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Zombie Apocalypse

Smash TV meets Left 4 Dead this summer on XBLA and PlayStation Network.

Konami Digital Entertainment GmbH has announced a new download title entitled Zombie Apocalypse for Xbox 360 and PLAYSTATION®3, which will be available via Xbox LIVE®Arcade and PlayStation®Network in summer 2009.

Zombie Apocalypse casts up to four players as heavily-equipped gun-slingers left to fight for survival in a world where the undead have risen and are feasting on the living. As such, Zombie Apocalypse sets players the grisly task of destroying as many zombies as possible in order save the last remaining human survivors.

Using an array of up to eleven lethal weapons that includes assault rifles, flame throwers and a teddy bear filled with C4 explosives, players can play together on one console or online as they work together to stop the zombie attacks and rescue survivors. Players can also use a chainsaw to melee zombies and can also use environmental hazards to crush, burn, slice, or cause other types of destruction on the masses of zombies.

The eradication of the undead rewards the players with points, as they compete for high scores which are logged online. Zombie Apocalypse’s action-packed, arcade-style shooter will test gamers’ shooting skills and their ability to survive 55 days of battles across the game’s seven environments. Failure results in players becoming one of the undead, and on completing the mission, players can re-live the apocalypse with seven challenging unlockable game modes.


KONAMI CORPORATION was established in 1973, and became a holding company on March 31, 2006. KONAMI CORPORATION covers the fields of "Digital Entertainment Business", "Health & Fitness Business" and "Gaming & System Business". KONAMI CORPORATION went public on Tokyo Stock Exchange in 1988, the Singapore Stock Exchange in 1997, the London Stock Exchange in 1999, and the New York Stock Exchange in 2002. Home Page URL: www.konami.co.jp. Konami Digital Entertainment GmbH is a wholly-owned subsidiary, responsible for popular franchises like Metal Gear Solid®, Silent Hill® and Pro Evolution Soccer™ amongst other top sellers. For more information concerning Konami Digital Entertainment GmbH and its products, please visit www.konami-europe.com/games

Zombie Apocalypse will be released via Xbox LIVE®Arcade and PlayStation®Network in summer 2009. For more information, please contact Steve Merrett at Voltage PR on 020 7903 5122 or email steve@voltagepr.com.


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