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Digital game rental service launched for Danish library customers.


STOCKHOLM, SWEDEN 24-03-10 – Ztorm announced today its first implementation of loanable PC products via digital distribution for the National Libraries in Denmark in collaboration with DBC. The technology enables Danish library customers to loan PC games via the portal http://downlaan.spilogmedier.dk for a seven day period. After the loan period has expired, the game will be unavailable for play. The product catalogue currently consists of family oriented games from publishers such as KREA Medie, Language Club, Nordic Softsales, PAN Vision Games and Serious Games.

The digital distribution packaging method used in the DBC implementation is based on consumer loans, a “free to play” model. Ztorm’s extended platform can also be applied to any commercial product such as rentals.

“We are thrilled to be able to deliver the World's first loan-enabled digital distribution system to DBC. The fact that library patrons can now borrow games from behind their PCs in the comfort of their own homes is very exciting,” said Anders Emblad, CEO of Ztorm. Emblad continued: “The commercial applications of this technology are endless and include Game Rentals and Pre-owned Digital Distribution which are extremely valuable to us in our ambition to be the most complete provider of digital distribution systems."

DBC will showcase the system during the yearly Danish Library Association Convention taking place in Esbjerg, Denmark between March 24-26. A demo of the implementation, produced by DBC, can be found on YouTube or at http://www.ztorm.com

“Spilogmedier.dk is a great example of a fruitful and constructive partnership between DBC, Ztorm and the Danish libraries, where the libraries’ key skills in presenting and disseminating information plays optimally together with Ztorm’s and DBC’s skills of providing a stable, secure and user friendly distribution service.” said Heddi Mortensen, Director, Market department at DBC.

Mortensen stated: “Libraries are playing a vital role in many people’s lives, where games and ‘edutainment’ today have become a growing part of our culture. It is obvious that libraries should be leading in this area as well, and besides providing quality reviews on games, also give the loaners direct digital access to the games and multimedia programs. This new service will have big advantages for both the library’s loaners and the libraries themselves by strengthening their capability of meeting a growing demand of ‘loanable’ games and programs, which the libraries are facing– not least by kids and teenagers.”

For further information please contact:

Press contact Ztorm:

Maeva Sponbergs, pr@ztorm.com, +46 8 5000 46 58

Press contact DBC:

Marianne Hermansen, mah@dbc.dk, +45 44 86 77 77

About Ztorm

Ztorm is a leading service provider of digital distribution for movies, games and audio books in the Nordic region. The company provides a full service platform, offering Publishers and Retailers a cost effective way to deliver digital goods to customers over the internet. Ztorm's services range from fully integrated API solutions to campaign stores developed for customer loyalty programs. The services include hosting & bandwidth, DRM (copyright protection), maintenance, support, sales reporting & statistics, payment and development of customized solutions. For more information, visit http://www.ztorm.com

Ztorm AB is owned, among others, by the Sixth Swedish National Pension Fund (the Sixth AP Fund) that manages public pension funds. http://www.apfond6.se/en/

About DBC

DBC is a Danish public limited company with a total of 160 employees.

DBC has a deep know-how in regards to media distribution and rights clearing. Among the current product portfolio DBC has established a digital distribution solution for web-based streaming of movies ( www.filmstriben.dk).

DBC develops and runs the common bibliographic and IT infrastructure for public, school and research libraries in Denmark and has evolved a broad spectrum of unique competencies related to the performance of centralised tasks. This expertise is based on acknowledged professional bibliographic and IT standards that sustain the efficient infrastructure of the Danish library service.

For more information visit: http://www.dbc.dk

DBC is owned by:

Local Government Denmark (46%)

The Danish Government (29%)

Gyldendal (14%)

The City of Copenhagen (11%)

Share capital in 2008: DKK 5.25 million

Turnover in 2008: DKK 124.9 million


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