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Zombie Driver

Undead-squashing racer set for digital release on December 4th.

SZCZECIN, POLAND - NOVEMBER 18, 2009 - Zombie holiday season is at hand. While many AAA titles were pushed to 2010 because of fierce competition, zombies are dead certain about their release schedules. EXOR Studios announced that Zombie Driver, an action driving game, will be available at digital distribution and retail this holiday season. The Polish game developer partnered with Steam, GamersGate and Akella to bring the game to the players. Zombie Driver is an alternative for all other zombie themed games with a unique, oldschool, car driving gameplay style. It will be a good "snack" for zombie action fans this holiday. EXOR Studios takes into account regional differences and the game will be priced accordingly: 9.95 dollars, 8.95 euro and 7.95 pounds in digital distribution. Retail distribution in Russia and surrounding territories will be handled by Akella. The game will be localized and released with prices appropriate for players in this region. Further retail distribution partners and other territories will be announced soon. A series of fresh gameplay screenshots has been added as a compliment to these news.

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About EXOR Studios™

EXOR Studios is an independent game development company founded in August 2007 and based in Szczecin, Poland. It is known for its work on the award winning and critically acclaimed Source Engine Mod - D.I.P.R.I.P.

For more information about Zombie Driver visit www.zombiedriver.com. For direct press or business enquiries please contact Pawel Lekki at pawel.lekki@exorstudios.com.

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