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"The dawn of a quiet revolution", reckons TUSK Interactive, selecting it for a new game.

April 15, 2008 – Tusk interactive is announcing that it is using XNA game studio for the development of its upcoming title. Company President, Armando Marini explains:

“At GDC, I sat in on the XNA presentation. It struck me that XNA would be a very cost effective visualization and prototyping tool. Like many, I assumed that a community tool would have limitations that prevented us from creating a professional quality game. The demonstrations and games I saw, although compelling, did not appear to be of the same caliber as the triple AAA games we are looking to produce. I automatically chalked that up to limitations with XNA.

Once we got started though, my perception of it quickly changed. XNA has shown itself to be an incredibly powerful and flexible foundation to build on. Microsoft may not be announcing how they intend to make money on XNA, but as an industry veteran, I see it plain as day. I think XNA is the dawn of a quiet revolution. I applaud Microsoft for their foresight.

In the weeks and months to come, TUSK Interactive will begin posting screen shots of our title before officially announcing it. I think that once people see what we’ve done with this so called community tool, more than a few eye brows will be raised.”


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