danielle Partis

Power On: The Story Of Xbox wins Daytime Emmy Award

Six-part series was released last December following the 20th anniversary of the original console

By Danielle Partis

Little Hellions nearing deliverance after seven years

Jace Boechler shares two key decisions that helped bring their passive-aggressive fighter to the brink of release

By Brendan Sinclair

Summer Game Fest had 3.5 million peak concurrent viewers

The event gathered 27 million livestreams, up 8% compared to last year, Geoff Keighley announced

"The old stereotype of games being for boys just doesn't exist anymore" | GI Live Online

Newzoo's Jay Uppal shares the results of the firm's latest gamer sentiment study and how DEI practices have been successfully implemented in games

By Alan Wen

Saber Interactive accuses Spintires publisher Oovee Games of defamation

Ongoing battle between two companies also encompasses debate over payments for simulator's solo developer

By James Batchelor

PlayStation will not attend Gamescom 2022

The platform holder also won't have announcements in the Opening Night Live

By Marie Dealessandri

Activision Blizzard shareholders vote for New York's proposed annual abuse report

Publisher's disputes settled, pending complaints regarding misconduct & more would become public

By Jeffrey Rousseau

Microsoft sees Xbox controller shortages

Platform holder says it has been impacted by "supply disruptions" as players in Europe report pads out of stock

By Brendan Sinclair

Haiyan Zhang named general manager of Microsoft Gaming AI | Jobs Roundup: June 2022

Update: Sylvain Doreau joins Technicolor Games, Genvid hires former Nivida exec Jerry Heinz

By GamesIndustry Staff

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