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Info on the Ice Flower and Lightform spells, plus the Dark Guardian and Ice Guardian.

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Ice Flower: I found this skill from an artifact I…er…borrowed from the mountain dwellers. It took me a while to find it in their caves, even though I think the antelope people never knew of its existence. After I researched the artifact and learned from it I was able to shoot ice crystals up from out of the earth. It was very helpful on my way back down the mountain when I was attacked by wolves. I’m actually very excited about using this power with some of my other spells. For example, I can knock enemies down with earthquake and than give them some cold revenge with Ice Flower. (Requirement: Ice Arrow)

Lightform: The Light truly is a power to reckon with. When I let the power wash over me, it’s almost like I enter some form of trance. I have control of what I’m doing but it’s almost as if I’m not doing it. Weird. The Light power enhanced my running, fighting, and shooting abilities but at what price? I can use “Ray of Light” more efficiently but it seems like I can’t collect Rage points while in this form.

The Dark Guardian: This powerful substance usually appears near The Dark; however, it’s difficult to say whether it’s a servant of The Dark or a product of his magic. Apart from his mighty spell, The Dark issues forth particles which explode upon impact. As with all Elementalis, they’re vulnerable to magic opposed to their own.

Ice Guardian: According to legend, the Ice Guardian is the oldest of all Ice Elementali. Like his smaller counterparts, he attacks his opponents with Cold magic, sending forth kamikaze-like Elemantalis that strike and freeze his enemies. As with all Elementalis, they’re vulnerable to magic opposed to their own.

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