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You Haven't Lived Until You've Played Dynasty Warriors

Dynasty Warriors chosen as one of the “Top 100 Games to Play Before You Die” in a recent feature on 1up.com

Hertfordshire, UK - February 3, 2006 - Koei Ltd. are proud to share the news that Dynasty Warriors is regarded as one of the most influential PlayStation games of all time by the staff at the Official PlayStation Magazine in the US. Dynasty Warriors joins an illustrious list of all time classic PlayStation gaming experiences chosen from the entire back catalogue of PS1, PS2 and PSP games. Should you not want to reach your latter years with a gaping hole in your fondest gaming memories now is the perfect time to see just what all the fuss is about with Dynasty Warriors 5 Xtreme Legends exploding into stores on February 10th 2006.

More information available at: http://www.koei.co.uk

About Dynasty Warriors 5 Xtreme Legends

This is a game that expands on everything that made Dynasty Warriors 5 such a success. It offers 5 different play modes, 18 new maps and untold stories in Legend mode, new rare items and power ups, an additional novice difficulty level, and 2 player co-op play in Xtreme mode. It also enables players of Dynasty Warriors 5 to remix their DW5 experience by adding new Xtreme Legends features to DW5's Musou Mode and Free Mode.

Destiny Mode

In the series' first-ever Destiny mode, your ultimate goal is to become the commander of an entire army. First, you'll create your own character that will start out as a foot soldier with limited fighting abilities. As you work your way up the ranks, you'll gain new fighting, strategy, and leadership abilities.

Destiny mode gives you an unmatched level of control over your character by letting you choose which kingdom to defend and which officer to serve. Have you become disillusioned with a kingdom's leadership? Switch allegiance to another kingdom or officer!

In battle, you'll build a reputation among the legendary generals. For example, Xiahou Dun could invite you to join him. By siding with him, you may stand to gain new skills and even a promotion. It's up to you to accept or refuse.

Xtreme Mode

Now with 2-player co-op play! Xtreme mode challenges you to clear as many missions as possible. Unlike the game's other modes, your character will not recover at the end of each stage. You must heal yourself and improve your abilities by purchasing items in between stages.

In Xtreme mode, you won't just fight. You must recruit new officers, expand your territory, and control the economy. You can have up to six officers at your service (three more officers than in DW4XL), and take up to three of them into battle. It's also up to you to control the economy of items by expanding the reach of your kingdom. You can even collect taxes to improve your wealth.

Your deeds and the items you receive in Legend and Destiny modes are converted into currency, which can be used to purchase items in Xtreme mode.

Legend Mode

In Legend mode, you'll uncover 18 all-new maps with historical and fictional scenarios. Historical scenarios include the Battle of Yang Ping Gate, the first showdown between the Kingdoms of Wei and Shu at the Battle of Han Shui, and Cao Cao's attempt to capture Emperor Xian.

As you clear each scenario, you'll learn more about the relationships between characters as each character explains his or her point of view.

Edit Mode

When creating a character in Edit mode, you can adjust everything from face, hair, clothing, and headwear, with a total of 10 options for each part. Unlike DW4: Empires' Edit mode, where body types were set (Hero, Warrior, Strategist, etc.), in DW5XL you can adjust both the height and weight (30 levels each) of your character. Furthermore, there will be 3 different voice options for both the male and female edit characters (6 voices in total). Edit characters can also use the weapons of the original 48 Dynasty Warriors.

You can also obtain rare edit parts in Destiny mode by achieving certain conditions.

Edit characters can be used in DW5's Free mode and in DW5XL's Legend and Xtreme modes.

Challenge Mode

DW5XL includes two additional Challenge courses, plus the four original courses from DW5. In Gatekeeper, you'll defend a gateway against waves of rushing enemies. While in Speed Strike, you'll leave a trail of carnage in an attempt demolish everything in your path within a given time limit.

The Camp and more

In 5XL's Camp, use character and weapon power-ups found in Xtreme Mode to power up a fellow warrior's stats and weapon, or your own. Additional features include:

  • 7 rare items (the 22 items from DW5 are also available).
  • 4 difficulty levels, plus a new Novice level.
  • New unique items (separate from the rare items above) can be used to power up characters and weapons at the game's "Blacksmith."
  • A rebalanced weapon system gives heavy weapons more power!

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