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Details of more spells - Flash Of Light and Lightning Blades - and more monsters: Pangolin Sorcerers and The Curse.

More Action from X-Blades, the fast-paced action adventure game, featuring a blend of cinematic style and beautiful anime-inspired characters, combat and environments

Flash Of Light: Wow! The Light Magic truly is awe inspiring. I mean it’s not at all what I thought it was going to be. I was expecting some sparks and maybe some fireworks, but this is amazing. I’m able to form powerful beams of light, bundle them together, and shoot them toward enemies. It is so powerful it consumes everything in the vicinity and works really well against servants of the dark. I truly am amazed at what this can do against groups of enemies. (Requirement: Ray of Light)

Lightning Blades: Nothing says, “leave me alone”, than lightning running up and down your blades. I learned this move from a mysterious man I met one day on the road. The rumor is that it was Thor the old God of Thunder himself. I personally don’t believe it but whatever the case I’m now a stronger fighter because of it. Now I can dance through hordes of enemies striking sparks with every blow. If that man truly was the God of Thunder I bet I’ve made him proud.

Pangolin Sorcerers: The most skilled servants of The Dark, Pangolin Sorcerers can use several different kinds of magic. They’re vulnerable, however, to all kinds of Elemental magic, including teleportation. Those which have the ability to ward off magic attacks are only susceptible to Cold magic.

The Curse: This semi-sentient embodiment of Dark magic is not able to summon any attack spells, but it can invoke various deadly creatures. Weapons and spells do very little damage to the Curse, but after one destroys all the creatures of the Curse has invoked, it recedes for a short time.

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