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X03 set for Sept 16/17

Microsoft has confirmed the date and location of its annual trade event in a teaser email. Among the expected attractions are Perfect Dark Zero, Doom III and even Half-Life 2.

Microsoft's annual shindig in Southern Europe moves to the coast of France this year, with sunny Nice confirmed as the location for the event on the 16th and 17th of September.

A teaser email was sent out to invitees directing them to this rather bizarre website full of green dancing crabs. We know pollution is on the rise, but it appears the lucky few who get invited this year will have to wear some sort of protective clothing.

The event, now in its third year, will once again reveal Microsoft's strategy for the forthcoming year, and will hopefully give the assembled the chance to have a sneak peak of some of the exclusive titles on offer.

Most will be hoping for a first look at the likes of Perfect Dark Zero, as well as the eagerly awaited Xbox versions of Doom III and Half Life 2. More announcements about the event are expected in the coming weeks.

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