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'Your World Games' Unveils GPS And Competitive Gaming Functions Of Upcoming Mobile Title "The Shroud"

“The Shroud” GPS Experience Has Players on the Move, While Newly Created International Farmers League Offers Worldwide Leaderboard and Prizes


LAKE MARY, FL - March 24, 2006 - Your World Games, a mobile games publisher at the forefront of emerging technology, today disclosed the GPS elements and the creation of the International Farmers League (IFL) for their upcoming wireless title, "The Shroud." Using patented GPS technology, players with compatible phones will be challenged in a one-of-a-kind gameplay experience that has them move from one challenge to the next in the real world. The IFL will allow players to embark on special challenges where the high scores will be posted to a worldwide leaderboard. Both the GPS and IFL complement an already deep and engaging RPG adventure experience.

"We are prepared to challenge mobile gamers in a way they have yet to even conceive," stated Robert Sprogis, Vice President of Your World Games. "By offering an unprecedented single player experience, a competitive community, and GPS gameplay, we believe our mobile offering showcases the platform, and is not just a rehash of what is available on a traditional console game."

In the game, evil creatures live within the "The Shroud" and enter our world through breach points (also known as hotspots). Using GPS enabled phones, players will be alerted to these breaches on screen and, using an on-screen compass, must physically move themselves to these points in order to initiate special competitions. The goal of these competitions will range from farming to fishing to mining. Successful completion will result in new breaches that must be reached in a set amount of time. Early levels will result in shorter distances between breaches (several hundred feet), while more difficult breaches may require the player to travel longer distances (up to a few miles). It is safe to say that every person within a cellular network will be within 4-5 miles of a breach.

Along with the GPS gameplay, the creation of the IFL fosters a worldwide competitive environment for all mobile users. By requesting a challenge, players can enter special scenarios in which they must grow a certain number of crops or build a working farm. Events will be scored on how well they do, and all scores will then be posted to the online IFL leaderboard. Upon the close of each month, the high scores will be rewarded with special prizes (both in and out-of-game).

Your World Games is working with several mobile phone companies, but has not announced any details on which carriers will offer the title.

The full roll out of The Shroud will occur in spring 2006. For further details and to learn more about The Shroud visit www.shroudgame.com.

About Your World Games

Your World Games is a pioneering developer and publisher of location based wireless entertainment. By utilizing the most advanced features of today's handsets and integrating GPS technology, Your World is bringing the first "real" games to mobile phones. Your World Games do more than entertain, they challenge players both physically and mentally, immersing players into virtual worlds intertwined with reality bringing to life a whole universe for the players. You'll never look at the world around you the same way again. For more information, please visit www.yourworldgames.com.


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