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Zombie Pizza

Keep the undead at bay with Italian cuisine.

One of our favorite games -- the excellent Plants vs. Zombies from PopCap Games -- is now available in the App Store. We played the PC version of this title to death and have eagerly followed its progress toward today's release as an iPhone app.

Appy Entertainment encourages everyone should go out and buy Plants vs. Zombies right now -- it's fun, addictive, well-crafted, and basically everything a casual zombie game should be. Prepare to lose several hours of your life as you defend the backyard (and the roof!) from goofy zombie hordes.

To celebrate the release of Plants vs. Zombies, we've decided to put one of our games on sale for a week or so. We were going to pick our newest game -- Tune Runner -- but it's already free ... so what better way to salute the release of a great casual zombie game than with a sale on our own, great casual zombie game?

That's right, Zombie Pizza is now on sale for .99, for a week or so (or until the zombies get us). While Plants vs. Zombies will challenge you to position defenses in clever ways to stem the zombie tide, Zombie Pizza takes a more direct approach -- just feed them! But feed those zombies fast, or you'll be on the menu!

Zombie Pizza is a staff pick on Apple’s iPhone Staff Picks page, and has been favorably reviewed by Entertainment Weekly, The Huffington Post, and Macworld, who gave the game 4/5 mice.

So when you're queuing up at the App Store to buy Plants vs. Zombies, add a slice of Zombie Pizza to your order. It's only .99, and after all, it's only fair. Zombies need to eat, too. Keep 'em fed with Zombie Pizza!


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