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Zombie Wonderland

3D tower defense meets time management and survival horror.

Get ready! Grab your weapons because they are coming! When the pesky undead come out at night to haunt Niceville, there is only one person who knows how to clean up the mess: You! Hold the fort until dawn and you’re good to cash in on the fame and fortune of a Zombie Cleaner!

Zombie Wonderland is a fun, fast and engaging variation of tower defense in 3D for the iPhone, with strong elements of time management and survival horror. Well, without the horror part. And you can cut a little slack on the time management too. It’s about shooting zombies, actually. The cute kind, as there is nothing more annoying than cute zombies.

Niceville is a lovely town that is having a bit of an inconvenience right now. A little zombie infestation is causing some discomfort to the citizens, and they decided to take action.

Chuck, a Zombie Cleaner, is the guy to call when you're having a Zombie infestation at your place. He will be called by property owners of Niceville that need help getting rid of the wretched dead-alive things. He works from dusk till dawn, always checking the clock to see when the Zombies will go back to bed - when the sun comes up!

His duty is to keep the zombies at bay and maintain an impeccable floor. His job is to shoot his beloved shotgun Betsy until his shoulder hurts and his face is cramping because of that stupid smile. He works the graveyard shift because it’s always twilights and long nights for a Zombie Cleaner!

Zombie Wonderland makes perfect use of the touch screen interface on the iPhone. Pinch to zoom in or out; swipe sideways to rotate the camera; tap a zombie and Chuck will shoot him, tap again for another dose of hot lead. Tap a window and Chuck will run to it, where you can then use your hammer to nail some planks to the window and keep the scent fresh in the house. Swipe up and down to clean the floors from zombie gut splash.

When you are tired of running around, get yourself a sprayer, that thing people call machinegun. Place it on a window and voilá! Instant protection! And in the unlikely case a zombie comes into the house, use the tool at hand to clean the floors after Betsy shows him who’s boss!

Zombie Infestation? Dial 1-800-blast-a-zombie!

• Aunt Lilly’s Home

o Aunt Lilly found out that the zombies are starting to get cocky, eating the pumpkin on top of the scarecrow, thinking it was a large human head. She lives in a small cute home, with a garden and a small patch of land where she plants vegetables.

• Joe’s Bar

o Joe’s Bar is really close to the cemetery, so Joe is used to people drinking their guts out and not paying, giving as excuse the fact they didn’t have a life. But since the zombies ate the neon cowboy figure on top of the bar, he asked for Chuck’s help to clean up the messy undead from his property.

• Jake’s Bodyshop

o Jake called to ask for help, as the undead were drinking gasoline and running around in flames, disrupting the roosters’ wakeup call with all that light.

• Olaf’s Funeral Home

o The manager of the small funeral home in Niceville is worried that all their clients are disappearing in the middle of the night. But worse than that is the fact that they keep coming back. And they are hungry.

After a couple nights hunkered down inside the office, he decided that enough is enough and called Chuck to help keeping the clients inside the tombs, resting in pieces.

Chuck’s bad guys list

• Greenies: the regular crowd, rotting, mumbling, slow moving, brain eating undead.

• Meanies: larger zombies, slower but deadly, packing a heavy punch that destroys all around him.

• Flamies: Zombies on fire. They run around screaming, and setting other guys on fire on contact! Great fireworks display when shot. Be careful not to get too close, they burn!

• Grannies: Old ladies that decided to stop by for tea. Not herbal tea. Eyeball tea more likely. Their scream is bone chilling and can destroy anything in range.

How is it made?!

Zombie Wonderland is being developed by Xoobis using Unity, on a Mac Book Pro and a killer PC rig.

The team is a guy sitting for a long time in front of two monitors, balancing a Wacom tablet in one leg, a keyboard on another and making sure he’s painting inside the lines most of the time.

A programmer is also a key element, and we have one of those too. A good one.

A bunch of friends with more talent than good judgment helped us tremendously throughout the project and this game wouldn’t have happened without them. They know who they are. And I can’t thank them enough.

And my beloved wife and business partner created the great websites that help us show our little game to the world, kept the bank account humming and the cats well fed.


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