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Young: Sony "in trouble" in hardware market

Ngmoco boss says Microsoft in better position

Ngmoco founder Neil Young has told press that he thinks Sony could be "out of position" and "in trouble" in the hardware market, with Microsoft stealing a march on the Japanese company on all fronts.

Making comments to Industry Gamers, Young talked about how developing technologies had affected the games industry, and who he felt had kept up best.

"In the hardware world, I think Sony's massively out of position. I think they’re in trouble. I think Microsoft's in much better shape," he said.

"They understand cloud computing; the Xbox Live service is a world-class service, and they've got a foothold in mobile, albeit a tenuous one. I think they're in better shape. I think Nintendo always has the benefit of its franchises, but I don't think it ends up being a really rich ecosystem for third parties."

However, earlier this month, it was Sony which put long term plans for cloud saving for PSN Plus subscribers into action, allocating each user 150mb of space to store up to 1000 save files.

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